Rep. Explains Why TX Dems Walked Out To Block GOP Voting Restrictions 1

Rep. Explains Why TX Dems Walked Out To Block GOP Voting Restrictions


Texas State Rep. Jessica González, one of the Democrats who walked out to block Republican voting restrictions, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the Republican bill would also have allowed Republicans to overturn an election without having to show evidence of fraud.
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    1. @Cyrus Sheets I really am not interested in changing your mind to be quite honestly. It really is WAAAAAAAAAAAY off topic. As the video is about Voter ID and all that junk.

      You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. Another problem you people seem to have. You want to argue politics and try to make the other side seem like they are just lunatics and crazies, when YOU don’t even know the full story. No one does, because the MSM is a network of freaking lies, which is completely left based. That isn’t an opinion either, that is a fact.

      So have a nice day, I am not going to sit here and have to justify to you anything about my political beliefs/views.

    2. @Lee Everett at least tell me what the first 3 year plan is? Or…when the industries are going to be nationalized? Or when I can expect my government home.

    3. @Guillermo Cortes So, basically the exact thing Republicans are doing with triggers like “massive voter fraud” or “socialism.” No evidence of voter fraud, voter ID is already implemented in Texas, yet they’ll still visit MSNBC’s YouTube page to scream at the clouds en mass.

    4. @The Cadaver socialism isn’t a trigger. It’s a real threat. I get the need for socialist programs but this leftward slide to try and implement major socialist changes throughout the whole country I don’t like. And you can’t deny that there is voter fraud. They’ve found plenty of instances of deceased people voting or multiple ballots going out to different addresses for the same person.

    5. @Guillermo Cortes You’re literally just making stuff up (or parroting stuff that you never bothered to verify). What “major socialist changes” have been implemented in your lifetime? Be specific. How many instances of voter fraud? What is the source of your information?

      Y’all wonder why Republicans are stereotyped as being stupid, knuckle-dragging, bible-thumping, proto-neanderthals; but then you’ll go and mindlessly parrot objectively disprovable BS you saw in some Facebook mommy group or Hannity.

      Voter fraud happens at *0.00006%* nationally. And about *0.000004%* at a state level. (As per MIT study in 2020, that analyzed a span of 20 years. Literally took me four seconds on Google to find it.)

      Republican voters are gullible and paranoid, and the right-ring media bubble is perfectly happy to keep you that way.

  1. The democrat party never had walkouts in California, and look what they did to that state!!

    1. @jonathan sernholt you have no clue what you are even talking about. How bout you let the adults talk and you head back over to kids table where you belong. Now run along before you get your feelings hurt.

    2. @jonathan sernholt unlikely. Dems already ruined Washington and Oregon, Nevada and Arizona are almost there and they’re looking to ruin Texas next. Notice they only go to red states. Kind of like they don’t like what they voted for.

    3. @The Bananas I live in Georgia. Georgia has a modest, but stable and healthy economy and an even healthier middle class. I live in Columbus, but regularly commute into the city proper district of Atlanta, which is Fulton county. There are no homeless camps anywhere I have ever seen. In my town of Columbus, I only ever see the same handful of homeless people again and again, as they all seem to live very nomadically. As far as I have always known, Georgia’s yearly immigration total has always meaningfully exceeded its respective yearly emigration total. Engaging in calumny against this beautiful and noble state will not diminish the utter failures of your favored political party or the ruination of your favored state, which their corruption beget. Rather, it will only serve to diminish both your perceived integrity and, correspondingly, the perceived value of your word, should your deceit be revealed. It is universally considered to be contemptible, low class behavior. In no contemporary or historical place and time would the previous statement be or have been a controversial one. You should be more concerned with not disgracing yourself, rather than riding to the defense of the CCP compromised democrat officials who knowingly administrated California right into its current state of multilayered economic and municipal crises. Seriously, walk away from politics and go live real life for a while, a long while, and only once you have sincerely questioned all of your world views, regardless of the outcomes thereafter, should you reconsider your level of participation.

  2. “To make it more difficult for Democrats to vote?” What are you talking about??? This isn’t rocket science. Votes should be cast at polling stations by verified and registered US citizens. Stop the nonsense.

    1. @Ken Lagernes Those are both privileges, voting is a right. This isn’t too hard to understand

    2. @David M Oh I agree, but that photo ID should be free and mailed directly to that person. Surely we can agree that there shouldn’t be an extra cost to prove who you are as an American citizen right?

    3. @Ken Lagernes paying attention to what? Losers and Confederates trying to stay the majority electorate by any means possible?

  3. I’m still waiting to see an interview of just one of these people that can’t vote due these restrictions. I’d like to hear from them so I can understand exactly how they’ve been kept from voting.

    1. @Mythraen oh that comment didn’t exist huh? How very Democrat of you, lucky asf I can’t drop screenshots on YT. I’ve read the bill, its public knowledge, the fact that you decided to copy paste something from an obviously bias article shows that you absolutely have no idea what youre talking about.

      Get back on your game and do the only thing you’re ever going to do in this life, play pretend.

    2. @Mary Swanson
      Funny… I was scrubbed from the voter rolls at the polling station I’ve used since I was 18.

      Took all of five min to re register.

      The only thing that restricts voter access is low IQ and poor impulse control.

    1. @George B. Wolffsohn

      Yeah, like I sad…you’re cowards. Like children who won’t sleep in their beds until an adult makes sure there’s no bogey man under their bed.

  4. I’ve been stationed in 3rd world countries, and even there they require proper identification to vote. I like ragging on the GOP as much as the next guy but voter integrity should be top priority for everyone, no matter what side you stand on.

    1. There was no significant voter fraud a; because it’s very difficult to do and b; because the Democrats as a party don’t need to do it. They have plenty of majorities.
      The only fraud is republicans setting up the next elections to be stolen regardless of the votes.

    2. ​@james swinth Not in Texas. A state ID costs $16, and can only be obtained in person at a TXDPS office. The applicant must provide proof of residency in TX in the form of two of the following:

      Current deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or a residential rental/lease agreement;
      Valid, unexpired Texas voter registration card;
      Texas motor vehicle registration or title; Texas boat registration or title.

      Catch 22, anybody?

    3. @coogrfan ahh, where to start, are you intentionally spouting a lie or are you just ignorant?

      1)Per Section 521A.001 of the Texas Transportation Code, the Department of Public Safety will provide voter I.D. cards without charge upon application. However, these voter I.D. cards (which cannot be used to satisfy other statutory demands for identification) may only be issued at select DPS offices, and only to individuals who present sufficient legal documentation of their citizenship and identity.

    4. @coogrfan maybe next time you can actually go look at their laws pertaining to the subject matter instead of repeating propaganda.

    1. @coogrfan You can’t argue with morons who believe there is bamboo in the paper because they came from Asia.

    2. @President Elect Trent Brocato You’re saying the votes in Maricopa Co haven’t already been recounted prior to this “audit”, not once but twice?

    3. @coogrfan Do you understand the difference between a recount and a forensic audit? There are a lot of smoke and mirrors built into these digital voting systems that can be used to hide manipulation by admins, etc. Look at the left leaning mainstream news outlets’ coverage of this from about 2017-2018 for more info… like I said before, it sets off a lot of alarms for me when these same outlets are now saying that the 2020 election was the most secure in history and need not be scrutinized further. What changed in the process between then and now? I will tell you – absolutely nothing changed, except their guy won this time. CNN has already been exposed as purposefully using their platform for the express purpose of getting Trump out and Biden in. It won’t be long before the rest of the MSM outlets get exposed for knowingly pushing propaganda too… you can be on the right side or the wrong side of history. I will tell you one thing – those that are stifling information and silencing opposing voices are NEVER on the side of good when you look back through historical record… Choose wisely…

    4. @President Elect Trent Brocato Do understand the difference between an impartial audit and one performed by a company owned by someone who espoused “stop the steal” propaganda on social media for months after the election?

    5. @coogrfan sure that would be a huge problem if said company barred anyone leaning to the left from participating in the audit… the only problem is that they gave Ds every opportunity to get involved, but they literally gnashed their teeth and refused to get involved at every opportunity, because Rachel Maddow might call them a conspiracy theorist (it is amazing to me how much power those pundits have over your worldview, but that is a conversation for another day). Compare that to the R-leaning poll watchers that were refused access to the vote counting rooms and then were literally blocked from view by big pieces of poster board. These are tactics of a guilty conscience, and we the people will get to the bottom of it sooner or later. If the Ds don’t want to be involved in the audit, then naturally the only ones who run the audit will be Rs and Is… I think that should go without sayin… lol

    1. @_ please try to keep up. we adults are talking about your new voting restrictions bills.

    2. @whitelabrat that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make friend, you nor I, no matter what we think, it changes nothing in the end, you’re all in the same cage, fighting over who’s going to feed you today, instead of eating your captors and breaking the chains together for a better tomorrow.

      That is the only way to gain freedom in this modern era.

    3. @Redacted That won’t gain you any freedom either. There is none in late stage capitalism. Just ask Adam Smith he explained it pretty clearly.

      The system is designed so that you can’t get out as an individual. It’s not possible. Social structures don’t allow you that leeway currently. You can’t go anywhere or live anywhere that is not part of some one’s system. It would take a majority decision to alter that. This isn’t new it has been this way for a long time.

      Outside the cage is just another cage. No one lives outside society any more. All they can do is decide what kind of society they will live in.

    1. @This is Citrus please be quiet its you people who want to ban people online for mean words really dude just shut up

  5. Where did all your Covid doom-and-gloom lying go??!!
    I’m starting to feel optimistic again.
    You had better do something about that.

  6. This is how you wield power. You do anything you can to get your way! This is something Mitch McConnell is very familiar with.

  7. I think her voice is changing.
    How can someone not know who they are help to regulate laws on who others are?

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