Rep. Gallego On The Explosions In Kabul: 'This Should Not Deter Us' 1

Rep. Gallego On The Explosions In Kabul: ‘This Should Not Deter Us’


Marine Corps veteran Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) reacts to the explosions in Kabul killing 12 U.S. service members and the struggle that still remains to get Americans out.

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    1. @Sleepy Joe You’re entire life is comments just like this. You even changed your username.
      You’ve got weird tendencies and i highly suggest you take a break from politics.

    2. @Lillian Matthews Let’s not forget a Republican took us to war there. Let’s not forget Trump had 4 years to end it too.

    3. @Sleepy Joe You literally dedicated your YouTube account, and I’d bet highly other social media accounts after your lord and savior. I’ve spotted the sheep here.
      You know how I know your cultish, because you can’t prove to me why the modern Republican Party is better for this nation. Yet your support is without fealty to 1 man. I think it’s ironic Dems can call out their leaders in bad times but After 30,000 documented factual lies from your 1 man, you still kiss his .. ya. Sheep for sure.

  1. If a hundred Americans lose their lives over the next week, the mission should still be the same. Get out of that disaster of a country that we spent 20 years failing in.

    1. The attacks are partly meant to keep us there. How many more lives just to avenge the fallen? Then the cycle keeps going.

    2. @Taj Dudden Bingo!!! The CIA won’t allow this to end, they will use ISIS (which the Obama admin and CIA created) There is just to much money being made from the war machine.

    3. Yet the government calls gang bangers wrong and bad for getting their revenges. The government is like the GD’s n BD’s n Chicago. It’s just back n forth back n forth killing.

    4. The thing is we could have accomplished this mission much easier, and with just a little common sense these American soldiers wouldn’t be dead today.

      Blood in on the hands of Biden voters.

    1. Remember Trumph and team wo u ld not cooperate with Bidens win and give transfer of information…till much late

    2. @lynda medley they have a selective memory. There’s no point talking to those who refuse to listen.

    1. Agreed- nearly as bad as the decision to allow our enemies for the last twenty years -who’ve been happily blowing us up, to guard our “safe passage” in and out of Kabul airport! We have lions led by donkeys

  2. Do not leave one plane intact when leaving the Kabul airport for the last time! Destroy radar, computers and all technology!

    1. When they fly out of Kabul for the last time doubt they will be sending the planes back to Afghanistan.

    2. We ve left billions of dollars of high tech equipment the Russians and Chinese will happily acquire via the black market from the Taliban. I wouldn’t expect a bunch of goat herders to be able to copy and interpret that technology; but I’m sure our major enemies will be licking their lips at the prospect of interrogating it! The US army is an army of lions led by complete donkeys

  3. my heart go out to our military and their families they have fought so long and hard in these wars and to have to see the destruction and cowardice of our own citizens here at home, they arm themselves for honor and our men here arm themselves for cowardice to prevent from wearing a cloth to save lives… shameful

    1. And Does Biden bear any responsibility as commander in chief here for these deaths? I mean, all our allies and NATO were telling him MONTHS AGO not to do this sudden pull out? I’m not sure moving the subject onto Covid and mask wearing or not, is appropriate in this time of crisis in Afghanistan? diversion tactics

  4. Who bright idea from this school district was it to pick a trip to go to Afghanistan? Not very smart at all. Out of all the places in the world, they picked Afghanistan? Jesus, these parents should be charged.

    1. @Lillian Matthews LOL it doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is that you keep losing, every single day. Trump is never coming back, no matter what.

    2. @Landon Miller GOP down to being only 24% of the total electorate. Lowest in history. Good luck, cupcake.

  5. WTF were those students and their parents doing visiting Afghanistan during a pandemic , Yet alone knowing that the previous guy had declared that all troops would be out by May 2021? Clear example of Darwinism IMHO .

  6. Absolutely Rep.,For most,Get Our Alies and get Our Troops Home,Safely.
    We Must,We Must end this War in Afghanistan.

    1. Canot believe we re ending this way though- what a fricking embarrassing mess. Our President even looked defeated at the Presser. Aren’t we supposed to be this great world power, and the other side are like illiterate goat herders?

  7. Biden needs to stay the course.We are families waiting for them to come back home,and to the new homes.

  8. Thank you President Biden for clear communication and determination to rescue Americans. Afghans. and those who served requesting to leave God bless you all.

    1. Sorry; what planet are you on? We ve shafted countless of our allies who advised against a sudden withdrawal (U.K., France, Germany and even NATO) for the very fact we WOULD NOT be able to protect citizens of ours, as well as those Afghans who’ve risked their lives supporting US troops these past years. And now thousands of them are being abandoned. Have u not seen or read about any of that?!

    2. @Oliver de Marigny I’ve see you posting this a bit in here. Let’s be factual; Trump worked hand-in-hand with the Taliban to release 5,000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers in place of reducing US forces by 13,000 to a mere 2,500. So when you go around mocking other people for their opinions don’t forget to leave the part out where Trump gave the Taliban their army back to almost certainly lead to this outcome NO MATTER WHAT WE DID.

  9. If you’re getting information from Darrell Issa’s tweets to form your questions, you are failing as a “news” professional. Rep Gallego’s answer to the question was masterful.

  10. Why in the heck would a freaking school travel with kids in tow into a freaking war zone?!?!?!?! And the selfish narcissistic privileged deplorable parents!!!! Unbelievable!!!

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