Rep. George Santos says he’ll respond to resumé allegations ‘soon’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. No he’s being harassed for all the lies he’s told. This has nothing to do without him being Latin are gay buried in his eyes he’s Jewish. That’s what he said. Everything about him is a lie

  2. Come out as a Democrat, You already did it all to mess with people “for the lulz.” Go all the way. You at least get half of America to stop despising you, you’ll book a bunch of interviews, You might have quite the career in comedy and TV.

  3. George Santos is a Brazilian Jiujitsu expert having won the “Amazon Forest Inter-Tribal Mixed Martial Arts Championship” several years consecutively before migrating to the United States to take on the US MMA champions but decided to run for US Congress instead!

    1. Santos hasn’t told anymore lies than joe Brandon. Let me remind you of his most famous one ” if I’m elected president we will cure cancer”! 🤣🤣🤣

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