Rep. Hayes Calls For Permanent Summer Food Program 1

Rep. Hayes Calls For Permanent Summer Food Program


Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-Conn., and other Democrats are calling for the emergency summer food program that was put in place to combat child hunger during the Covid-19 pandemic to become a permanent relief program.
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  1. This guy just keeps giving doesn’t he – BIDEN: “…young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have accountants…” what a total joke . How black people still vote for him

  2. So the child tax credits not going to be enough huh maybe if you can’t take care of your kids you shouldn’t have any kids

  3. great program given the need…

    while pulling off a successful white house conference on hunger?

    definitely puts this congresswoman in line for senator!!

  4. Feeding hungry children?….Well the republicans will sure hate the idea of this…Especially if they’re not white..

  5. When I was 9 (1972) my parents moved to Macon County NC. It was like living during the Great Depression, there was no work for most. My parents neglected me. I was around 10 when I would pickup soda bottles for the deposit. I would pull a wagon for the bottles.
    The first time I cashed in the bottles a young man was asking for food. NO one helped him.
    I had more bottles then I needed, so I bought him food.
    When I was 18 I worked for the Pizza Hut. Its a long story, but I was the only employee and the district manager shorted my pay buy more than 100 hours each week.
    I used the store to feed the good poor in 7 counties.
    I don’t know why people with money are soooo selfish.

  6. Funny we haven’t addressed the fact children need to eat in the summer to grow up healthy and ready to learn and have good outcomes and contribute to our communities.

    1. @N W Vilifying the parents of poor children doesn’t resolve the issue of hunger in America among children. While you’re busy transposing your unique, albeit limited, experiences onto poor Americans to define their lives and experiences, should we punish these parents by denying their children food?

  7. If we feed children, how will that impact our exploration to Mars? Republicans: Pet Projects are non-starter, we’re out! Democrats: Defund NASA, you’re only getting 10 Trillion and not a dime more.

  8. I look forward to the non-excuses of the criminal GOP syndicate explaining why they vote against this program.

  9. AWESOME video title, or update SNAP to include individuals whose income is less than $1,900 a month.

  10. Elderly are experiencing food insecurity too!!! In Texas, an elderly person making 700 month get 24.00 in food stamps, which is no where near enough!!!

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