Rep. Houlahan Is Hopeful Congress Can Pass Infrastructure Reform 1

Rep. Houlahan Is Hopeful Congress Can Pass Infrastructure Reform

House Armed Services Committee member, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, D-Pa., joins Morning Joe to discuss the push for infrastructure reform, breaking through politically in a divided country and addressing a recent rise in crime across the country.

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  1. Yeah the only thing missing is the famous
    “ Blue Ribbon Bi-Partisan Panel to Cross the Isle and Shake Hands & Agree on Putting America First” Part.
    Not the continued Kick the Can down the roads.
    Status Quo.
    Let’s work on it next cycle.

    1. I heard Biden put on a Santa suit he thought it was Christmas in July. Why won’t he take a cognitive test.

  2. McConnell shouldn’t sign any “bipartisan” infrastructure bill until after Democrats have passed their own promised infrastructure bill through reconciliation. Let the Democrats go first and then see if we can work with whatever’s left.

  3. The end of structure package should have been done second what they should have did first is help the people out on low income on SSI social security disability SSDI railroad and veterans with an extra 3 to $500 in our checks since the price is went so high they’re about to hit space you know where the rockets go to another planet space you need to get this fixed on fixed first the instruction package if it doesn’t have anything for the people then I hope you get the instruction packets goes down the toilet because I’ll tell you right now they are ready they’re already in my state in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that are three building the roads and the bridges as we speak so what is so important I agree with the climate change part anything else in that package I don’t agree with nothing unless it’s worth less it’s to help the people on SSI social security disability

    1. I think they should do away with SSI and SSDI 70 % of people are faking their disability

  4. It sounds like the democrats didn’t believe McConnell when he said his goal in life is to block everything they want to do.

  5. The best women and men are those who will give their lives for someone they do not even know. This is the true sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice. However, not so that you can purchase a bigger, better car, a bigger, better house, a bigger, bigger whatever. Freedom is relative. We are all slaves to something. Promoting a false representation of “defending” our country by attacking another country by killing innocent victims and losing the ‘best’ women and men in many ways by inflicting harm mentally and physically and celebrating and making it a ‘happy’ day is monstrous. The celebration for the true, legally established sacrifice would be a mourning day, a sad day, a crying day’; not just a day but maybe a week of fasting and recognition of the blood that has been shed not only on our land but the blood shed of victims in other lands.

    1. All kinds of good people in all kinds of legal professions are doing right when they have a loving attitude towards all Americans. My father was a Bronze Star recipient from defusing bombs in WW 2. He sure believed what I just said. He never glorified war and wish he had not seen some matters. He had a career in business and was very involved in many civic and health causes. No matter what we do in life, we can be a good human.

    2. @New Address A human being is one thing, being ‘fully’ human means accepting “all kinds” of other human beings. No matter where they live. I know you agree with that.

  6. YES! Let’s Keep Trusting The State Governors with a “BUNDLE OF CASH”!
    We see how WELL they’ve handled there states so far! (Completely Rhetorical).

  7. democrats fight among themselves so much, what do we need republicans for? a robust congress? same question.

  8. Crime in rural and suburban areas seems to be vastly under reported by the news when compared to urban areas. Either crime isn’t considered crime in those places, or it’s completely non-existent. I guess it’s all county fairs and teenage shenanigans there.

  9. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren.

  10. Can we please just have a civil war? I’m tired of both sides bickering. In a civil war scenario the north/democrats wouldn’t stand a chance!

  11. too funny, that lady says she talks at home about unity and civility….. yet Pa. Democrats do nothing, nothing but divide communities and act UN-civil. Like the lady lives in opposite land, or on TV she is in opposite land.


  13. Reading comments online must be a form of self-flagellation. Unfortunately, I read one ugly, pessimistic comment after another and wonder if America is filled with cynical and hopeless malcontents.

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