Rep. Hoyer: House Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Soon As Possible | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Hoyer: House Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Soon As Possible | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The House on Wednesday is poised to impeach President Donald Trump a second time, and Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., says the House will send an impeachment resolution to the Senate as soon as possible. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Rep. Hoyer: House Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Soon As Possible | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Kerr Jason The MAGA cult is organizing another terrorist coup. Arrest them and deplatform them from all social media outlets.

    2. As you can see, the insurrectionist dogs of Trump AKA the MAGA cult is out again in social media spreading misinformation. They will never stop but they need to be investigated. They are literal threats to democracy. In fact, they are organizing another terrorist coup.

      There will be no healing as long as the MAGA virus is not properly handled.

    3. @Kerr Jason that statement is you projecting in outrage. It makes you look dull-witted. It also has no basis in reality.

    1. There’s no branches on that tree. Have you seen eric, junior and his main chick/daughter ivanka? Definitely not many branches.

    1. Every time the Republicans falsely claim we need to let him get away with this to “heal the nation” remind them that we can’t heal until we remove the cancer.

    2. @Mainely America will never heal as long as the MAGA virus remains untreated. Democracy is at peril as long as MAGA and QAnon cult members keep spreading lies and misinformation to stoke fears into the minds of mentally ill and gullible Republicans.

      Investigate the people behind the MAGA social media machine.

    1. Studying Trump and his cults past behavior we can have an idea that they will justify nearly anything; if they can try to paint this seditious and violent as some kind of patriotism, round 2 is going to be ugly.

    2. @Mainely less like rounds, and more like innings…at this point we are a powder keg in a pool of napalm… This was just the start of an armed insurrection, and we are dealing with folks of pure undying faith. We’re in trouble; The terrorists are already inside the house.

    1. Bloodthirsty Democrat/media jackals have pure hatred running through their veins. Desperation and rage have overtaken them. Time is running out.

    2. @Mainely Remove the MAGA cancer. Investigate all active MAGA terrorists on social media as they have potential ties to future terrorist plots. In fact they are organizing another insurrection against American democracy EVEN AS WE SPEAK.

    1. It’s either Trump or democracy. You can never have both. If Trump orders MAGA cult members to subvert democracy, the cult will comply.

      MAGA cult, if left unchecked, will spell the death of American democracy. Deal with the cult ASAP or democracy will be the price to pay.

    1. Then arrest Trump and spare no MAGA cult members who are active on social media plotting another seditious and terrorist act against American democracy. QAnon cultists, Parler users and Confederate flag supporters should be declared as ENEMIES OF THE REPUBLIC.

      Keep a close eye on MAGA terrorists who are still unable to admit the elections are over. Investigate them for connection to future terrorist plots.

    1. @Jose Banuelos But what if a trump supporter is planning to “harm the country” and they are unknown to the authorities? How many were at the capital? A few thousand? 75 million voted for trump in November. Really, the only sensible option is to imprison everybody who has ever voted for the G.O.P.

    2. @Singkil Filipinas Love it. Exactly what I said. Everyone who voted for trump, in fact, everyone who didn’t vote Democrat at the last election should be arrested as a terrorist and imprisoned without trial. Everybody moans about him, but Stalin knew the truth.

    1. The MAGA cult are organizing another insurrection even as we speak. The MAGA terrorists should not be ignored. Deplatform them from all social media outlets and put them on record for spreading misinformation and lies.

      The election is OVER. The MAGA cult must not remain unchecked.

    2. @Singkil Filipinas This Time FBI Undercover will Be wearing Maga hats and Filming the idiots … So let them do it! 🙂

    1. Paulette Poole very well said I agree with you 101% he is a NARCISSIST,A PLAGUE WHO IS WILLING TO DESTROY AMERICA.He has a HUGE EGO and thought the he is IMMORTAL ONE,POWERFUL and UNTOUCHABLE.He is TREAT.

    1. @Keanu Reeves Investigate Parler users and all other MAGA cult members on social media for potential terrorist ties and involvement to future insurrectionist plots.

      Remember, the MAGA cult is organizing another terrorist plot even as we speak. Declare them as threats to the Republic and Democracy.

    2. The MAGA cult is plotting another insurrection even as we speak. The MAGA trolls here on Youtube are most likely involved or have friends and families involved in the insurrectionist plot. Arrest them for promoting violence.

  1. Pelosi Team (including some Republicans), must STAY THE COURSE W/SWIFT ACTIONS, to protect constitution & USA!!!!

  2. Trump’s Inner Circle has now been reduced to Stephen Miller, Jared and Ivanka, and three cheeseburgers.
    Eventually he will eat all of them.

    1. And they all need to be ciminally charged; especially Miller because he caused atrocities against humanity with separation of famlies with their children some babies. Human rights violations in the immigration policy were declared by the UN,

  3. Trump: Storm the capitol while on camera. Later: did you encourage people to riot Mr. Trump? Trump: No, now make me president before I sue you.

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