Rep. Ilhan Omar Introduces New Police Accountability Legislation | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Ilhan Omar Introduces New Police Accountability Legislation | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., joins Morning Joe to discuss a new package of bills she's introduced to address police misuse of force.

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Rep. Ilhan Omar Introduces New Police Accountability Legislation | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Need a National database like the one to track bad citizens for bad cops! National standards on bias and sensitivity training NOW! Recall all police involved in racist prosecutions for the last 40 years! Hire more unbiased prosecutors and require non-bias sensitivity training. Get rid of elections for policing positions like Sheriffs!

    1. @John Sozio right, because not even one repub will sign on to anything dems propose, even when good for the country. And we know they are good straight from the repubs lips. Executive orders are the only way we will see improvement forward. Just a same in that if repubs regain power they will be changed on day 1

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I have searched for her proposal and Joey EO’s and they are not published until after the became law. If you know of a location to read them please share it.

  2. Rep. Omar should suggest styling this investigational board in the same style and breadth as the NTSB (Natl Transportation Safety Board).

  3. Prohibit Law Enforcement Unions as President Ronald Reagan did to the Unions that represented AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS.

    1. Traffic Controllers fall under federal jurisdiction so Raygun could fire the striking controllers. Cops are state and municipal.

    2. @Norman Mattson Never the less getting rid of the unions will make holding them accountable easier.

    3. Treat police departments as criminal racketeering organizations under RICO. It’s precisely the kind of law that was intended to apply to criminal gangs with powerful buddies protecting them from the legal system. Conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice exposes ALL conspirators to liability. When a department covers for crooked cops, they can be held liable and lose assets as a co-conspirator in the original crimes. Hide the footage, lie about charges, and lose EVERYTHING from the carpets to the cruisers. No justice, no donut.

    4. @Music G Unions had its place. What exactly are unions protecting us from? I had two different union experiences. Both were negative.

    1. @Insignificant360 when Demoncrats bail out criminals, it gets harder for police to do their jobs

  4. Something long overdue, there are plenty of civilian review boards, or even something Grand Jury style. Until there is accountability these situations are going to continue to occur.

  5. She is basically talking about building the federal district courts and Marshal Service because that is their job. Perhaps if the u.s. attorney’s and federal magistrates and Marshals are not going to do their job the government could hire you even more civil rights attorneys and every hundred years we can go through this cycle of creating new departments and agencies and commissions to do what the other one forgot it was supposed to be doing

  6. Before we hire a cop, we should talk to his or her classmates from high school to screen out the bullies.

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