Rep. Ilhan Omar: Minnesotans Don't Let Up Until We Get Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Minnesotans Don’t Let Up Until We Get Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., discusses reforming police departments at the local level and if there are training issues with police departments in Minneapolis.

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Rep. Ilhan Omar: Minnesotans Don't Let Up Until We Get Accountability | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Q S Will you shut up and stop believing everything you read in here. You’re just as bad as a little kid. The man she married isn’t related to her.

    2. @Dinero Kid1603 She married her brother to get him US citizenship. Got him over here. They had a kid together. Then they got divorced. Then she married another guy and ran for congress. No, the guy she’s married to now is not her brother.

    1. @CShield You can’t say no she didn’t if you don’t look it up and see. Just because you’re ignorant and would rather remain ignorant doesn’t mean anything you say is true. She did in fact marry her brother and he impregnated her.

    2. @Dinero Kid1603 who gives a fuc what the Quran says, just because thats what it says doesn’t mean she didn’t do it stupid.

    3. @Dinero Kid1603 She did marry her brother. Everyone but you knows that. The Bible is against killing but little black kids are killed every week. Nobody accused her of being a good Muslim.

  1. Respectfully I Would
    Ask Rep. Omar
    Why Is It WE Have Seen
    This Uptik In Militarized
    Policing To Include Training
    Of Our Officers by Israeli Forces
    Of Our Officers Training OATH Keeper

    1. @Incisive Commenter whites love to say that white cops are killing whites yet.. NO video evidence of that.. nothing… EVERY video is 97% Black victims and 2% Latinos.. We know genocide when we see it

    1. Her daughter has some growing up to do. She sees it in concrete terms as many young people do. I’m learning as I get older the truth lies in between opposing sides but we have to acknowledge the wrongs that happened for anything to get better.

  2. Policing police is not better done on a local level. that is what has lead to wildly different standard of policing across the Nation. Implementation can be local, but standards and goals must be coordinated uniformly at the federal level.
    We need to stop acting like a collection of anarchist states and start acting like a unified nation.

  3. In any setting , she handles all issues with intellegence and class . The exact opposite of the loyalists to Trump and the ignorance and gutter tactics that are their calling card .

  4. This is going on all over the country, these police are treating black lives like they are dispensible.

    1. Yes – Anybody who attempts to blame the epidemic of LYNCHINGS of Black Americans by white cops as a “Training issue” … is being duplicitous.. We all know that white cops training kicks in PERFECTLY w/ armed white dangerous felons.. Somehow white cops never even draw a gun .. no fear of them.. Playing the “training card” means your Procop making excuses for the badged klan

  5. Sad part is that these foreign black people hate the black people in America. I hear it from the horses mouth. This is just bs coming out of her mouth.

  6. Not just training, but more importantly the STANDARDS for the people you recruit. Being white shouldn’t supercede previous offences or criminal or civil infringements. Basic stuff.

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