Rep. Ilhan Omar On Meeting With Children Held At Migrant Facilities: "I Was One Of Those Kids" 1

Rep. Ilhan Omar On Meeting With Children Held At Migrant Facilities: “I Was One Of Those Kids”


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota joined Ali Velshi to discuss the upcoming trial of Derek Chauvin and her recent visit to migrant facilities at the border. She has a personal relationship with those who come at a young age because at one time, she too was a refugee seeking asylum. She says these children are “seeking a better life. I was one of those kids. When my country fell into civil war in Somalia, I fled to neighboring country Kenya and I was met with humanity and dignity because people have understanding and respect for international law.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Ilhan Omar On Meeting With Children Held At Migrant Facilities: "I Was One Of Those Kids"


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  1. Trump: *I want To See Biden In Prison*
    Biden: *why does trump think I would visit him in prison* ?

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy lmao you’ve never checked at all. One real search would provide, not only multiple results , but *A PICTURE OF THE LOG WITH TRUMPS SIGNATURE* . So ONCE again, you can have all the opinions you want MR “I’ve checked it out before” but you can’t have your own facts. So unless you’re ready for reality. You’re Done here.

    2. Biden couldn’t find his way to prison to visit his son, Hunter. Hunter lied on a background check in order to illegally purchase a firearm.

  2. Thank god, someone talking sense at last. Sick of the media trying to make a drama out of the wrong aspect of immigration. Why haven’t the media been focused on ‘how can we help these people?’ and all that Biden is doing to try and turn immigration around in US?

    1. @Dem Basher have you ever been to Oakland? It is nothing like how you describe. Furthermore the Guaraunteed Income project is only for the bottom quarter of the Oakland Equality Index, where there are very few white families. The median average income for white families is three times higher then for African American, Latin and Indigenous families.
      Besides, defining who is white and who is not in Oakland is a daunting task unto itself. It’s a multicultural place where poly-racial identity is the norm.
      But you’re correct, YOU would probably hate it. Don’t worry, the feeling is mutual.

    2. If these people are fleeing for their lives why not seek asylum in Mexico? To get to the United States you have to pass through Mexico, so why not seek asylum there? Or are you trying to characterise illegal economic immigrants as refugees?

    3. @Thomas De Quincey Don’t you read the news? Mexico will not accept the. The US is in negotiations with Mexico.

    4. @Thomas De Quincey They’re also looking for safety. There’s Cartel Controlled areas of Mexico that make ISIS look Benign…
      And all the money & guns that give the Cartels Power comes courtesy of the good ol’ USA…

  3. With the Republicans in power Canada may well have a ‘crisis’ at their southern border 10 years from now

    1. Who cares it’s Canada? If all you twats end up going there even better. No one like you or you globalist socialist agenda. Honestly I’m pro socialist extermination or exile. I’m not picky about how it happens we just need to get rid of everyone who think open borders and ID-free voting are good ideas. You are social cancer.

    2. @I’ll comply with Gun Control one round at a time. it’s called opions , everyone’s get one , now go play with mommy she’s waiting for you

    3. @paul dini yeah until they become legislation that everyone is expected to conform to. Sit down little boy and I’ll teach you how the 3 branches of government work.

    4. Hopefully, that means dimocrats will form caravans of thousands and thousands and migrate north to Canada. Is that what you forsee ? Please, please say yes…. liberty and freedom depend on it. We need to get rid of dimocrats like Guatemala needs to get rid of MS13 gang members.

    1. So following the law is what we should expect of people–if we follow America’s laws ourselves? I happened to have had this discussion with 2 El Salvadorians who work with me for roughly 15 years. They followed the laws and immigrated legally. They are not so happy about those rushing the border illegally, with or without a Coyote, seeking “asylum”.

    2. It appears Rep Omar has more compassion & class in her pinky finger than half the people in this comments section.

  4. These children come for a new life WITHOUT their parents. If we give them the tools of education, and miscellaneous other things we can invest in them turning into law abiding citizens.

    1. @Patty Chestnut I tell you something else, Ilhan Omar is a disgrace. She says she was in their position once yet she won’t say what the conditions in the Biden concentration camps are like. Obviously they’re bad as they’re refusing to allow the press entry and staff are under a gag order. Can you imagine the outrage if that was Trump.

    2. @Dog Poo Fairy Media was allowed in yesterday. Accommodations for these children are being taken care of quickly as possible. The cages have been ripped out and replaced. Biden has ordered 5,000 beds that should have already been there. Trump remove all programs to help these children.

    3. @Patty Chestnut Also they are giving bus tickets and $1100 to positive adults. Creepy Joe is a failure 2.0!!

    4. @Patty Chestnut How would you know? Creepy Joe won’t let reporters in until they make into a presentable situation!!!! Creepy doesn’t want ppl to see the abuse and danger he has put those children in.Creepy Joe makes you look dumber by the day!!!

  5. Our government is so morally bankrupt that someone has to explain to them how humanitarian goals during international conflict is a good thing

  6. Yesterday these poor children were sleeping on the ground with no roof over their head no hot food and no clean and dry clothes. Today they enjoy these things plus medical attention and adult supervision protecting them from possible human trafficking. This theatrics it’s not helpful. We will in a matter a few months have them all placed and in schools and they will be flourishing and then the same people will be complaining that they have it too good and that all that we’ve lavished on them is going to attract others to follow. People just like to complain and hear themselves talk.

    1. @espy …. Learn the difference between a poem and a country of laws based on very clear founding documents. This a sovereign country, quite clearly.

    2. @espy that was not a promise. That is a poem on a statue as a gift from France. The second amendment, that is a promise because it’s in the constitution. No where in our constitution does it say anything about letting people in who walk up the border.

  7. Unbelievable what this people talk about, all the people is seeing that there´s one border crises.

  8. They don’t provide an economic crisis? So we aren’t going to feed them? Is that what MSNBC is suggesting? This is pure propaganda. How can you stand it?

  9. I spent two months in Honduras back in the late 80’s on a Seabee detachment to drill water wells for humanitarian purposes: changed my perspective completely and I can only imagine what life is like there now. If you were there you would have done what I did when we landed home and disembarked the plane: got on my knees and kissed the ground in profound thanks I was home in this country. Two months!

  10. That is exactly what I keep thinking. If we help our neighbors make thier countries better than they would not come here

    1. But I thought the Usa was evil and hateful and racist ? Like this woman says constantly.
      Yet we let her in and she’s in congress so ungrateful.
      And millions are dyin to come here.
      No matter what I’ve the USA was as evil and Racist as she claimed I wouldn’t go there no matter what

  11. Ilhan Omar is a superb human being. Wonderful representative of America and her fundamental values. Hope survives.

  12. I wish the national level news outlets would discuss this. Explain the difference between 1) legal immigration for work, school, etc., 2) illegals, and 3) asylum seekers. Also explain the cycle that we see every year. For the U.S. Southern border, Spring & Summer is always high traffic for folks seeking seasonal agricultural work, this hasn’t been mentioned once in any news clip I’ve seen.

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