Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) On Global Vaccine Efforts | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) On Global Vaccine Efforts | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) has called for the creation of a plan to produce and distribute vaccines on a global scale. "We need to be taking the lead as a country on a Marshall Plan for vaccines…it's going to prevent those variants from emerging," Rep. Auchincloss said. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) On Global Vaccine Efforts | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. @Kor Kalba, 987 people have died from the covid vaccine. You should be more concerned about covid killed you.

    2. @Kor Kalba not for me. I have no immune system. If I catch it, I’m dead. Cancer VACCINE was my only hope

    3. @Al Einstein
      That’s a bit negative isn’t it? My wife has a very rare form of T cell lymphatic cancer ( as in incurable), her immune system is trashed but she’s still had the first dose & is due to have the second one in a couple of weeks. I know I’m going to lose her at some point but I don’t want her to be taken by a lethal pathogen when she has a good chance of protection with the vaccine . She’s having the Astra Zeneca vaccine but neither of us has a preference, they’re all effective. Please don’t say no, every day is a gift. Life isn’t a trial run, we’re not coming back for a second chance.

  1. I got a really creepy feeling some people are actually eager to take the vaccine willingly

  2. I like how the same people who are now skeptical of the science of vaccines were also the people who found masks to be too advanced of a technology for them to comprehend.

    1. Love the way you put it! Funny story: Recently I went to a new salon, all the hair stylists were masked, the one nail tech was not, our county has a mask mandate. Same tech brings her little dog in as a “support animal”–no kidding. Next time I went in, two nail techs were there, no masks, both had brought their little dogs along. Now the first nail tech knows I’m real unhappy with her, apparently the owner doesn’t care, tech made a point of telling her customers they could take their masks off while she was standing next to me. OK, then the two little dogs decide they need to pee on the floor–in a beauty salon! Got home and called the county, they visited the next day. So, these two geniuses don’t believe in wearing masks, but they are fine with claiming they must be able to bring their support animals to work–don’t ya just love conservatives?

  3. Meanwhile *TEXAS COVID CASES CONTINUE TO FALL,* a month after your cult leaders told us that cases would explode when mask mandates were lifted. Last call, cult members.

  4. Yeah, getting my 2nd. Pfizer Vaccine this week.. The microchip from my Pfizer vaccine is working just fine, I got a satellite circling my backyard now.. Wohoo!!.. Sarcasm..

  5. Marshall Plans are based on the national and international community efforts to be around and available for all people of the planet. It’s just difficult. Big manufacturing job. It’s gutsy.

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