Rep. Jason Crow: Non-Combatant Evacuation In Afghanistan Not Going Well 1

Rep. Jason Crow: Non-Combatant Evacuation In Afghanistan Not Going Well


Army Combat vet, Rep. Jason Crow, D-Col., and Andrea Mitchell join Morning Joe to discuss the chaos in Kabul as panic spread after the Taliban took control of the capital 20 years after being toppled by U.S. forces.

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Rep. Jason Crow: Non-Combatant Evacuation In Afghanistan Not Going Well


    1. @Golden’s rule both are weak when u think about it. if u think t r u m p is stronger. u are a bigger f o o l than I thought u be eh?

    2. United States and Nato were suppose to build an army and train soldiers. After 20 years nothing happened. Taliban gets money and guns from Saudis and Pakistan. Osama was in supposedly in Pakistan. America has military personnel in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. It’s a big cluster f$$$ of idiots that spend peoples tax money to get rich. Rest of it is for your emotional manipulation and brainwashing. And poor people in poor countries get destroyed

    3. @Mdlclassguy Mdlclassguy you’re talking without knowing. This is not Trump’s timeframe. Potato said as much. But when Trump left places, there was no giant sucking sound. When the US embassy in Iraq was attacked, Trump had Soleimani killed and made Iran look foolish. When the Taliban acted up, he blew up their largest center of operations and armaments. They knew to fear him. They know not to fear this clown.
      Soldiers didn’t fight. They hadn’t been paid for 7 months. That coincides with what? With Trump leaving office.

    1. They are ordinary people who never held a gun,who helped you Anericans over run there country,what do you expect?

    2. @Mogamad Greyson That is NOT true. We educated them for years, the problem is so much deeper than that. It’s the infrastructure of the country itself along with their cultural beliefs. They know how to operate a f*cking weapon.

  1. It’s Viet Nam all over again. My thought 20 years ago was — “we’ve already fought this kind of war in Viet Nam and it didn’t work”. And today we’re seeing the identical conclusion as we saw in Viet Nam.

    1. It’s NOT Viet Nam. This mission was accomplished 10 years ago when they killed Bin Laden and destroyed Al Quada. They spent the next 10 years training the Afghan to “fight”.

  2. Yep, the evacuation is not going well at all. It should have been done months ago. Poor planning and poor execution. Vietnam 2.0.

    1. @Kern Albert Vietnam was a vibrant place with vibrant people before. Afghanistan has ever been that. Apples to oranges my friend.

    2. @4 Fox Sake trump released 5000 Taliban prisoners and pompeo is photographed with Taliban leader and leaders.

    3. @Kay Davis those photographs are no secret. The Taliban was never going to be gone in its entirety, so they attempted to have some diplomacy, and Trump came in person as a sign of good faith. This is also the same thing with the prisoners. How can you imagine peace with a large group of people with out negotiating the release of its people. If it were US in that position we would have demanded the release of our people also.. not to mention that was in 2018, and doesn’t have any real relevance now. Sounds like your just watching the news and eating up the narrative they are spewing. There are always many points of views, and many strategies. You notice how this didn’t happen until Biden withdrew swiftly. If these 5000 people were an immediate threat, than this would have happened well before 2021. The Taliban knew there would be retribution under trump, because they had seen it, but they know Biden won’t do anything. This sits squarely on Biden.

    1. @Waldemar Marchesi say something stupid again, Joe Biden ANTIFA terrorist and democrat racial hatred klan member

  3. For 20 years Afghan people could have united fighting the Taliban. Can it be documented that the their people tried their best to fight? They thought US will be there forever? Umbilical cord should have been cut little by little from day 1. If the people were not willing to fight for their own country, how can strangers do it for them?

    1. “Tell Hunter we have his child bride waiting and ready just like we promised you for giving us victory Mr. President Biden
      -Taliban spokesman

    2. @Truth Matters You do realize that this is a 20+ year problem perpetuated by the last 4 presidents we have had including both Trump and Biden, right? That Trump released 5k Taliban prisoners, negotiated w/ the Taliban WITHOUT the Afghanistan government present, and intended to do the *exact* same thing Biden just did. When will y’all understand that they are all the same and our best interest isn’t their best interest? Republicans out here ignoring facts, per usual.

    3. @Shay C congratulations. You can parrot the news and their agenda. Well done. Yes Trump released 5000 prisoners in 2018. This was to strengthen diplomacy with the Taliban, because we knew that they would be a major force in the region. The Taliban could have attacked with these 5000 prisoners that Trump let go, at any time between the time they were released in 2018, but they knew that there would be retribution. Biden is a weak president, and everyone on the world stage sees it. Biden pulled out way to fast, and left a void that was filled immediately. When the Afghani people / military have leaned on us for 20 years, and we leave so abruptly, it is hard to stand up to the Taliban when all the support you have known has been completely removed. We undermined their confidence in the manor which we left, and hung them out to dry. You may still say that this is Trumps timeline, and your right. We must some how be forgetting that Biden is the president, and could have changed or deviated from the timeline at any given moment. Biden wanted to continue with this time line, and did so when the intel he was given said that this is exactly what would happen. The responsibility for this rests solely on Biden.

  4. The cause: Twenty-First century Americans love war, if needed they invent Weapons of Mass Destruction and to restart a war they hide behind Afghan women. Kabul is only a relative small US injustice caused by incompetence; the big crime were the hundreds of thousands killed Iraqi civilians, what you military diminished as collateral damage during the war.

    1. @Michaek Leandros say something stupid again, Joe Biden ANTIFA terrorist and democrat racial hatred klan member

  5. So we should sacrifice more American soilders, to help people who drop weapons as soon as they hear a gun shot.
    20 years they still haven’t learned

    1. No. No more troops in the way. At this point, there are not many options. Why did the administration wait so long to start evacuating US civilians and Afghani allies? This is a humanitarian disaster in our laps.

    1. @Robert Burton I’d say that under any circumstances, Robert. In the absence of any contradictory evidence, no political leader has ever had control over the daily chaos of war.

    2. Yes but this could have been planned better. Not only for American and foreign veterans but Afghan allies as well.

  6. It’s sad that the Afghan people have not learned to fight back after 20 years of help and training

    1. Uhm, this is the Afghan people that have defeated every invading force in the last 100 years. And more recently they have technology. They are incredibly tough.

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