Rep. Jason Crow On Afghanistan Withdrawal: 'Deadline Has Got To Extend' 1

Rep. Jason Crow On Afghanistan Withdrawal: ‘Deadline Has Got To Extend’


Colorado Democratic Representative and Afghanistan War veteran Jason Crow comments on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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  1. Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals

    1. @Gary Marino na I was just mocking the first comment attempting to mock someone on the internet with a stereotype with another stereotype. But as everyone knows rural Americans Don’t have access to the internet…

  2. As a lib I am only concerned that their lavatories are LGBTQ friendly. Because that’s what’s important!

    1. Oh don’t worry they have underwater facilities and some of them even have Elevator Shaft going directly to the restrooms

    1. More importantly, thanks Hunter for brokering the largest real estate deal ever Afghanistan with trillions and minerals and natural gas sold Russia and China

    2. @Bumble Blimfield Idiots! 90% of today’s problems with the withdrawal came from the Loser Trump Regime including but not limited to releasing thousands of Taliban prisoners, sabotaging the visa process, and negotiating the withdrawal with the Taliban but not the Afghan government.
      BTW, the Taliban is failing miserably at forming an actual government.

    3. Trump and Pompeo signed the surrender to the Taliban in Feb 2020 and they did nothing for a whole year to repatriate Americans or save Afghans working for the USA.

    4. WTF are you trolls talking about?!?!?! Do you have nothing better to do than fantasize about absurd conspiracy theories? If anything it would have been the Reagan and George H.W. Bush that made the Taliban “great” again by providing weapons and training to defeat the Soviet army in the 1980s.

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years??
    Now you blame Joe who put a STOP to it?

  4. Democrat krill Dancing around the mouth of the whale on this one. Should we go back into the mouth, or just hang around outside the brush and chill?

  5. Blood guts killing starvation war cruelty torture man caused famine , floods , greed , crushing poverty ! HUMANKIND NEEDS TO GO THE WAY OF THE DINOSAUR

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