Rep. Jason Crow: Trump Does Not Comprehend Impact On Troops | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. If Trump where an arsonist he would light all the houses on the street to cover up his starting the first fire. His actions are so obvious. Read his Tweets about Obama starting a war with Iran to get reelected. Just what he did last weekend. Trump is so flimsy he is transparent to anybody who looks.

    1. If this conflict starts threatening oil profits, every Senator owned by the oil industry will be ordered to vote to remove President Donald Trump from office

  1. Now, I blame House and Senate GOP. ALL OF THEM! They are continuing and will continue to let this happen.

    1. And the State Republicans for gerrymandering the district’s. The list is long. It’ll take far more than voting Donny out of office to fix the nation.

    2. @Okkie Trooy
      They know they just don’t care. They love the power that they hold so no, they are not about to stop their enabling of Trump. Plus, they’re all receiving monies from Russian and american oligarchs to sustain this. Vote out all Republicans if you care for country AND YOUR LIVES.

    3. @John Wang
      We have to start somewhere…somehow. Can’t just give up with hopelessness when we have not really begun to fight back.

  2. Donny the Despot couldn’t care less about “We the People.” He’s never been one of us.
    “who wishes to fight must first count the cost”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    1. Weapon industry counted and it cost 14 trillions on Iraq war alone, this one will surely cost more, and they are delighted Trump will surely made them feel great again but I dunno about the American people ….they are still debating about something called healthcare which they can’t afford. 😁

    2. @Andrew Lim dont forget weapon sales on other side for Iran buys from Putin, further with gas prices up Putin wins again.

    1. @CynAnne1Why not research and find out why these things are happening instead of making blanket dumb statement and blaming Trump. Did you blame Obama for a terrible economy, millions on food stamps, factories closing NOPE you never thought it was his fault. Typical uninformed lib..

    2. @jeremy rodriguez Apparently you have no clue how a Presidential election happens with the Electoral College….read a history book

  3. Bone spurs or not it looks like this time Donald to be given a uniform and have him report to the battlefields. the only boots on the ground that are needed now is the pair that Donald is wearing

    1. he said 3D… i shot hot chocolate out my nose at the idea. they dont let trump have glue, or scissors.

    1. @Jean Bonilla Bush senior was a pilot in World War II. Bush jr. pretended to be a pilot in the reserves. Clinton, just let Lewinsky polish his missile!😊

    2. @Danny Ball There was no draft, so Obama went to Columbia, then Harvard. He then became a community organizer, making a lot less than he could have made as a corporate attorney.
      If Trump had the balls to be a conscientious objector, it would have been different. Instead, he faked bone spurs (my older brother did the same thing😕). Trump went on to fight his “personal Vietnam”, avoiding STDs!

    3. Obama’s worth over 40 million…how did he make that money….the little saint who gave up everything to community organize. Please….baaaaaah baaaaah baaaah

    4. Oh, Danny. 🙄
      #45’s *cheated and lied to* his partners, both in business *AND* marriage, for decades.
      He even *cheats* at golf, the ‘gentlemans game’. ⛳
      #45 – *So* embarrassing for America… 😒

    1. Everyone wants to complain about our president dodging the draft but how many of you stood up and served? Not much room to talk.

    2. @nutin butruth For one thing, you don’t know Oscar at all to be saying that. As for myself, I always try to see the good in people, as I did with W, as well with Trump. Soon enough I became aware that there was something very wrong with him. He reminded me of someone I used to know who was a malignant narcissist and sociopath and pathological liar. Trump has the same characteristics. That makes it very dangerous to have such a person in ANY position of power. I wish it were not so, but unfortunately it is. The schoolyard bully usually has a group of followers. In many casrs, those followers are not totally aware that the bully is a bad person. What they feel instead is a sense of power. That same scenario takes place in cults and as we have seen during the time of Hitler. And now, because of those same reasons, with Trump. Please think about that, because you might be saving some lives.

    1. No, it’s decades of irresponsible and corrupt politicians from both sides, and it also includes collusion with and interference by other countries too. But at this moment, Trump and the Republicans are definitely making it worse.

  4. This is a ploy by trump to distract from his impeachment. He really is an evil man. He doesn’t care about the lives of American troops.

    1. What’s amazing is that his base think anyone who is not a trump loyalist is a satanist, a literal demon. I got called that the other day.

    2. I’m in the military and many of my friends and myself support our president’s decision to stop the terrorism in Iran. It doesn’t affect any of you so why do you care?

  5. This is why a draft dodger coward shouldnt be given power over the biggest miltary on the planet…

    1. @harry johnston because right wing groups have a long history of fraud taxes 🤷 guess that’s what you do when you don’t love your country 🤔

    2. @harry johnston maybe Obama didn’t get a purple heart, but while Trump was conning American worker, Obama was defending in court American worker that couldn’t afford representation. That must count for something even in your warped views 🙃

  6. The only positive thing to come out of Donny’s Debacle, is that more people will realise what a stain on America he really is.

    1. Danny Ball… obviously you are a Trumpeteer through and through.
      So…. It’s ok to assassinate with no congressional input, it’s ok to abandon the Kurds, it’s ok to trust Putin more than your own security experts, it’s ok to ignore gun control, it’s ok to rip up nuclear agreements (because Obama did it), its ok to ignore climate change, it’s ok to employ your spawn etc etc
      The sooner this imbecile is removed, the better for America and the rest of us who are watching on, stunned that a 3rd of the country can actually be conned into supporting a criminal.

    2. Meanwhile…
      *’Snowflake #45’* has *DOZENS of ‘twittyfeed tantrums’* on a daily basis, *whining* about how ‘unfair’ *everyone’s* been *to* him. 🍼👶🍼
      Poor put-upon prezzy… 😏

    1. He thinks he can just” BUY” another wife, kid or identity,
      he cannot relate to 99% of Americans, yet his followers think he has “Balls” when all he has is Ignorance or Danger.


    1. @PaganSmurf depends on where their money comes from. Private enterprise, you know, generated money.

    2. @shjandy shjandy Oh. the faux outrage. Just fyi, I didn’t vote to hurt your children like you did mine.

    1. If you’re to weak to serve your country’s military when called to duty , you should not be allowed to lead the military,. Leading without ever serving,. Think he skipped a few steps

    2. @Tommygunn ggg
      Lead by example as your survival may depend on it
      Trump would not survive along with those foolish enough to follow him.

    1. < yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a thread of stupid shallow comments.stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.

    2. @Rainhut < yet another stupid shallow comment followed by a thread of stupid shallow comments.stupid shallow must never get old for you people. stupid shallow is the norm for you folks, I guess.

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