Rep. Jason Crow: 'You Just Can't Deal With The Taliban' 1

Rep. Jason Crow: ‘You Just Can’t Deal With The Taliban’


The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly, with the Taliban capturing the country's second and third largest cities today. The embassy is urging U.S. Citizens to leave the country immediately, while the U.N. secretary-general said today that the country is 'spinning out of control.' Rep. Jason Crow and NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel join Joy Reid with their analysis.

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  1. OMG, just got to know through UK media tht it was Drumb admin tht negotiated the deal with Taliban in Doha last year Feb. Biden then need to upheld the deal. UK media said tht the negotiated deal was a rotten one. Again Drumb🤦🏻‍♀️.

    1. Yet the GOP will excoriate President Biden for leaving, even though their orange idol planned to do the same thing.

    2. @Samantha Fordyce Politicians like Mitch McConnell oppose withdrawing from Afghanistan. They were quiet about it when it was Trump given his grip on the Republican Party. But when it’s Biden, McConnell isn’t afraid to criticize Biden for withdrawing. The military industrial complex and the defense industry are the ones who line his pockets so he continues to support the war. McConnell is a swamp creature.

    3. President Trump speculated on withdrawing but decided against it. Either way, he would never surrender to the Taliban like Sippy Cup Joe and his woke generals did.

    1. Yes, thanks to the devastating decision to surrender to the Taliban by Biden and his woke generals. They must be held accountable for the humanitarian crisis that will follow.

    2. @Bryan The US made the Taliban! Clinton followed by Bush. How far back should your accounting go? You think history is simple don’t you?

    3. @Rip Sumrall we funded the mujahideen to fight the soviets. They went on to become the taliban. This was always going to end up like this when we left no matter how long we stayed

  2. Everybody with at least half a brain knew this would be the end scene. We knew this when we invaded. If we would have left in 2004 it would have been the same scenario. Everybody leaves Afghanistan in defeat. Ever since Alexander the Great. the Taliban will never control the country, they will wield control for about 6 months then things will deteriorate and return to warlords and local control.

  3. Yes , didn’t deal with the Vietnamese , abandon ship . Now time to get out and ponder whether it’s worth the $20T wasted in a business which shouldn’t get involved ……

  4. Thank you for Rep. Jason Crow of Aurora, Colorado. He’s the best person for discussing Afghanistan. I am from southern Colorado. Crow is not my representative in Congress. But, I have written letters to him to thank him. He’s a just awesome as a young lawmaker. Thank you Joy. Hats off to Afghanistan. Be patient! “Code Red “….all week long. Are the stars aligned the wrong way? I have no idea! Be steady Joy.

    1. Yeah but are they fully vaccinated yet and we better see them all wearing their Covid masks during this takeover…wouldn’t want a super spreader event

  5. Only reason why the US could stay 20 years and still not go broke is, you print money out of thin air !
    The day US $ is no longer reserve currency, it’s over. US, your days are numbered.

  6. Rep. Jason Crow: You just can’t deal with the Taliban. In other words, you just can’t deal with the United Snake of America too.

  7. You’ll lucky if 10% Afghans support Kabul govt. So you rather deal with elite minorities than real Afghans? I thought you promote democracies.

  8. I wanna know why Afghan soldiers are not holding. I know some have abandon some places due to food shortages but I’m curious what all the factors are.

  9. You should invade again, now they’re out in the open, no more hiding in caves. Plus you know the turf now.

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