Rep. Jayapal Talks About The 13 Minute Montage Video Of The Capitol Riot | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jayapal Talks About The 13 Minute Montage Video Of The Capitol Riot | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Rep. Pramila Jayapal talks about her experience on January 6th, when she fled protestors who breached the House chamber. Aired on 02/10/2021.
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Rep. Jayapal Talks About The 13 Minute Montage Video Of The Capitol Riot | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. I don’t believe they are but they’re certainly not going to hold Trump responsible for this when he didn’t do anything wrong it’s your media telling you what to believe save yourself

    2. This shows Republicans doesn’t give a dam about us.tRump brings out the worst in people.All of this could have been prevented. tRump should have been called out by his political supporters.They chose party over human rights and lives.stay safe.

    3. @Penny Sutch THE TRUTH of the matter is that, THE GOP PUKES Have had a OPEN Price TAG on Any AND Every Single Thing that EITHER Profited them or their OWN Special interests $$$$$. SO it’s NO BIG Stretch for a SNAKE PEDDLER like Trump to Appeal to the ONLY THING that THESE ROTTEN Self PROFITEERING traitors Acknowledge.

    1. @Baby tRump hahaha. Little coward using words. How about we meet 1v1. Let’s have some fun. I know you’re cowering away but calling you out and watching you run is SO satisfying.

    2. @Melvis oh no, I’ll keep going little N. There’s nothing you could do to stop me, even face to face. I’d LOVE a face to face. Give me chance to show how weak you leftist N’s are.

  1. I watched it on the day.
    As a Washingtonian we’re proud of her being cool under fire.
    You can tell true leaders when they are under distress.

    1. @Beyond Stylz
      You’re projecting… you dont sound like you know what’s happening in the US..
      Everyone here knows what happened..
      We arent afraid 🙂
      You are though

    2. @Beyond Stylz and also you’re not talking like a winner. You sound like you’re trying to convince everybody you won

  2. “If we nominate Trump, it will destroy the GOP. And we will deserve it.”
    –Miss Lindsey Graham, former First Pet

    1. @Mimzy Jinx nothing homophobic there. it’s common knowledge his nickname in Congress is Miss Lindsey. he his one of exPotus enablers who changes his opinion every 10 minutes. a disgrace to nthe Senate!

  3. The Ratpublikkkans in the Senate didn’t want to watch the video. They pretend to be reading some documents.
    I wonder why?

    1. With right hands raised, the senators were sworn in as jurors:

      *”Do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, former president of the United States, now pending, you will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help you God?”*

      Senators Sworn-In For Second Trump Impeachment Trial – Jan. 26, 2021

    2. @Maximilian Houk really? Why have we been the top country that has been worst at handing the pandemic? Please explain why the GOP didn’t think it was serious? It was a Democrat hoax coming from the Ex- President who NOT elected for a second term. Who kept speaking out for Trump to take the pandemic serious and stop fanning the flames to all the hoax lies? I honestly am trying to figure out why he wouldn’t care about the very people who voted for him the first time and possibly would the second time. I don’t like lies from any political party! I don’t like violence from any person! I won’t worship any leader and stand for such neglect especially during a time that we should of been paying attention on our country. A true American President is supposed to take care of all the people no matter what political party they take on. Staying in power is all Trump proved to want ahead of our people. He will throw any person under the bus to get his way. Unfit leadership will be in his resume for his next job.

    3. @marguerite Gastanaga
      Evil? … you guys sound like Fox news viewers.
      cuz they say you guys are evil.
      maybe its bad if half the country thinks the other half is evil.

      unless you are just talking about the politicians… then i agree
      but most Dems have empty souls too.

      Assagne a journalists is getting prosecuted for exposing US government war crimes.

      Where is the squad on this !!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is one of Kubrick’s lost masterpieces,…a wonderful work of art,………….and Rep. Pramila Jayapa is not a real person,…she is CGI,…….I mean there can’t be anybody on earth that repulsive!

  5. If Trump is not convicted, every president henceforth will have complete impunity in their last weeks.

    To the GOP: Do you want Joe Biden to end his presidency unrestrained?


  6. Make no mistake, many of the members and their family and the staff, who experinced the sheer horror of 6th January would unfortunately suffer PTSD symptoms for years to come. They all need help to cope with their symptoms, so that they can continue with their good work in the Capitol and in their personal lives.

  7. The United States of America is presently under attack from one of it’s two major political parties. Cruz, Paul, Hawley, Greene represent the faces of the clearly dishonorable and traitorous GOP. If other GOP members remain cowardly , continue to put party at any cost over country, do not “do the right thing” by voting against Trump, there is a real, perhaps even imminent threat of extreme social unrest as the vile underbelly of American citizenry is emboldened and excused and renews it’s aggression on the rule of law and decency.

  8. An important note during the impeachment trial: I believe the comments stating that “the senate will never convict him, anyway” should stop. Think about it – the insurrectionist, US constitution hating, QAnon, murder-supporting republican politicians have heard those comments clearly and decided to go down what they believe is the path of least resistance toward their own political careers.

    They’ve heard those comments and decided to take us up on it. They believe they’ve snaked their way out of accountability because, after all, we don’t expect them to convict. We *must* show them that we insist on conviction, will continue to hold them accountable, and that we not accept them acquitting Trump of his undeniable and clearly provable crimes.

    This is not a position of simple optimism. It is a position of strength, of justice, of legal and moral demands. Demand justice, demand it continually and loudly, and don’t back down to republican senators who think they can just sit back and let the criminals have their way. Demand justice, and don’t encourage self-fulfilling defeatism.

  9. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

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