Rep. Jeffries: Capitol Police Force Was Under-Resourced, Under-Prepared | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jeffries: Capitol Police Force Was Under-Resourced, Under-Prepared | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY, discusses last week's insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and says the Capitol police force was under-resourced and under-prepared. Aired on 01/12/2021.
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Rep. Jeffries: Capitol Police Force Was Under-Resourced, Under-Prepared | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. No doubt. I’d say the same about quite a few of people in government. Certainly millions who take the oath have never read it.

    1. Depends on whether or not the ex chief of the Capitol police was lying or not. He said he asked for National Guard backup, but the authorities refused to authorize it. An investigation needs to be done as to why the Capitol police were outnumbered by 6 to 1 by rioters.

  1. There is a dark cloud over this nation.

    We are in-between two leaders, one with the support of the people and the other with the power of the military.

    1. @markivrimusic got ya, just sayin trump has lost any control of the military. TRumpers are insane and we are heading for civil war. Want to see how insane they are? Here is what they think is a sign from trump to overthrow the United States government . No joke. We all need to be ready for war very soon

    1. @frictionRx9 You’re just stupid. Trump is corrupt. Go back down into your parents basement kid. You’re in over your head here.

    1. For months you idiots vilify them call them racist terrorist. Killers and try to defund them. Now your complaining.
      Maybe give them the money they need to do their jobs you wouldn’t be complaining

    1. BLM member takes a dump on a cop car and then it gets burned down but hey its ok because she did it during a peaceful protest

    2. @The Supreme Leader None of its ok. No matter what you’re representing but the hypocrisy has to stop. They want this country to be unified but they are dividing us instead.

    1. @George Kent
      I work near a secure facility. We are used to seeing CROWS trucks on our roads as they secure very important materials. I hope to see some as 1. A show of force and 2. For use against a seditionist mob, if necessary.
      Also, 23 militia groups are currently under investigation in regards to the attack on the Capitol. Soon, the adults will be back in charge of the whole thing. Charges against seditionists are pending.

    2. “Almost won?’ Almost won what..? So far, every crazy thing that Trump has tried has backfired miserably in his face. Trump is and has always been his own worst enemy.

    3. I hope there is a significant law enforcement roundup planned for the thugs before inauguration.

    4. @Lee Christmas I hope the good guys get control of this because these people brainwashed, crazy and they love guns.

  2. I live on Capitol Hill. The Capitol police have always been known as thugs and the Gestapo. They are great if you want to give tickets!

    1. I think it needs to be investigated fully. It’s important not to rely on unsupported rumour/conspiracies as that is the very thing that we criticise Trump supporters for doing.

    2. @I believe in science and it wasn’t a riot that got out of hand. They planned this terror attack. They brought the tools, were organised and trained. Trump has screamed for months how the strong people are on his side. He has known this for months. Its why he put his stooge in the position that was supposed to defend the USA when under attack. This was premeditated.

    3. Sadly most police forces have sympathizers and infiltrators. Even where I live, we had at least two off duty police who were in the rioting mob.

  3. People really must think that the Capital police were the go to , end all. these police could have been Trumper also . They were seen taking selfies , shaking hands with riotors . Moving baracades and under staffed .

    1. You forgot to add ‘just standing by and making no effort to stop what was clearly wrong…There is a picture of one guy holding a confederate flag marching through the gallery area…and on Capitol police just watching him. Do you think BLM, ANTIFA or any latino civil rights or organization could have marched through with their flag – and the Capitol police would have just watched. So glad we saw the racism live and captured it for all to see. Different races are treated differently when voicing opinions. Furthermore, whites can have full out racist, anarchist, fights where police are beaten and murdered (incited by the President) and NOTHING. CRICKETS. The president doesn’t have anything inside him which says ‘I need to step down for the good of the people’.

  4. Why is he still in office. 45 is a clear and present danger to everyone. Stop talking and get him out already

    1. Yes, I agree. And, why haven’t Giuliani and Don, Jr. been arrested by now? And, everyone else spewing that incitement should be prosecuted. Cruz and Hawley must be expelled.

    2. All he did after the GOP thugs let him off last impeachment was manslaughter in the hundreds of thousands and outright murders, other than his usual pumping the US treasury $ into his failed businesses. The red of the Republican party symbolizes human blood

    3. @Rosalyn Jeffery same qstn i have along with others! he needs to come out & tell his supporters that he lied & that he lost, period!

  5. The leadership was allowed to resign without punishment. They should have been charged with dereliction of duty, and then fired.

  6. The Capital was perfectly prepared for what the Criminal Republicans had in mind to do to our Great Nation.

  7. underprepared, we got some police who literally guide them to Capitol. There was other police force who offering to help. But they say. They don’t need backups.

    1. Trump actually refused offers of help from the National Guard. He thrives on chaos and violence. It was Pence who finally requested that they step in.

    1. @C00lBeFool ~ Detest Qanon Rep. Boebert, but she did NOT reveal Pelosi’s location. She did tweet that Pelosi had been removed from the House chamber, which media had reported anyway, along with Pence and other top officials being removed (watched it happening live). Because truth matters, and misinformation and disinformation only destroys credibility, suggest not spreading lies, unproven crackpot conspiracies, and smears like Republican cult morons are wont to do. Our side is better than that. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Rep. Boebert that can be made, however.

    2. i think it will take a rocket science to figure that out right? first impression while i watched it live last wed was that…it cld be someone inside there knew about this & one of the reasons the nat’l guards were rebuffed that day in coming out!

    3. @wily wascal ok so why did this Lauren chick tweet out to her Twitter followers who were breaking down doors in the Capitol anything AT ALL about the Speaker? She’s been on Capitol Hill for a week. I’m sure she was very aware of the plan to storm the building. I’m also sure she had her Glock in her office. If the insurrection had been successful she would surely have joined it.

    4. @Seventy8 ~ She wasn’t the only one–there were Democrats and Republicans doing the same thing, tweeting or talking on the phone with reporters, telling them what had happened. None of them revealed where the top officials had been taken. It was news, and it was unusual, so they had commented upon it. You have to remember some people live on twitter, so something like that is nothing nefarious. Now, it may turn out different, or something else revealed, but Rep. Boebert tweet by itself is proof of nothing. You want to chase down rabbit holes, be my guest. But you’ll only end up looking the fool.

    5. @wily wascal she should be investigated at the very least. I read that she had a stand off with Capitol Police today because she refused to go through a metal detector. She wanted to bring a gun into the House Chamber. Who is she? Will she turn out to be the one who murders Speaker Pelosi?

  8. HEY “IMPEACH NOW” Or we going to have this PROBLEM again in four years. And next time it could be VERY VERY VERY BAD.

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