1. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

    2. @Whicker Boy Louisville is republican controlled, as are several others, but what is worse is how many are in Republican states. It ain’t about your politics, it’s about treating people equally, people are tired, and blaming a politician instead of blaming the justice system means you have missed the point.

    3. @Rune – Thorne Why r u radical leftist HATE-FILLED demonRATS OBSESSED with conservatism???
      Louisville’s mayor is a DEMOCRAT!!! U should avoid getting ur civics from msLSD.

    4. @Dientera – The Raging Gentleman well said.
      I googled dientera, still don’t grasp what seem to be different usages in casual Spanish. Toothache? Victory in combat?


    1. @Muddy Water what’s that got to do with some one’s right to comment, America doesn’t hold the right to free speech and people from anywhere are or should be allowed an opinion.

    2. @Muddy Water So some one has a different opinion and they are have a problem ? take a long look in the mirror.

    3. @Ali B I would like to get a printing press and give ballots copies to anyone who will vote democrat.

    1. I’m pretty sure the democratic’s shady deals around world is messing up the country not to mention the democratic ran States are just horrible places

    2. @Western V”Messing up the country”? Yeah, sure. Like your command of the English language.

  2. Police officers should never have the power to use violence against someone for a nonviolent crime.

    The so called justice system is much more criminal in how it treats people on too many occasions.
    But especially with nonviolent crime, when they throw them in jail.
    Then the so called criminal becomes the victim ..

    1. Right he was a good boy he wasn’t resisting arrest he was just smoking crack peacefully stupid cops

    2. It seems like being anything other than white in public can get you KILLED over practically nothing. Evidently that Floyd guy wasn’t resisting in any way. That cop was a racist that abused his badge and executed the man on the street. Others looked on and let it happen. Hitler’s SS and brown shirt henchmen would be so proud of how they ‘enforced the law’ in 2020.
      Oh and BTW I am a white guy……and one who has refused to support the ultra-corrupt failed Repuke party. Their current fake 1% owned leader is by far the worst in history. Trumputin and his evil fascist moron party must be stamped OUT and the broken, obsolete Electoral College that made it possible MUST be abolished!

    3. He never resisted arrest. Cops do that to black people because they can, and because they are racists.

  3. Trump has made hatred and one sided thinking the SOP. There’s no compromise, no compassion only greed, he doesn’t care about Americans or anyone else for that matter. Just his pocketbook

    1. @Mike w I guess blame everything you can on the democrats.. the other side of the coin has no culpability what so ever eh? Naw, that’s pitiful thinking dude. I mean at some point its a human issue and not a political one. Racism happens in every state. The rioting while I don’t condone, seems to be the only way attention is achieved. Kneeling didn’t do it. BLM didnt. Etc. Simply put the good cops need to just call out the bad ones and this would all be a bit more manageable at least to start. But they act like gang members covering for one another.

    2. Why can’t he be more like the crooked democratic’s that been in office for over 40 years doing nothing for the taxpayers at least democratic’s let us know that China is very peaceful people it’s not their fault that we had four viruses come from there sense the 2000’s

    3. Hey Big Ern it’s seems anyone who is right wing or conservative has a mean streak running through them 2 miles wide.

  4. tRump and his inciting tweets and the right have infiltrated the peaceful protest with white supremacists and far right maniacs to pervert the message and to inflame even more racial tensions. Poor America.

    1. Right I wish democratic’s would’ve one instead of Lincoln we probably would still have slaves

    2. Western V
      “…would’ve ‘one’?” You seriously don’t know how to spell “won?” Where are you from?
      P.S., it’s no coincidence that folks who used to be racist, white southerners and who used to vote Democrat now vote Republican. Don’t even bother trying to pull that “Democrats are the party of racism” crap; we all know about the Southern Strategy.

    1. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

    2. Maybe okay stick with me here maybe the black cop shot a white an on purpose orrrrr get this ready maybe white cops are scared of black people cause they are always said to be “in the streets” I just think we need more black cops

    3. @Sharon Brown Lol its ridiculous how uneducated you are. Communism ended in 1990. Ussr doesnt exist anymore omg.

  5. getting rid of trump will not solve the problem people are protesting about. but it is a start

    1. @Barry Sutton c’mon man! he can’t help cognitive decline nor marble mouthedness, and it’s his right to be racist…but we’ll get that creepy pedophile and all the satanist pedophile/organ trafficking/torture society who support him.

    2. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

    3. @Earl of Mar I think China is ok with either one of them, because neither will be able to re-unite the country. Your country’s biggest enemy has always been itself – the internal divisions that have accumulated over the centuries.

  6. Systemic racism, mass incarceration, militarized police force, healthcare inequities, economic injustice environmental injustice this is some of what angers those rioting.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr There is no such thing as a “Republican city.” (Not these days.) Cities by their nature attract a diverse group of folks, and they tend not to want to vote for fascists. Just saying.

    2. Sam Boudreau
      What are the last four words of the Pledge of Allegiance? They’re rather important considering our nation was founded on those ideals.

    3. Earl of Mar
      Back when Republicans dominated the north and were abolitionist. Now the folks who were racist white Democrats in the south are all Republicans. Unless you think all those Dixiecrats moved north and became black and liberal Jewish people living in cities?

  7. All those other officers hold responsibility for that mans death. They stood by and let him die.

    1. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

    2. They were standing guard for him FIRST DEGREE MURDER WITH SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @frictionRx9 the opinion of anyone dosen’t make it law, does your mom know you are on the internet?

    4. @Spok I would be very surprised to find out that there was even 1 white supremacist who was against trump, that and crazy evangelicals are his base.

    1. @SUN STAR – I don’t waste my time arguing w cult 45 Kool-Aid drinkers. (>>>>>>>>>- BIDEN 2020 –<<<<<<<<<)

    2. @Karen Schumer you’re saying it as a stretch, Google it. It’s not a bad conclusion to identify and treat personality disorders in all of the races so, yes and no

    1. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

    2. these idiots should protest against that particular police station. Why loot local businesses and destroy other buildings? I don’t understand that stupid behavior. Are they really in love with anarchy?

    3. @Realistic Man it’s an outburst of frustration at being murdered like dogs (by the so called protectors)…….must be hard for you to understand with only two brain cells.

    4. Maybe some of the shame should be directed at these criminals out burning, looting and hurting innocent people!
      That anyone supports this is lunacy!’

    1. Your comment in the context here jolted me. This country is criminally corrupt and neglectful.

    2. These r demonRAT controlled cities. If u idiots keep burning and destroying them, u won’t have anyplace to go but into the sewers!!!

  8. Racism is so American, that when you protest against it, you’re accused of being un-American.

    1. @teresa wicks and beyond… There are documented revolts against enslavement from the 1500s… We’ve been fighting against this evil!

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      And the republikkkans are coming from their neighborhood to initiate the rioting. It is a republican hoax.

    3. @Jim Miller No jobs, Dow went down, low pay, racism against blacks is worse, and businesses are closing. All trump’s fault!

    1. @43 44 46 a no we didnt forget Oh my, “soon to be dating area”. Absolutely brilliant !

  9. Trump was busy looking at the space ship going to space, he should have been strapped to the top

    1. @Western V Republicon policy sets up the environment for division that causes democrats to not do as much to help as much they want to.

  10. Should be first degree and the other three so called “policemen” should also be convicted of manslaughter. The evidence is clear.

    1. we all saw it. You are 100% correct. Until that happens, America will burn. I 100% support the protestors.

    2. Ace of Squares he would never get the conviction if they charge him with first degree murder..

  11. Trump has “normalized” racism. Voting him out is just the start of what needs to happen.

    1. did you ever watch All in the Family??I think Archie normalized it pretty well. Meathead was a commie and white was right. Oh simpler times indeed. Archie stood his ground and the Jeffersons finally moved away.

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