Rep. Jeffries: The January 6 Attack Occurred Because Trump Told A 'Big Lie' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Jeffries: The January 6 Attack Occurred Because Trump Told A ‘Big Lie’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY., discusses the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump and why he says the January 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol would not have happened without Trump's provocation. Aired on 02/09/2021.
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Rep. Jeffries: The January 6 Attack Occurred Because Trump Told A 'Big Lie' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Jerseythedog How did domestic terror on our streets for years get cheered on by the democrats? SMFH yes you have so much to say but nothing to say all at once. Congrats!!!!!

    2. @Belly Dancer Em kinda like half of AOC was being stalked at the Capitol and the other half was on Twitter in her office across town.

    1. @Stephen Kershaw we as in a country lol. We write our laws, if we continue to act like the constitution means anything at this point, it’s a joke. We basically don’t have a country right now. It’s divided and really scary.

    1. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ So, to you all the main-street-media does is tell LIES. Well, what did you think of the final report of the bipartisan Senate Select Intelligence Committee on RUSSIAN ACTIVE MEASURES CAMPAIGNS AND INTERFERENCE
      IN THE 2016 U.S. ELECTION? If you missed it you might be surprise to learn they more than confirmed the Mueller Report and concluded:
      > Russia posed and continues to pose a grave counter-intelligence threat
      and that the following “USEFUL IDIOTS” all lied under oath
      > Trump’s Foreign Policy advisor lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s National Security Advisor lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s Campaign Chairman lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s Deputy Campaign Chairman lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s Personal Lawyer lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s Political Consultant lied about contacts with Russia
      > Trump’s AG lied before Congress under oath
      and of course,
      > Trump himself lied, in writing, about his contacts with Russia.
      If you are at all interested in TRUTH rather than continuing to swallow all the lies they feed you as you suckle at the teats of Fox News, Newsmax, OAN and others you can find Volume 5 of Senate Select Intelligence Committe report here – – ->

    2. @Borvo I’d continue having a conversation with you, but I’d hate to be forced to think for you.

      Maybe when you get a grip on what’s going on you’ll be able to remove that stick you’ve been sitting on.,

    3. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ Does the TRUTH revealed in the final report of the bipartisan Senate Select Intelligence Committee on RUSSIAN ACTIVE MEASURES CAMPAIGNS AND INTERFERENCE
      IN THE 2016 U.S. ELECTION conflict with the LIES that you spew?
      BTW – there MUST BE consequences for those who would attempt to overthrow the US Government, otherwise what happened on January 6th will only prove to have been practice for those whose goal is to overthrow the US Government.

    4. @Borvo

      You can continue having fun by LARPing everywhere you feel like signaling your virtue.

      You’ve already proven to me that you wouldn’t care even if I proved you wrong.

      Have fun licking a boot.

    5. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ The genre I’ve chosen for my LARP is LOGIC and REASON. You should try it!
      BTW – you may want to make a note that one way to distinguish between a democrat and a republican is:
      > A democrat is able to tell the difference between an argument and fact versus opinion and belief
      > a republican thinks opinion and belief constitutes argument and fact.

  1. The events of Jan 6 were planned long in advance. Constantly denying election fraud does NOT make it TRUE. I have NEVER witnessed such massive amounts of outright LIES coming from my government. Time to abolish this farce of a government and establish a proper honest government….

    1. EVERY election since JFK has been rigged , even the 2016 election where Hillary was supposed to win, where Trump had so much support he broke their algorithm and they were not prepared for that to happen; they have been doing every thing possible to undermine the best and only Legit president in our life times. That’s where all the hatred has stemmed from these NWO extremists like Pelosi.

    1. @Ron S No, Biff, neither of those are anywhere close to treason. Not that either of those examples are even factual.

  2. Last year’s impeachment trial, and I suspect this one as well, shows me that the Senate doesn’t actually hold a trial where a judge preside and a jury makes a decision of guilty or not guilty. The last trial the “jury” made all the rules and blocked testimony and witnesses. So, the Constitution’s requirement for a trial, doesn’t get executed.

    1. – “So, the Constitution’s requirement for a trial, doesn’t get executed.”
      You are mixing up things badly. A simple Wikipedia search would have revealed you the basics of what “a trial” means:
      – In law, a trial is a coming together of parties to a dispute, to present information (in the form of evidence) in a tribunal, a formal setting with the authority to adjudicate claims or disputes. One form of tribunal is a court. The tribunal, which may occur before a judge, jury, or other designated trier of fact, aims to achieve a resolution to their dispute.

      In short, a trial doesn’t have to have a judge. An impeachment trial is not a criminal trial under the judicial system, but a political process led by the Senate. That’s all in the constitution. Please educate yourself beforehand on the matter you are going to make a comment about.

  3. Both before the 2016 election and before the 2020 election, he said he would abide by the election results only if he won. His fans should feel lucky, it’s one of the few promises he ever delivered on. Say, where’s that “wonderful, tremendous” healthcare program that he kept saying was only 2 weeks away? Here are some of his references to it:

  4. There no men like Shultz and Regan. Our moral compass is broken. It about win win win and Money, money, money. Stand for righteousness !

  5. Prefer the mafia boss analogy.

    “You should take care of this.”
    “You want us to take care of this?”
    “Yeah. Take care of him.”

  6. No mention of DC riots Sunday night , rioters screaming burn it down! Police and residents attacked by the so called idea LOL

  7. How about you, Mr Hakim Jefferies, and other members of the CBC spend half the time on the impeachment and get people of color Med4ALL? Please sir, whistle and ride.

  8. Anyone remember tRump making the comment” I can do anything I want. I could go out in Times Square and shoot somebody and get away with it”. I would love to see them show him he is accountable for his crimes.

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