Rep. Jeffries: ‘We Are Prepared To Move Toward Reconciliation If Necessary’ On Relief | MSNBC

Rep. Jeffries: 'We Are Prepared To Move Toward Reconciliation If Necessary' On Relief | MSNBC 1


  1. Other nations be like: “If you have a majority, what’s the issue?” You do know that, right? That other countries pass bills with simple majorities? ALL bills, except those that would change the Constitution itself?

    1. This isn’t other nations. Need at least 60 votes to pass anything without reconciliation. But they should have done this long ago!

  2. It would be nice if Republicans were willing to help the American people, but they can now be bypassed if necessary

    1. @Liron Deline yea, ok, sure. Who is using & wanting to use Big Tech. on its people(left), just today who used Bank of America to get info on their costumers the FBI & who’s pres. Biden (left). Who wants Socialism big government, supports Marxism(BLM) the left… So yea, ok… Sure👍😉😉😂😂😂

    2. @Edwin Bertelmann lol I wish you well with your willful ignorance and refusal to see truth or use logic. Also, human and civil rights issues has nothing to do with treason and sedition.

    3. @Edwin Bertelmann That’s just paranoia, it happens when you start believing what you hear on Fox News. They have to sell this stuff to you to make money or they go out of business.

    4. @Sky Lark yea, ok, sure👌👍😉😂😂an the same thing doesn’t apply to msnbc & cnn, which AT&T is trying to unload…👌👍😉

  3. Did the Republican’s pass their tax giveaway to the fat cats by using reconciliation? Don’t clutch your pearls, Rethuglicans, you don’t want to play ball, good enough, the grownups will just bypass you. Where is the noble sentiments of unity and bipartisanship….it has to cut both ways, Tommy Twotooth.

  4. I think the Dems should increase it to like 6 or 7 trillion and pass it without the Republicans that way you won’t need thier greedy self serving BS the next time!

  5. Why is it SO difficult to try and convict this, agent orange-ex, criminal!?! NO other persons get such delicate treatment for committing such crimes, including CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, as he has!!! This hypocrisy of law dispersion has definitely got to end! Either the laws are for everyone or no one.

    1. Justice is safety for all. Protection for few, just is. We have feedback mechanisms and these are called consequences. I agree with you wholeheartedly, individuals who commit acts of harm must be held accountable. It is unacceptable to give them a free pass because of their status/profession/position in life. Someone in the equation needs to be the adult.

  6. It’s heartbreaking watching Rep. Talib in tears on the House floor fearing for her own and her little son’s life. Stay strong, we need good people like you in Congress, standing up to these fascists.

    1. Very touching to see AOC come over and console Rashida. These women entered public service solely because they wanted to help working Americans to have better lives. Instead, they’ve been harassed, harangued, bullied and threatened more than anyone else in the entire history of the United States Congress. Every member of the Squad are national treasures… I can’t believe they’re still standing firm, after all of the mindless abuse they’ve received.

  7. Voters were lied to for 2 months while republicans raised money off the lies. Those voters need to hear the truth.

    1. Yes those poor delusional supporters were used lied to and used to line the pockets of those who betrayed them!

  8. In the words of James Carville,,, “It’s the Economy Stupid”, the middle class and poorer, need relief Now !

  9. Absolutely weeping for those who had to suffer this trauma at the hands of these criminal insurrectionists!!!! Republican senators, I don’t judge you, but I IMPLORE you to do what you KNOW IS RIGHT!!! I don’t judge you… but you WILL be judged!!!

  10. Do not forget that Trump sad if someone does not want to justify means this person is guilty. Does trump says he is guilty?

  11. The Republicans need to remember the oath they took was NOT to Trump but to the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!! The insurrection will not be forgiven nor forgotten ALL co conspirators will be held accountable!!!!!!

    1. Precisely! Those like Greene who are preaching that the party belongs to Trump and that they all serve him has eerie similarity to the Nazification of Germany with the same sycophancy for Hitler.

  12. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz are going to go unscathed for something that they started and encouraged. They should NOT be allowed to calmly go to their homes and sit with their families while others are in fear of their lives because of something these guys did.

  13. The insurrectionists would have killed Members of both parties unless the secret service mowed them down. Yet after that they still had 140 traitorous members of congress vote to invalidate the election….

  14. I was choked up when Rep. Talib was speaking. Cut to Andrea, “It’s been a month. How are you going to get the American people to care about this”?

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