Rep. Jim Clyburn Following Damage To His Office: 'How Did [The Rioters] Know Where That Office Was?' 1

Rep. Jim Clyburn Following Damage To His Office: ‘How Did [The Rioters] Know Where That Office Was?’


Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) shares the damage to his office at the Capitol, says "up on the third floor is where I do most of my work and there are many members of the United States Congress right now who could not tell you where that office is." Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Rep. Jim Clyburn Following Damage To His Office: 'How Did [The Rioters] Know Where That Office Was?'


  1. Trump’s slogan was ” When Looting starts then Shooting Starts” but still cops doesn’t take his Advice. In fact they were taking selfies with those Terrorists.

    1. @Michelle Marcus Are you really that blind? “Just tore down racist statues”, ok lets not talk about multiple officers dead,cop cars burned,businesses looted,community businesses looted, some government buildings attacked as well ect.

    1. If they got the plans from Rudy, no wonder they couldn’t read them. Probably for Capitol Landscaping, Inc. in Maryland.

    2. It’s pathetic and really sad to see “America’s Mayor” go down with this sinking ship of gangsters…

    3. @Austin 7thGen Texan agreed, though after everything I can’t feel sorry for Rudy. It’s sad, he’s sad, and he deserves what comes to him.

  2. The leader of the Proud Boys met with Donald Trump December 15th. How much do you want to bet that they planned this attack on that day?

    1. @Karen Alden Don’t even bother to reason with lunatics, you will never win an argument with them, they are brain dead

    2. I’d be more shocked to find out trump could contain his excitement & keep his bigly mouth shut that long…

  3. there is a old song, these people know, because they got by with a little help from there inside friends, yes, we get by with a little help from our friends..

    1. Precisely what I was thinking. I saw another video in which one of the mob participants said he asked a Capitol police officer for directions to Schumer’s office and the officer told him! Luckily, it was either too chaotic or the directions were poor as he still couldn’t find it after being given those directions.

    2. Another possibility is that the mob simply happened on Clyburn’s secret office by chance and randomly decided to vandalize it.

    3. @Jamie L been inside the capitol, not easy to find your way around, most would get lost without directions. bet legislators get lost too!

  4. The police is KKK member on capitol hill.normal people who go through security and get back ground check searching of your person and your car.yep something really Rong.

  5. They received maps of the whitehouse, now I don’t know WHO could possibly have given out those maps!

    1. Trump’s micro managed everything in the White House even who works there, the place needs to be swept for bugs of every variety,and let’s not forget novochuk chemical agents. Crazy thing is we can’t even go into a bank with bike helmets on but these deplorables had backpacks??? remember the Boston bombers?? Let alone helmets and weapons???? Every staff member needs a lie detector test and interrogations by the FBI. Period.

    2. Should look into Sinclair Broadcasting too. They claim the far-left infiltrated the peaceful protesters at the Capitol.

  6. So much for movies like Olympus Has Fallen….Now the world knows, “Dress in confederate flags and as Vikings. They’ll let us in with no struggle”.

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