Rep. Jim Clyburn: “Let’s Be Equitable With Our Spending” 1

Rep. Jim Clyburn: “Let’s Be Equitable With Our Spending”


As Democrats work to pass President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill that would include a number of party priorities such as clean energy incentives and an expanded child tax credit, some members of the party feel that the price tag is too high and are holding up the process. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn tells Maria Teresa Kumar “Let’s stop arguing about that number and start looking at the programs that those numbers apply to”. He adds, “Let’s be equitable with our spending…I don’t want to see us build back better and create pockets of poverty”.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Jim Clyburn: “Let’s Be Equitable With Our Spending”


  1. “Don’t forget the Taliban are posting daily decapitations of Afghans who worked for the American Infidels”, Osama Bin Laden.

    1. “Manchin: I will not vote for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion bill…”
      “…but I WILL vote for my prior request for a $4T bill…” – Joe Manchurian

  2. Democrats: Putting the needs of working Americans first.
    republicans: Does whatever their wealthy corporations tell them.

    1. Don’t be fooled. I am on your side but many dems are exactly the same way. This 3.5t bill is the first time corporate dems have started to cave to the people and its amazing to see

    2. I’m a Democrat, but one thing you need to know is ANY politician who takes corporate money does what their donors tells them to do. The only answer is to make corporate donations illegal.

  3. Quite the back track from the “3.5t is the ceiling” he was saying the other day. Apparently the pressure is working even on Clyburn.

    1. You apparently did not have the time to listen to what Rep. Clyburn had to say before you started with your trolling!
      If you had even spent a little over a minute (try listening from 1:15) you would have heard Rep Clybourn say,
      ” I don’t know that you get to that number ($3.5 trillion) when you start going through each category it maybe more and it maybe less”.
      I know you Trump cultist have a short attention span, but try to focus. It will help you to understand what is being said and prevent you from spewing the LIES you hear from such folks as Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, QANON and other Putin inspired propaganda mills.

    2. “Manchin: I will not vote for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion bill…”
      “…but I WILL vote for my prior request for a $4T bill…” – Joe Manchurian

  4. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE UPDATE PASSED: Congratulations Joe and Kamala.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China has 37,900km of high speed track and currently has another 32,000km under construction.
    2021 US trains travel at 135mph while China’s travel at 600mph. US has 301km track with 2,000km under construction.

    1. Having OUR Taxes spent on US is what Our Govt. is supposed to do in the first place. We are supposed to be the “greatest nation in the world”, yet We are so Far Behind those nations that Do spend Their Tax Payers $$ on Their Tax Payers… instead of Endless WARS based on LIES. Our Govt. GAVE the Military Industrial Complex Our Tax Dollar$ – $640B in 2017, $680B in 2018, $710B in 2019, $740B in 2020 and $750B just this year… For What?

    2. @eltorocal Agree totally, the whole “greatest nation in the world” claim is a lie! It’s only great for the top 10%!

  5. YOU WOULD THINK that the infrastructure $$ is coming out of Manchin’s pocket….then again, his DONORS’ pockets! And I’m Democrat!!

  6. “Manchin: I will not vote for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion bill…”
    “…but I WILL vote for my prior request for a $4T bill…” – Joe Manchurian

  7. What he means is that if Progressives pay for the recon bill with equitable taxation so millionaires and billionaires, his benefactors, pay a fair share then he and Manchin and other corrupt Dems would not be getting an equitable share of their normal bribes. That’s how it’s always been.

    1. And without voting rights which grandad is against this infrastructure bill is meaningless. Clyburn is a corporate fool.

  8. 6 trillion is needed. Clyburn is on the record wanting less than 3.5. Either his mind changed in 30 hours, or he’s playing both sides.

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