Rep. Jim Clyburn: Let’s Look At What Manchin Is Putting Forward 1

Rep. Jim Clyburn: Let’s Look At What Manchin Is Putting Forward


Majority Whip Jim Clyburn tells Chris Hayes how Democrats can move forward after Senate Republicans blocked the expansion of voting rights. 
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    1. Which is why we need voter integrity laws in place to protect this right and ensure people can’t cheat.

  1. Never thought we would have wannabe Russians trying to take over the United States government, but here we are.

    1. @Biden sucks It’s not drama. It’s something I like to call a “fact”. Not that you understand the meaning of the term, since you likely see as a “fact” Bidens winning the majority vote by 7 million votes as a meaning that he somehow supposedly lost the election because states, who followed their rules and had the most secure election in American history, are not happy with the outcome and have taken the complaint of the loser and tried to create “facts” out of them.

      Just remember, the Republicans have no “facts” on their side in this debate. And that’s a “fact”..

  2. The Trumpublicans won’t vote for it. No matter what Manchin proposes. They’re not pushing through hundreds of voter suppression bills and redrawing lines on the map for nothing.

  3. Representative Clyburn, I hope you keep in touch with President Biden
    The right to vote is the most importantly right we must keep, if
    We want our democracy to survive. Failure isn’t an option.

  4. I thought this was the most secure election in the history of mankind???? Why change any laws ?? Over 100%turnout

  5. How the Filibuster works here in the UK is that any MPs wishing to use it must be present in the relevant session of parliament and must have a reasonable argument that they can keep going verbally until the time to hear that bill elapses .

    1. Thanks for including this. This was how filibuster used to be for us too, but then the “motion to cloture” process was introduced so that the entire Senate doesn’t have to waste time when senators really abuse it. We do need to pass voting rights bill before the next election to protect the voting process. And I also agree with Kyrsten Sinema’s reasoning about needing the filibuster to prevent the craziness of passing laws and then the next party repealing laws.

      I propose that we write the filibuster (like 52 or 55 instead of 60) into the bill. This will get Sinema/Manchin’s full support. And then Schumer invoking nuclear option to get this bill past the filibuster. I wish we didn’t have to write filibuster into the bill. After the bill is passed, the nuclear option won’t exist anymore because filibuster would be law, and future senate would need to get enough votes to get past future filibuster to repeal any law.

  6. GQP Republicans like Abbot and Cruz don’t care about Texans. GQP republicans cancelled out the Denton Texas vote to ban fracking because the kids are sick from the fallout. Talk about *cancel culture*

  7. Hey, Biden got 13 million more votes then the first black president, just push it through lol… I mean dems won everything, they have it all. Shut down all conservative thoughts and ideas, thru any major platform, deplatform the former pres, now take it all and just force the bill through! Just think, what would Stalin do… or Mao, you know the people the dems wanna be like

  8. nothing he’s talking about is tangibles for the black community or will help the black community

    1. Do you really think this loss wasn’t planned on, we did this to prove a point. We did this to create reasons to remove the filibuster, and Republicans walked right in and gave it to us without a fight. Literal definition of cutting off your nose to despite your face

  9. Republicanss have just giving us a perfect reason to modify or remove the filibuster forever. they asked for this, Make the obvious choice

  10. God I hope Democrats are willing to save Democracy before they try to get the infrastructure bill passed! If Democrats don’t use reconciliation for this then if I was American I’d leave and find another country to live in cause there will be no hope for America anymore!

  11. If Republican Party members GOP and SENATORS stop you from voting. They have no purpose in DC. Waste of tax payers money. Vote her or him out in the next election.

  12. I know they all mean well with all the positivity but It’s not working for me. I think the Manchin and Sinema vote today was a trick because they knew Republicans were not going to vote yes for it. Let’s not forget that he did not agree on the bill anyway. Anyway, there won’t be bipartisanship on anything…filibuster has got to go!!

  13. Nero and the master class of the stoic Seneca and this here DNC Norman Bates, mama’s boy, devil on the broken straight jacket loose. I tell ya, them Intellectual A holes and their political parrot training epic fail, after epic fail.

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