Rep. Joe Neguse: “The Pendulum Is Beginning To Shift Again” | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @CShield She’s the intern who made some kind of sexual allegation against Joe Biden, that discredited the ‘me too’ movement.

    1. @Chris ONeill it’s literally on their website. You libs are so lazy and want everything just handed to you

    2. @Barton Dean so you can’t read or you don’t believe the CDC anymore? Don’t shoot the messenger if you’re mad at the message

    3. @AriSiMom so just repeating what your beloved CDC posts on their own website is hate mongering and makes me a troll? You sound mad that you’re entire gun control narrative just got blown apart

  1. Guns would be less of a problem in the USA if they were more equably distributed. What we really need is a progressive sales tax so that wealthier folk can pay more for their firearms (of which they already own far too many) and then gun sales can be subsidised for the poor, the less-educated, and folk who live in projects. If more guns were in the hands of those who really need them:- the poor, the marginalised, and the excluded – we might see them used for revolution, not just murder.

  2. The vast majority of Americans are quick to anger, and many of them own guns. As a species, we are not mature enough to have widespread gun ownership.

    1. The problem is more one of glorifying violence than one of inherent violence. The Swiss also have widespread gun ownership, but have far fewer problems.

    2. @Groaning Mole I believe it is more a moral and civilized maturity.
      Two of the many attributes most of us in the world are missing.

    3. America was created on slavery, gun ownership by white men and supresion of natives and Africans from gun posesion.

      This current spree of gun violence is the price of historic evil intent and will not end.

    1. Cry more, Trumps going to prison, child. GOP is toast. Enjoy the Merrick Garland show, its already begun, and Trump will be indicted for January 6th next.

    2. Oh you’re just so clever. You must have stayed up all night to think of that to use it in the first unrelated thing u saw. Is mommy proud of you?

  3. Why not a compromise? Keep the Second Amendment BUT only let people have firearms from from the year of the Constitution, or older models.

  4. Speaking as a former member of the NRA… assault weapons exist to attack people, not to defend yourself. That’s a fact. All you need for home defense is a shotgun.

    1. Canadians don’t live in a war zone. WE are not cowards, we don’t need guns to protect us against our neighbours.

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