1. I’d thought he was Elijah Cummings for a minute ,they favor each other a lil like they could have been bruthas or distant relatives .

    1. I think the commentator is Black so why are so many people tripping on here? Didn’t you know Black people can’t be racist?

    2. @Michael Balagna Haha that was funny, but I have been to 13 countries, and in a few cases everyone around me looked the same…..kind of had to focus on the small physical features….I am an evolutionist, I pay close attention to different cultures over my many years of travel. Us Americans are “land locked” in division and the worst of it is the Liberal/Leftist Democrats, and also seem to be Trump triggered. This will be hard to overcome, but the better side to stabilize this will be the Republicans wining both houses and the Presidency. We must keep our distance from Socialism and hacking up the Constitution.

  2. Of the many battles we could face while down here on this earth, to have to fight one for basic human rights is such a shame.

    1. @Sp0okykidd they want tax payer funded healthcare for literally anyone that stumbles into the country from where ever they came from.
      and that, to them, is a “basic human right.”

    1. @Jennifer Arigo I’m looking forward to Trump getting full blown Alzheimer’s. He’s already had several videos of him wearing toilet paper on his shoe and wandering around the airport trying to find the limo that’s right in front of him. You right wingers are the mass shooters in America and terrorists

    2. @Jennifer Arigo I find it laughable that you support the republican party thinking they are pro-life. Why didn’t they ban abortion when they had complete control of all 3 branches of government when Trump took office? When Bush was the president your party controlled everything then too, and all they did was murder our own soldiers and civilians in the middle east based on lies. They didn’t do a single thing about abortion.

  3. I always remember Steve Jobs whenever I hear of pc…. Why’s this particular cancer so deadly? Praying he pulls through.

  4. Good man, sorry to hear that he might leave us soon I hope and pray he goes well and meets our father in heaven with the open arms we have for him here…

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