Rep. John Lewis Arrives In Washington, D.C., Ahead Of Capitol Ceremony | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Can we ask “How many blacks are in Rump’s army of Storm Troopers? In looking at photos of armed military invading US cities, I do not see people of colour. Is this a part of assembling a military based on Race to attack Race Protestors … God Forbid.

    1. @Tanner Shortnacy So tell me … How come a lot of our police that are killing other citizens have racist tendencies and we’re in our armed services, if things are as u say .Funny I watched as some fellow in northern Florida point a rifle at my friend, who was black and driving the car. Yeah I’ve seen racism up close and personal. So dream on little broom stick cowboy Yeeeha as they say

    2. @Tanner Shortnacy Tanner … U figure they are still trying to actually win a war if u know what I mean …. seems as they are still striking out if u know what I mean! And now that u mention the 12 states thing … Just a couple of years back they lowered the IQ requirements for enlistees got any ideas why??

    3. Vista Viewpoint first question. No we are not worried about the 1st civil war we’re preparing for the 2nd. And the iq question it’s possible they did lower it for southern boys to be able to join just like they had to lower the weapons training scores so the northern boys could get in. It’s amazing all the grown boys that’s never touched a rifle. For gods sake it’s not a broom shopkeepers you don’t sweep floors with it you aim and shoot it.

    4. @Tanner Shortnacy Oh forgot to ask … Do u drive seems that’s how u guys shoot anymore … run down innocents … Oh I got a tank

  2. I hope t’rump and his republican cronies keep Rep Lewis’ name out of their hypocritical mouths. They are the exact thing he dedicated his life to fighting against.

    1. As I watched and listened to the incredulous racist basterd moscow mitch..speak at john lewis service..was sickening.

    2. @renaissance1980 Yeah. republicans who cheered when the Voting Rights Act was in essence repealed in 2013, now offering their thoughts and prayers, not withstanding the fact that Rep Lewis represented everything the republicans stood against….it’s a real shame.
      Not that shame every stopped Mitch.

    3. Still pray for them! God push them to learn, and to emulate integrity, work, and humane practices! Amen!

    1. Tan Chii Ann They need someone to blame their misery on. They cannot except the fact that there political mindset isn’t shared by all.

    2. T. R. Campbell the ignorance of your statement is just breathtaking. Having to reach back 60 years for evidence of Democratic racism is just pathetic.

    3. Randialena Anderson Well thank you for post, 60 years was not that long ago. That was within the lifespan of millions of people who are alive today. We don’t have to look back 60 years, we can look at our most progressive cities today. Look at the cities in which we have had minorities in particularly Black people abused and killed.
      We had a man in New York City that was killed during an arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes. Then we have Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville. We also have cries of systemic racism coming from the people who live in our most progressive cities. I recall a Democrat City Council member standing on the street with buildings burning around her in Ferguson, Missouri lamenting the fact that young people in her town have a poor education, no jobs, and lack of opportunity. My question to her was comment “as a lawmaker what have you been doing to improve conditions for the people you represent.” The St. Louis area and indeed Missouri is strongly democratic. Look at the shooting galleries in many of our most progressive cities where lives appear to be very cheap. Innocent people were killed riding on a bus, toddlers are shot and killed in their strollers, infants are killed in their backyard. Teen boys were killed standing on the street corner. This happens weekend after weekend after weekend and we read about it and very little is done. We can’t blame this on the Repubs.
      If we look at the conditions identified as existing on the slave plantations by author Kenneth Stamp, many of those same conditions are present in minority sections of our major progressive cities.
      We never like to be confronted with the ugly truth and we try to deflect as you have done with your comment about 60 years ago. But we can find the same conditions today. Perhaps it’s time to recognize that we need to change and stop blaming others or hiding our head in the sand thanking that all of this happened a long time ago.

    4. T. R. Campbell thank you for a well thought out reply. I truly appreciate it despite strongly disagreeing. I revoke my “ pathetic” comment

    5. If you wanted to destroy America John, why did he dust off our iconic JFK tax plan shortly after he was inaugurated? During JFK’s presidency is tax plant supercharged the economy then and when Trump implemented yet our economy was super charged again. Particularly lower class workers, Hispanics and minorities benefited the most. The WSJ reported that lower class workers receive a higher percentage of wage increases then did upper class workers. We all know from good hard data that black unemployment was historically low.
      It seems to me that if you want to destroy America he would’ve implemented a socialist plan involving government ownership of business with draconian rules and regulations and high taxes.

  3. “Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein

    1. @David C
      The lie saved lives, so I wouldn’t get too upset over it. Trump lies all the time, and you’re still voting for him.

  4. I will miss you John Lewis ! Thank you for your service . Prayers for you & your family . May GODGODDESSALLTHATIS ‘a healing light surround you all .

  5. What a great man and public servant! I know that GOD has welcomed him home with an an embrace and a ‘Well done my son’.

  6. Lewis never dodged a single thing, task, challenge, endeavour, duty, ever.
    Trump is the complete opposite.

    1. David C @ you are a sad, pathetic, miserable, deplorable, little, hateful individual. Karma will deal with you.

    2. @David C
      Yes, insult the black man at his funeral. That’s the kind of Trump voter we know so well!

  7. One more thing I can see trump saying, I allowed this and none of John Lewis’s people called to thank me.

  8. Rest In Peace
    Mr. John Lewis
    We Miss You Brother!♥️😢😢🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  9. To God be the glory! A soldier for Christ until the end of his earthy race. Thank you to the family for sharing Mr. Lewis with the world.


    JOHN LEWIS 1940 2020 🙏.

  12. Rest in peace Rep.John Lewis. This country has a lot to be grateful to you for. You gave us your all. Thani you.

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