Rep. Jones: ‘You Cannot Trust’ Some Members Of Congress | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Ultra Instinct Shaggy he just did what you praised trump for. Biden just put the policies that trump undid from the previous administration. The majority of the country despises the fact that trump’s only intention was to undo the progress obama had implemented. Why were you so thrilled that trump signed all of those executive orders. Maybe start there…if you want to have an actual intelligent conversation. I doubt you want that though based on your comment history. Truth seems to repulse you…which is weird. You make up lies and call that truth. You should seek help for your obvious psychological issues.

    2. @Heather Melissa I didn’t praised trump for anything. you assume to much. and buy the looks of it you speak more about yourself than anyone.

    1. @katy bassett All of my statements are factual. I tried to link proof but I guess the YouTube gods aren’t keen on people proving things and removed that post.
      Watch other sources than the fake news outlets and you will see the massive suffering the left has done and is still doing through rioting since George Floyd overdosed and it was blamed on a white cop.

    1. @Alexander Stone No one knows exactly what to charge them with yet. The investigation is still ongoing. And another reason they are not in jail is because they’re doing exactly what the people voting for them want them to do. If they don’t, then I’m sure they will start getting death threats also. Anytime a Republican doesn’t do what trump wants or what the base wants they get called a rino and they get mercilessly bullied and end up losing their political careers.

    2. @Granny2 Levi No that is what Pelosi and the Democrats do. Yeah, those Reps that voted for the impeachment need to be primaryed. But death threats? No that is not a real conservative thing. Make an effort to understand what real conservatives stand for, violence is never the answer.

    3. Maybe ask the AG of their states and senators cannot be arrested while at work or traversing to and fro, only at home from my understanding. .

    4. @Craig Crawford When you attack our country you are a domestic enemy which all of the gop is. All must be removed immediately taken to prison or execute them all for treason for attacking our country! Remember confederates were our enemies also! Domestic enemies are more dangerous than foreign enemies , because they live among us.

  1. These are extraordinary revelations. Are the names of the tweeters/betrayers being held back on purpose or can you get their names?

    1. The live tweeters have been identified. Good thing screen captures were taken because the perpetrators have since deleted those tweets.

  2. It’s a shame that the people’s house, legislative body of the United States, has come to such a diminished condition due in part to a self absorbed megalomaniac that our law makers had been and continue to be in fear of their lives simply by doing the job that they were elected to do. What a sad state of affairs!

  3. Silly Republicans thought they were safe from their very own mob, not understanding at all that no one is safe from a mob, not even your very own mob.

  4. I still can’t understand why these thugs were allowed to calmly walk out after killing a policeman and smashing the place up!?

    1. @Olivia Turner well said… but they don’t listen… like Darth Vader they’re on” the dark side of the force”” blinded by fanaticism and trumps lies

    2. @Olivia Turner Well written Olivia. I surmise several people have viewed your comment but didn’t have enough encourage to like it. Isn’t it amazing how truth and intelligence can silent some people? 😉 Take Care & Be safe

    3. @Darth Vader Please stop watching those conspiracy videos, and watch the real live news! Ig you don’t like CNN, watch PBS. Stay clear of Fox and OAN! For your own sanity!

    4. @Darth Vader Which city was “burned”? A few whackjobs setting fire to a random storefront in the middle of the chaos created by police attacking peaceful protesters is not comparable to seditionists declaring an attack on a specific building weeks in advance….a building that happens to hold most of our federal government.

      You are dishonest and/or stupid. Either way just make sure to post your “viewpoint” on these matters somewhere under your real name. Since you are “honest and right” th1n your grandchildren will be proud of the kind of BS you attempt to sling online while anonymous. If you are right than history will be kind to you so show your heirs what you are made of….coward.

    1. No the Republican party disapproved the whole thing. Every single one of them denounced it. However, the Demoncrats approved and incited the riots for the last 10 months. Plenty of videos of that from AOC, Pelosi, Waters, and many others.

    2. The Republican Party created this. Trump was just a mouthpiece, none of this would’ve been possible without Cruz, McConnel, Graham, Hawley, and vast amounts of Republicans.

    3. @Greg A You are giving the Reps too much credit, they are clueless and impotent. The Demoncrats are the creators of chaos and the dividers of the country. It is obvious. Spend some time looking at what is going on.

  5. I feel that’s exactly why they don’t want a investigation of the riot and insurrection. They are involved.

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