1. Anyone who makes statements like this, and does not condemn these actions. They’re a real pieces of crap!

    1. And let me tell you after that harrowing experience the only peace I had was that I could get an abortion should I have become pregnant!

    1. @Christian 153 what about the innocent unborn or newborn ? don’t they have a say whether or not they wanna continue growing toward the life of an adult ? Abortion is murder …no way around that fact…Rip to all the thousands who were snuffed out yesterday under a choice banner …because someone didn’t want the responsibility

  2. If you can’t say a 10 year old girl can’t get an abortion after being raped then you are absolutely disgusting forcing her to keep that product of rape something a child her age should never worry about.

    1. @Stephanie S Right! He never doubted the stories of the wrestlers he was coaching at Ohio State University either… he just covered up the sexual abuse.

    2. @Tise Ignite MOST and USUALLY are the keywords, aren’t they? Some were given the death penalty and later on found innocents! Therefore, they were INNOCENT LIVES. That’s the flaw of your logic.

    3. @Joseph Jucker That’s your reply to my post: ”And you got your Medical diploma at Trump University! We thank you for your expertise!”?

      I give you an F for originality and an E for cleverness. These are most likely the best marks you have ever got!

  3. Why does any girl or woman have to go through this misery, this public examination of their private lives in seeking an abortion? Reporting a rape to local authorities is one matter, but to have a bunch of elected officials, not associated with this issue, dragging your most personal situation through the media, social and otherwise, is horrendous. This will just get worse.

    1. Maybe the doctor shouldn’t have violated hipaa. She’s a minor none the less. Then her life wouldn’t have been this public. Her story still would have been. But, I mean journalists went to her house.. so.

    1. Sadly Jim Jordan reflects the heart and soul of Republican voters so your suggestion will merely get him re-elected!

  4. Jordan once again proving he’s a liar and then never ever admitting when he’s wrong. How is this guy electable?

  5. “Should a 10 year old be forced to carry a baby to terms?” Anyone that answers that question with anything other than a loud and instant “NO!” is a monster.

    1. @Pierre Valette I am not saying he is not guilty …. I am just repeating what the mother is claiming through a translator which is that her daughter wasn’t r.ped (I am assuming she meant by him unless she too, like most pro ab.rtionists, believes in virgins getting pregnant). But the point was, is that they went to Indiana to avoid the investigation in the state they illegally reside in.

  6. Zero excuses for his actions. He doesn’t regret it, he just regrets the backlash!! Pointing fingers at Biden instead of owning up to his beliefs!!

  7. If Jim Jordan’s remarkably poor explanation of what exactly he called a “lie” is true, then why did he feel the need to delete the tweet? 🤔

  8. Why people in Ohio voted for Jim Jordan? We all know who Jordan is, the people who voted for him bare also responsibility.

  9. “Just responding to a headline.”
    Yes, responding without having the integrity and decency to check whether the story had any substance to it. Shame on Jordan and especially on Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost.

  10. Cool. Love it when elected officials can just “react” to headlines.
    Vote better Ohio. Vote for people who value vetting sources and reading, have integrity and a soul.

  11. You can literally see the lying wheels in his head spinning. What would be high-stakes lying to an average person (lying on TV while being on the job) is so banal and rote for Jim Jordan. Why are all of these sad people in government.

  12. This guy is the living reason for taking someone out back to the wood shed and teaching them a lesson if there ever was one… Can you imagine being the lucky person to be able to do just that?!?!

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