Rep. Kaptur: Impeachment Must Have Process ‘Whereby The Truth Can Be Known’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Rep. Kaptur: Impeachment Must Have Process ‘Whereby The Truth Can Be Known’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Carl Spackler Even those of us outside the US can see that Trump is a Russian asset. His major concerns are Vlady and what he can shove in his pocket, not the American people and THEIR pocket.

    1. and 2+2=5
      read 1984, research who owns the media, understand your indoctrination and break away from the unhealthy cycle of nonsense masquerading as news. or continue to spew mindless dis-proven nonsense.

    1. Tony Smith as I said, no evidence. Schiff is a complete buffoon. Trump has 100% chance of re-election, the Senate Republicans have a 100% chance of maintaining the majority, and the democrats have 100% chance of losing the speakership.

    1. @Daniel Schaeffer is the two minutes up already or can i join in the daily hate? HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!
      wait… which of the corrupt parties is big brother in this scenario? i need the media to tell me who to love, not just who to hate. how will i know if the media won’t tell me?!!?

      something something Orwell something something 1984.

  1. *Dont just comment: get active (form groups, go door to door, make calls, whatever) to make sure Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell and others like Jordan wont be reelected! Focus on one, lets change everything with actions!*

    1. the 25th amendment provides the remedy
      execute republican traitors wherever you find them, And their friends.
      destroy the nest

    1. And our children’s life. He’s got 3 test tube babies that r of age. Why not send them. They wouldn’t be missed.

  2. Trump ordered hit on general as business decision; he could care less about national security.. nothing else they said makes sense..weird but, with anyone else, you would roll your eyes, but this is Trump.. using presidency to capitalize on criminal ambitions which spans to far reaches of the world ( including the middle East)..some great reporting is bringing this to need for conspiracy theories; it’s way too obvious.

    1. They used that dead General for E-Mini stocks. Trump told everyone at his winter Retirement Home. He’s insider trading.

    2. How can Trump care about National Security The Constitution or anything else but himself and what he can get out of any situation it’s been nbn real profitable for him primarily because of his troop of idiots🤨

  3. Oh, come on, America? You keep acting like the Coup is not complete? The Republic has fallen, which is why they’re allowed to have a, “Trial,” without witnesses, without evidence, “judged,” by the very people that would go to JAIL if Trump were to face justice and, “rat,” on them all? They are NOT concerned about the 2020, “elections,” because they are ALREADY RIGGED. They are worried about how the American public might react to an OBVIOUSLY RIGGED, “Trial,” in which the defendant is PROVED to be GUILTY AS SIN, and they let him WALK ANYWAY! That’s like ADMITTING that they’ve ALREADY BURNED THE CONSTITUTION, ENDED ALL DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, REMOVED THE RULE OF LAW, and that the Republic has FALLEN!!! They’re afraid of another REVOLUTION! Which, from where I’m sitting, looks like your ONLY hope . . . WHY did you ALLOW this, America??? . . . SMH

    1. @dan mac intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. (highlight, right click, search google). Moving on.

    2. @Jim R.
      Bigot definition is – a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.
      …moving on

  4. Let’s throw truths out about all you American sellouts.. There are a lot of skeletons that come with truth

  5. Hold on sending to Senate. I want to see Trump taxes. Isn’t it ironical that a president and others whom holds everything up now wants the speaker to act swiftly. Trump is holding everything even the justification as to the imminent threat. WE HOLD ON TO THE ARTICLES FOR NOW

    1. . All lower courts said show them. Just waiting on Supreme Court ruling, in June. The Republicans against trump are getting every paper they can, they going after his Travel Expences, he is hiding till after election too.

    2. @Jim R. Trump started the bigotry, trump started the name calling, trump started the hate, trump started the lies, trump started the deigrating allAmericans, trump started this fight so if you can not stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Trump has no business being a President. I WILL SPEND EVERY MINUTE TILL HE IS OUT OF OFFICE TELLING THE TRUTH TO HIS LIES. Have a good day!!!

    3. @Jim R. I do not hate. That is a trump redrick, that is part of his mental Illness. He is not good for the USA or the World. PERIOD…He will not win election 2020.The USA and the World will not let that happen.

  6. When the “lawmakers” openly flaunt the law without consequence…why should the average citizen be held to a higher standard?

  7. Rep Kpatur again claims “obstruction of justice”, but that’s not the charge, only wishful, magical thinking.

  8. The fact that he’s proud of coming up with NATOME is yet more proof that he’s a fool who does nothing except watch Fox News and sign whatever’s put in front of him without reading it. He’s like a child, he really is.

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