Rep. Karen Bass: $10 And $12 Are Not Livable Wages, We Need To Have A $15 Minimum Wage | The ReidOut 1

Rep. Karen Bass: $10 And $12 Are Not Livable Wages, We Need To Have A $15 Minimum Wage | The ReidOut


After the Senate Parliamentarian said an increase in the minimum wage couldn’t be included in reconciliation, Rep. Karen Bass joins The ReidOut to make the case for a $15 minimum wage. She says, "Frankly, in some states $15 an hour is not even enough. And California has been in the process of raising the minimum wage for quite a while. And guess what: our economy is doing ok." Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Rep. Karen Bass: $10 And $12 Are Not Livable Wages, We Need To Have A $15 Minimum Wage | The ReidOut


  1. The old peanut gradually ban because willow correlatively transport against a glamorous friday. racial, meek slave

    1. Yes, for those with ’empty resume’ and no (completed) education. Who is going to pay a 16 year old … $31k / year?

  2. Why don’t CEO’s and bosses simply get less of the money so the people doing the real work can get more of it? Bottom line: people at the top are getting way, way, way too much money. Sure they don’t want to give that up. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? Instead, they’’re talking about need to raise minimum wage and how hard it is. Total insanity.

    1. Walmart CEO $24 Million, with 1.5 Million employees in US. With CEO on $0, that will only give each employee +$16 … PER YEAR … or $0.007 per HOUR.

  3. What other industrialized country would have millions waiting with bated breath over a political decision to bring their minimum wage to just below poverty level? This is worse than embarrassing, and testimony to the inevitable result of hyper-capitalism.

  4. If you live in a state that 15 dollars an hour is enough I would like to remind you there are other states in this country. You should want every state to raise their wages. Maybe we don’t need billionaires that have so much money they could give every Americans family 1 million dollar and still have money left over.

    The new kings (billionaire and some millionaires) are living on borrowed time. If they don’t change the poor will make them change. History dictates it won’t be civilized when they come for their money and/or power. Learn from history or you will be doomed to repeat it. Greed will destroy a nation faster than any army.

  5. The Economist did a recent excellent YouTube video on this subject. Two things: we’ve had a high minimum wage to cost of living before, and the economy did not collapse. And, there is no doubt that we are VERY past due in raising the minimum wage.

  6. Every worker deserves $15 – $25 per hour. Anything less is poverty which no working person should tolerate.

    1. @Tod Brown exactly. Wages increase, cost of living goes up. The only one who really comes out ahead is the tax collector.

  7. Let the senators be pay 10$ per hour, we will be happy to receive 10$ too, evil people!!!!!

  8. Asking for 15 and negotiating it to 10 may work but the out come of job losses and small bussiness closures mayl still be the effect.

  9. Those fine politicians who proclaim less than $15 per hour was enough, they should be put on less than that for at least two years, of course not allowing them to live off their fortune for that period of time.

  10. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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