Rep. Katie Porter: GOP Is Too Busy ‘Fighting With Each Other To Be Fighting For The American People’

Rep. Katie Porter: GOP Is Too Busy ‘Fighting With Each Other To Be Fighting For The American People’ 1


    1. @Greg M But they put her on Oversight and Reform, which, while lower in public profile, is in fact a more powerful committee. In truth I hope she moves up to the Senate very soon. Or, if she remains in the House, she moves up in Dem leadership. She is a force for good.

    2. @Boris Probotkin Another Aussie who appreciates Katie Porter. She demonstrates the intelligence, empathy and ethics, with the straightforward approach that make a good person a great politician.

    3. @Greg M I guarantee you she was moved because she embarrassed the oil executive. I saw when she did it. Oil and Gas is equal or close to Big Pharma and already owns the politicians. That’s the real power of government

  1. Biden is used to Republicans simply being the party of opposition. For further information, see 2008 to 2016.

    1. That’s basically it, they offered an olive branch, then the gop pooed on it. And when they got in power they not only tried to do whatever they want but they tried to make the dems a non-factor in their policies. And when the lost the presidency they tried to cause as many problems on purpose to try to bewilder the new incoming president. There really is no symphony for the gop, they burned through all their chances for cheap points and don’t actually care about the country.

    2. @Eddapults Tab Do you people own any mirrors? The stuff you complain about was done tenfold by the democrats during the previous administration. You have nobody to blame but yourselves. Reading this crap is mind-boggling.

    3. @A B when Obama became president he spent 2 years negotiating with gop congressman and senators to place bipartisan legislation to pull us out of recession, he bent over backwards and gave them everything they demanded and they still refuse to vote on those bills. He and the rest of the democrats learned their is no pleasing them, aside for rolling over but they will find an excuse, and have to do things on their own. So shut up, all this whattaboutism does nothing to address issues.

  2. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning I have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    1. Cannibalistic tribalism, GOP is reverting back to Stone age governance. The clans are clashing.

    2. @Boris Karloff 🤣🤣🤣
      Like it will matter if we’re still dealing with the Maga Crackpots still gearing up for their 1776 Revolution and a Trump return to the Presidency. Popcorn and Pistols will be the stock’s of the days.
      Either you’re not in the US or you are regionally clear of the Maga Cult. Not so lucky here in Quackathon Country.
      We even have a 4 day Hoedown coming this month the 28-31st when Quanon John Sabal and his For God and country Patriot Roundup will be in Dallas with guest Maga Flynn, Powell, Papadopoulos et al. An event he touts as the Beginning of the 1776 Revolution.
      Stupid isn’t subsiding soon and its cost will continue to burden the country far more than inflation!

    3. @mythbuster My post acknowledges it’s existence but as I stated he brought it to the surface, exposed it, antagonized it, cultivated it and let it fester then ulimately unleashed and focused it on his objectives. He told the police “not to be so nice when they arrested people” he urged his rally goers to be aggressive and knock people out and his dog whistles to hate groups and then his fawning over their love and adoration of him validated their actions.Then he devalued the – criminals, Shithoo.. countries, etc.
      He fomented fear …fear of caravans of migrants, outsiders and threats to physical and socioeconomic security for men, suburban women and elderly.
      They were gonna take our jobs, take our guns, destroy our cities, anything invoking fear and tribalism that stirred up fear that turns to rage. Finally they were coming for our freedom and our country. “They”‘ ultimately became anyone unlike or possibly opposing- political or physical. Then blaming “they” for some circumstance befalling his maga’s or the country he pointed that fear now turned anger and aggression toward a race, or group and he unrelentingly chided and condoned actions.. Kung Flu and China virus, illegals, Democrats, Drs and scientists, Mike Pence. Hillary……
      I could write a book and his tweets, rallies and rants would fill the pages exemplify each stage of his responsibility- anyone truly “watching” him for the last 4 years could.
      While something like racism may always exist dormant it is the choice to act upon the negative and give it life that is the issue here. As humans we all have the ability to do evil but most suppress and never act upon that violent or hateful nature unless something or someone provokes a response that triggers or rewards the negative response. Trump was a master at cultivating and condoning that darker side of human natured en mass. How many would ever have believed so many could perpetuate Jan 6th? How many probably never would have ever thought they would do something like that? How many felt what they did was totally acceptable contrary to traditional norms? How many may look back and wonder how they were actually willingly involved?

    4. @TexanforTruth TossTrump Sounds like you’ve got Trump running around in your head. Best thing to do is first take Texas outta your name, it’s disrespectful to the lone star state. Second, check yourself into Baylor Scott and get some psychiatric help.

  3. WOW< I FULLY AGREE !! Joe is doing GOD's Work for Everyone who needs Help ! There is NOTHING Wrong with that... Rich people are disgusting if they complain about a few more bucks in taxes.. They are making money from the American People, they should pay more..

    1. Now if we could just get the people who profited or profit off of God’s work we’d be getting somewhere….you know…the church. Just sayin.

    2. Pat Murray, why do you think the Evangelical preachers like Falwell, and the rest support the Republicans and Trump, con artists stick together. They scam people out of religious donations, Trump out of political ones.

    3. He is just the perfect president at the right time. Truely saving the people of tbese united states. Thank you President Biden!

    1. I knew he was gonna do right by the country after all his attempts to be president, it was not his time, he needed age to humble him deep down to see this time in our history was not about him but the country, the universe has a funny way of delivering right on time!

    2. And yet the MAGAists think he’s either a doddering old man who doesn’t know what he’s doing, or an evil mastermind who’s setting up America for a communist takeover.

    3. @Steven Kies To be fair, that’s what they think of every Democrat. It is no surprise when you are taught from an early age that there is a god and a devil out to save you or take over the world.

    4. John DiGiacomo in reality they pay other people at massive accounting firms to fight for every penny.

  4. .. She saved countless lives when she pushed the CDC to conduct covid testing for the public cost free…. The way her whiteboard terrifies the crooks….
    I’m a full on Katie Porter fanatic…..
    I’ll follow any order this lady commands no matter how ridiculous

    1. She is the embodiment of honesty in politics. Which in turn is a benefit to the American voter.

  5. Betsy DeVos has TEN yachts and two helicopters. Think of all the good the sale of just one of those yachts could do to improve just one of the schools she spent fours years screwing up. Trust me! President Biden can increase taxes on these people and they won’t even notice the loss.

    1. Exactly! I’m 100% sure that she has one of those yachts that sit on the dock year round. What a waste.😡

    2. She didn’t do shyte for public schools, what makes you think she would give up a tank of gas for her yachts for anyone

  6. The size of government and amount of spending are irrelevant if the result is a healthy, happy, productive society. Note that the criteria for success are in order of importance.

    1. Otherwise what exactly is the point of having a government? We gathered together in societies to increase the collective quality of our lives.

    2. THANK YOU. It really, truly is that simple. I try to explain this to my brother constantly and the fact that he doesn’t grasp this concept boggles my mind.

    1. @parkerfilms1 It is past time for Sen. Feinstein to walk off into the sunset of retirement and it would be helpful to California and the nation to have Ms. Porter elected as her replacement. A Democrat is almost certain to be elected and this is the best Democrat in the congressional delegation. Unfortunately, Feinstein’s term doesn’t end until Jan. 2025.


  7. As a disabled US Army Veteran, I love listening to this SMART AND CAPABLE WOMAN!! She is a TRUE PUBLIC SERVENT and works for the benefits for all struggling Americans in this country-not the big corporations that keep underestimating this smart and capable woman!! I LOOK FOREWARD TO WATCHING HER AS SHE ASKS POIGNANT AND SIMPLE QUESTIONS THAT CEO’s JUST GET FRUSTRATED AND CRUSHED TRYING TO ANSWER!! 😆 Keep up all the great work Congresswoman Porter!! WE IN CALIFORNIA HAVE YOUR BACK!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK FOR THE LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASSES IN THIS COUNTRY!! 👍😀

    1. If every politician were like here you would have an amazing country. Sadly she is the exception and your country is collapsing because of it…

    2. “As a disabled US Army Veteran”, Your words. I live in Canada and was by chance born here. You were born, by chance, in the USA. Right? Different but the same capitalist cultures. So, “As a disabled US Army Veteran” doesn’t come up here as it does there.

    3. Good taste there, she is just so easy to love, intelligence and competence tend to make ignorant posers and fakes quite uncomfortable. You are lucky to have her, thank you for supporting her. From a former Canadian soldier to a comrade, thanks for your service, I respect your efforts. Cheers from Canada.

    1. Not everyone, but definatly need more public servants representing us all over the country..woukd be a very different Congress and Senate..can you imagine her and mcconnell going at it?? Would pay to see and hear that!!😀

    2. I agree. Unfortunately, the House Democratic Leadership removed Rep Porter from the House Financial Services Committee back in January.

    3. Sheldon Whitehouse, too. And Ayanna Pressley,… Dems got the real heavy hitters. GOP is all buffoons.

    1. Unfortunately, the House Democratic Leadership removed Rep Porter from the House Financial Services Committee back in January.

    2. If every politician were like here you would have an amazing country. Sadly she is the exception and your country is collapsing because of it…

  8. I admire Katy Porter. Smart, well spoken, forthright, & gives no quarter to those who makes the mistake of talking down to her!

    1. Because Pelosi feels threatened by her, just like she does any of the strong Progressive Democrat Women who are stepping up and not backing down from the Conservative Republicans that try to intimidate them from across the aisle. That’s why she refused to sign Congresswomen Porter’s waiver.

  9. There is no greater look of fear than in the eyes of a rich man when Katie Porter pulls out the whiteboard

  10. I love Katie Porter. She tells it like it is! Thank you for doing your job and fighting for the ones that’s get ripped off every day by the rich.

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