1. KP from CA is the pitbull in the House! Very smart, very articulate and always prepared to rip some d-bag a new a-hole!

    1. She makes it look effortless. I will never forget Manuchin saying “I’m not a lawyer. Are you?” She had him caught in a big rope of facts before he even knew what happened using nothing but extreme preparation and reality. I want her for Speaker! I have never seen anyone in DC communicate more effectively than Congresswoman Katie Porter. ❤️🙏🏽

  2. I don’t get much TV, but I have missed Katie Porter! She is simply the Best! She should be on the January 6th panel!

    1. I think she should be Speaker. That woman is a supernatural force of facts and reality that strike before the leaches even see her coming.
      The way she gets to the truth is like watching a skilled magician at work.
      She is truly impressive.

  3. Just remember, those companies that didn’t get taxed said if they did, Americans would lose their jobs and even when they wanted a higher the national minimum wage, corporations threatened job security, but when the corporations wanted you back to work, suddenly a higher job pay and job security was in the budget.
    And not all corps were like this but I do remember alot of the big ones, threatening to layoff staff because they thought they were being taxed more. If this doesn’t happen, guess who’s representative or senator is getting some side cash

    1. And when these corporations got their tax cuts they still sent jobs overseas because of higher profits. And those tax cuts were used to by back stocks and shares which doesn’t create jobs.

    2. @mary herrera taking the business out of the country means they’re going to pay taxes in another country..

    3. @Baby Teano the whole point i was making is at least 25 big companies do not pay ANY taxes due to t rumps big tax reform. So what does it matter, they Don’t pay now for us taxes. My feeling is if these companies give a threat to leave USA, the push back would be to tax these companies for imports, Americans are a great spender, if they lose that base, well they shouldn’t have been so greedy and agree to pay their fare share.

    4. @mary herrera you obviously don’t understand economic 101 . Taxes are UNCONSTITUTIONAL to begin with . Second charging higher taxes doesn’t create a prosperous economy. Barry had the worst in history with the highest taxes. The only thing that comes with high taxes is crooked politicians stealing for themselves. Wake up people . Don’t you ever wonder why do hundreds of thousands of people live on the streets in the USA? Inflation ! The Federal Reserve is a Private Bank . I bet you thought is owned by the Federal Government. States Rights supersede Fed. Study 1871 and what happened to this Country. I can’t believe anyone thinks higher taxes makes a good economy. Lower taxes more jobs and spending.

  4. I love Katie Porter!! She needs to be front and center speaking for the American people. We need her to play a much bigger roll in our government.

    1. I want her to be Speaker. She ALWAYS knows what is going on and communicates it so well that even the MAGATS crowd could understand it. She doesn’t pander to any outside interest. She uses facts and reality.
      She doesn’t say one thing in the morning and something totally opposite in the afternoon.
      She would be the most effective, honest, transparent, no nonsense Speaker we have seen in our lifetime even if we are 100 years old.

    2. @Renda Jones Where’s nbc’s coverage of radical

  5. corporations would rather spend untaxed dollars on accountants & lawyers than pennies for tax liabilities.

    1. The corporations are now on our side. Several weeks ago MS NBC reported that the major corporations are now funding Democrat party issues. We now have the corporations.

  6. you guys gonna cover the union that formed in your company or yall anti union now? lmfao. hard working americans are seeing the disparity

  7. I think she’d make an excellent president! The US is fortunate to have such a canny and honest representative.

  8. So this is really just ALL an experiment called, “If 5th graders controlled the country?” Phew!!! I was worried for a second there!

  9. If Katie Porter had to go toe to toe with Jim Jordan, I would feel sorry for jim, – no I wouldn’t. She would chew him up and spit him out with a smile on her face

  10. Yay Katie Porter!!! A voice of common sense in government! Thank you Katie for your hard work, and for sharing what we need to know in ways that are easily understood – no gobbledygook.

  11. “Katie Porter said it.” That’s all you really need to know from a sound bite to know that it’s mostly likely right on the money and most definitely needs your attention, so you really understand the truth. I’m not saying don’t fact check her, I’m just saying that if there are any politicians out there that we can believe until we’re proven wrong- it’s her. She’s the kind of person I’d trust to divide a restaurant bill fairly between 10 people and that’s saying something from a tightwad like me.

  12. Katie Porter is what all our elected officials should be like. Intelligent and respectful and actually have facts to back up their arguments.

  13. As long as we allow Wall Street tycoons, corporations, and the obscenely rich to line their pockets at the expense of our infrastructure, we will continue to loose global competitiveness. Single payer health care for all would also reduce what the country spends on health care by half and put our medical costs in line with other western Democracies. That also increases the competitiveness of our companies.

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