Rep. Katie Porter On Lack Of PPP Fund Transparency: ‘I’m Going To Know’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. The corruption is full tilt, it’s a tactic to overwhelm being deployed by the right wing. They call it “flood the zone”. It will take us years to clean up this mess even if we get Trump out of power.

    1. I’d rather be cleaning up the mess than making more messes. But you’re right, it will take us a long time to recover.

  2. This is a disgrace! We, the taxpayers have to pay for this! NO, the PPP funds did NOT work to save American jobs! The unemployment rate is still rising, especially for the “real” small businesses! Million dollar corporations are not small businesses. Members of Congress who reached their hands into the pot and took out ANY of that PPP money are scoundrels! They should be identified and exposed! Do NOT let them hide behind Mnuchin’s anonymity!

    1. It would be safer to drive a gas truck through ??ll, then to have that lady snooping. She is intelligent and she will find what someone is hiding. I like her!

  3. I’m a genius but you can’t see my transcripts.
    I’ve got no loans to foreign banks but you can’t see my tax returns.
    We’re not benefiting from the pandemic bailouts but you can’t see who actually got the money.
    Anyone else starting to sense a theme here? 🤔🤨

  4. Give Trump another 4 years.
    He needs those years to steal the rest of ya’lls money!

  5. I just love the way Katie Porter is meticulous with everything she looks into.She’s one of the few people in Congress that understands what oversight means ‘n how to enforce it.

    1. Nope, she needs to keep her eyes on the monsters inside the country. There are people perfect for VP that need to watch outside – for that role I’d love to see Susan Rice or Pete Buttigieg, maybe that’s just me.

  6. This is the biggest cash grab in history by Trump and Republicans. They know they are doomed in November and are grabbing every cent they can before they are thrown out the door.

    1. Hey shitball Democrats are into it too the reason why Stephanie drool didn’t name names because there’s many Democrats with their face in the feeding trough
      By the way I’m not giving Republicans a pass

    2. @EmanEgnahc nope it’s a truth you’re in denial if it wasn’t the truth every Democrat on Capitol Hill would be jumping up and down right now who else have you heard from
      Have you heard from Adam schitt mad Max Waters mortuary face pelosi, how about any of the black carcass

    1. I never was a fan of anyone of Congress but Katie Porter changes that. I’m rooting for her! She’s for the people!

    2. I wonder how long it’ll be before Republicans start attacking the character of Katie Porter. She is definitely a major threat to them

  7. Not to mention when the banks and businesses signed off on the monies, they signed off on forms that there would be financial disclosures for this reason — Mnuchin is lying through his crooked teeth

  8. This is the people’s money. They should have a right to know where that money went. Sounds like a dictatorship.

    1. Well then the house should volunteer that information every Democrat which we know quite a few got their hands in the cookie jar should have to come forward

  9. Katie Porter should be Biden’s running mate. Imagine how she’d demolish Pence in a debate.

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