Rep. Kevin McCarthy snaps back at reporter’s ‘most inappropriate question’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Yes, McCarthy you are on your own press conference. You have to understand that you can get some difficult questions. How long are you a politician? To difficult for you, huh!

    1. Republicans never have to answer actual questions because Fox news gives them constant softballs. What a snowflake.

  2. I don’t think these people understand what an inappropriate question is, I personally find that question to be quite appropriate

    1. @ExteEriority: except what’s a “RINO?” MAGAs call sane conservatives like cheney and kinsinger “RINOs” and vice versa – which kind are you, that you’re saying this about mccarthy?

    2. That’s probably because you lack the intelligence and attention span necessary to discern what is appropriate and inappropriate.
      Subject: Avoiding Government Shutdown.
      “Reporter”: asks question unrelated to subject.
      Reatards: “I think it was an appropriate question even though it has nothing to do with the subject matter presented.”

    1. @RusDaddy ha ha yes your opinion is so credible as you subscribe to stupider with crowder and project veritas a group who has been caught altering videos and paying people to lie run along little troll

  3. He’s in Congress trying to become Congressional speaker with the former President’s support and he’s deeming that an inappropriate question?… He may not like the question but it’s a very relevant question. It goes to show so many of these people behave like absolute buffoons and children no matter how much power they have within these institutions. It’s embarrassing.

    1. Try asking a democrat a question like that. They won’t answer it either, or they’ll deflect blame on the right. It’s only ok if the fascist left does it though, right?

  4. Chief of police, “I’m shocked…shocked! to see that gambling is going on here.” Casino mgr, “Your winnings sir.”
    “Oh, yes, thank you.”

  5. McCarthy is offended by the question, because he knows he doesn’t have the necessary votes.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Brupe Boring oh please look at Kensington in phillie look at California Seattle chicago New York all dem cities are trash look up Kensington dem forever . I’ve never see To s of homeless I’ve bee as ll over my city . Every from here to texas never seen a nasty city . Look the dirtiest cities the worst ghettos all dem s

  6. “How dare you state the only goal I currently care about in a setting where I might have to admit my own inability to achieve it.”

    1. @Rere lol, now THAT was a spin if ever I’d heard one. The fact is, Republicans may have one the House, but they are FAR from showing any level of unity at this point.

    2. @AndrewDeLong They may be divided over a nomination, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t unified against Biden. You better hope Trump gets the ticket, because DeSantis is a serious threat to Biden.

    3. @Rere …and in the process pointing out that the Freedom Caucus’ boat is basically sinking. That is a legitimate point to be made, given how much they hurt the GOP in mid term pickups.

    1. I certainly hope McCarthy is never Speaker but I sure hope it helps Dems in 2024 if he is. I’m sick of fascist MAGA conspiracy theorists destroying our democratic republic.

    2. ​@Johnnie McBride we aren’t a Democratic republic, we’re a constitutional republic that sought to get away from dictators and establish individual’s freedom’s. Not tryna be rude but do your research bro…….

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