Rep. Kinzinger: Leadership Is Inspiring People To A Better Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This is very simple to me – if the GOP can’t even disavow Q, or Trump and his insurrectionists, then I will NOT be voting Republican again for a generation. Legitimacy or lunacy. Choose!

    1. @Alba1970 Fellow Brit here, from south of the border.
      I chuckled when I heard the reference to Thatcher, and I don’t blame you for wanting to go your own way. Many of us Sassenachs recognise that Nicola Sturgeon has outclassed all other political leaders in the UK for the last 5-6 years.

    2. @Alba1970 Margaret Thatcher was the leader of the Conservative Party for 15 years and the Prime Minister for 11 years so trust me, she wasn’t that hated. Like many female leaders she fell to patriarchy in the end. I’m British. I’m a swing voter. I vote for whichever party best represents my interests at each election. I would not have voted for Margaret Thatcher, although I did admire her backbone and leadership skills.

    1. @James Scully How can you have an intelligent conversation with some Trump supporters? Even when they hear him say the most ridiculous things even painting them in a bad light, they still hold on steadfastly.

    2. Naaah. He’s Just a Warmonger who is sad because America First Republicans no longer want our marines to die in the Middle East .

    3. @Sean Concannon Very true, Trump supporters say Trump didn’t start any foreign wars, but Trump didn’t have any reservations about starting a civil war… He was retweeting civil war threats during his impeachment in 2019…

    1. The republican party is fast becoming the party of do nothing for the people and everything goes in the favor of the wealthy and big corporations putting the people last on the list. Mail in ballots were a defining moment that Republicans can not longer use voter suppression tactics against minorities. The art of republican voter suppression no longer working and now they are working on more suppression tactics.

    2. @Carol Davis “Becoming”? Pretty sure they’ve been there for the last twelve years! That said, I agree fully.

    3. He only told about 12 lies about democrats in this video. He’s full of crap. God knows his #1 goals will be preventing tuition-free-college and cutting Medicare & social security.

    4. @Werrf1 .. Many old people including elderly democrats and some goofy ones are not capable of detecting terrible policy in interviews if the politician is using lots of platitudes like this Republican did.

    1. Oh mate those people will never take people like Rep. Kinzinger as leaders, he is not crazy enough to lead jordan, gaetz, crawley, cruz, johnson and other boot lickers and mutineers in GOP

    1. @lilly pad I’m not sure that unquestioning fealty to the whim of a single individual “Trumping” the core principles of a party is necessarily all that healthy, but hey, it’s not my party!

    2. @Garden Variety I do not compromise my values and ideology…I don’t need to be coddled or understood…I need the government to fulfill it’s obligation to the U.S Constitution and allow freedom to it’s citizens and protect our borders and country from those who wish to destroy it.

    3. @Garden Variety and those people are being arrested and prosecuted for what they did at the Capitol. People are arrested when they break the law period.

    1. Young conservative is the same code word as patriot. …it just means white , evangelical cultist fed political racism

    2. Bad people in the government – who only work for a certain group of the country, is where you will find THE WEAKEST LINK in government.

  2. I have such great respect for Kinzinger. If the Republican party wants to survive….they need more Republicans like him.

    1. Very true. Without conservatism, spending will spiral. China can afford to loan more money and Capitalism can’t afford to borrow more to give more corporate handouts.

    1. Lol. He’s already spouting lies about democrats in this video. He just said democrats want equal-outcomes but republicans want equal-opportunity. It is Democrats who want tuition-free college & trade schools, Democrats who want the freedom of weed being legal, Democrats who want to protect whistleblowers, Democrats who want to expand child-care & maternity leave, etc, etc.

  3. We can have a difference of opinion, but that should not lead to killing each other. People who believe in these ideas of the QAnon theories is just lunacy.

    1. Isidra Lopez Ortiz
      -It’s not a difference of opinion it is a different ideology a different way of governing. Abortion will never be acceptable to Pro-life people and people of faith. You see the LORD of Hosts and Satan do not have a difference between opinions as only 1 has the power who created everything so the LORD and Satan can never stand together and neither can 2 people’s who follow different GOD’s.

    2. @Ronald Gower Q Supporters are not the majority of Trump supporters they are just hyped up by the Liberal Media so they can bamboozle their followers and deceive them..

    3. @lilly pad People of faith shouldn’t try to ram their beliefs down other people’s throats; it only makes them look like radical islamists who negate other religious beliefs…

  4. I wish more Republicans were like Reprentive Kinzingger. Representatives are supposed to work for Americans, and not their bank accounts from donors.

    1. Total Agree!!! Reprentive Kinzingger should run for President in 2024. NOT to favor anyone or any parties but a man of integrity, honest and courage. US needs that kind man who has a dream for the next generation of America. US has everything to be a great country and is a great country, just need a leader to lead the US into next century.

    2. He’s a fan of reaganomics – he’s all for Corp. America. But his idea of inner city kids being given the same opportunities as suburban kids is the real Republican party of Lincoln.

    3. @ScootMagoot46 do you have proof to a con he pulled off? I know he’s for trickle down economics and he doesn’t like universal healthcare for all, but did he actually say that he did? I just want honesty, they need to tell me what they’re for and what they’re plan is.

    1. It’s who they are NOW for the most part. The problem with the corruption is that it’s slow to spread so you might not notice it. The next thing you know you have a QAnon nut job representing your party “values” and Republicans shaking in their boots because Trump might tweet out something nasty.

    2. I see what both comments are saying, but honestly we could have all predicted most of what happens. Heck, Lindsey Graham predicted it. Isn’t it him that said trump would destroy our party? It wasn’t as slow for us. E knew. That’s where all the anger lies.

    1. Respectfully, greed is an evolutionary natural instinct in all organisms and inherent in humans regardless of political affiliation. This isn’t necessarily a proprietary Republican Party doctrine but simply a Trump Cult directive that the Republicans be accepted into their ranks, through fear and intimidation tactics. The whole thing has more to do about control and subjugation of the nation first, it’s about dictatorship while the GOP is just along for the ride as the political mechanism to get there.

    1. @Sean Concannon I don’t care if he is..I care that I am..I am a Christian and a Conservative and that is how I vote…I do not vote for godless depraved policies…

    2. @Sean Concannon It is Trump’s Policies that need to be the voice of the Republican Party..America first. Globalism, Socialism and Secularism will destroy this country.

    3. @lilly pad – No one wants Socialism in the form you’re imagining. That’s juet Trump b.s. lies. He got you all riled up about Socialism to scare you and win votes, especially the Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans in Florida…and it worked! The MAGA rioters in the Capitol Building attack were all shouting about Socialism and Communism. It was laughable! There’s not one Democrat who wants to turn the U.S. socialist.
      You hold the Amish up as examples of a successful society because of their shared ideology. America has never been like that. We’re a melting pot of people from all over the world, and have bern since the first European settler landed on its shores.

    4. @Beth Griesauer Government run healthcare is Socialism. Silencing voices you do not want to hear like Big Tech does is Communism. No one has to tell me that I see it with my own 2 eyes! Yes we are a melting pot which is why people cannot live in Peace with one another. Ideology will always separate people….I do not unite with anything that this Democratic party espouses…Amish people live in Peace and you cannot deny that. Our Country has changed it’s true heritage and ideology and traded it for Globalism, Secularism and Socialism…Many people see it obviously you do not…More people are leaving Blue States than going to them..More people are choosing to live remote away from the insanity of cities and it’s people..Maybe then Peace will come when people separate so they can live by the Ideology they value.

    5. This politician is still such a liar too though. Everything he said policy-wise was ridiculous. You can tell all he knows how to do is lie about democrats.

  5. When it comes to the wellbeing of the American people never trust 70% of the Republican leadership .they only care about money in their pockets and staying in power!!!!

  6. I cannot believe his own family sent him a certified letter letting him know they disown him for voting for impeachment.. How pathetic is that to put a stranger over your own family?

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