Rep. Lamb To Republican Colleagues: ‘The Truth Hurts’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Rep. Lamb To Republican Colleagues: ‘The Truth Hurts’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


In an early morning speech that almost caused a brawl on the House floor, Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) said it was important to communicate how low political rhetoric had sunk. He tells Lawrence O’Donnell the moment “required honesty” so people knew how committed “we were to coming back stronger than ever in rebuilding Congress and making it work.” Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Rep. Lamb To Republican Colleagues: ‘The Truth Hurts’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @astev52 So it’s ok to lie because Odumbo did it? Haha. You need to give your head a shake and grow up. Politicians lie all the time. I don’t like it, but that’s the nature of politics, unfortunately. The better question is why do main stream news outlets lie -aren’t they here to bring you the truth? A: No, to propagandize. Goebbels would be proud.

    2. @chaz000006 Seriously? One so-called lie, which was incredibly benign and could be more a mis-statement than anything else! Compared to trump’s THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of lies, many of them spewing hatred and bile unlike anything we ever seen, and your excusing trump, because of that? REALLY!!

    3. @chaz000006 And what lies have main stream media outlet’s been telling? They are there to report on the news! Which they do, just because they broadcast a so-called lie from Obama, does not mean that they told it, which you tried to say! Are they the ones lying when they broadcast trump telling his many, MANY, MANY lies?

    4. @chaz000006 And you say you want to “de-indoctrinate” people?? Like I said, you need to start with yourself first, before you cast accusations at others! Because, it is VERY clear, that YOU are the one who has been indoctrinated! Indoctrinated, by a hateful, vile pathological LYING conman.
      His lies, and hatred, and bile inspired the attack the city Washington, who’s goal was to depose the legally elected president! That is insurrection and nothing more than treason, and you’re so indoctrinated with this vile person, that you’re completely ok with it! What is WRONG with YOU??

    5. @chaz000006 And one more thing, Goebbels would be in complete AWE of trump and the hateful, vile propagandized lies that he tells everyday! Complete AWE!

  1. Had the Republicans done their duty and removed Trump from office when he was impeached , none of this would have happened.

    1. @Tim Smith It was such a hoax that the Republicans refused that allow any witnesses . Keep fooling yourself.

    2. @gljm 1159 Cool story. So when rioters were destroying cities across the country, and Kamala Harris said in an interview that she understands why they’re rioting and that they won’t stop and SHOULDN’T stop… why is that okay? Why aren’t you criticizing her too?

  2. My impression of his Jan 7th “speech” was that deploring the previous day’s hijinks sounds like he was throwing his activist supporters under the bus. They did their sacrifice. Trump got his optics yesterday, but now needs exit optics. He doesn’t care about these people anymore than he did about Covid victims. At some point in the Covid year he grokked that if he lost the election, he could say many of the mail in ballots were from….dead people. Covid dead. There’s nothing but strategy in his head. Will some of those people hear this speech see themselves tossed under a bus tire? This is some bus. When is Revell or Moebius or Monogram releasing the model kit for this thing complete with interchangeable figures?

    1. sclogse1 Tha is a great idea. A model of the MAGA bus with Trump at the wheel driving over a road of his followers laid down like rail road ties.

    1. Because they didn’t want to hurt the domestic terrorist feelings but but private BONE SPURS LOVES them and think they are SPECIAL

  3. Trump said if he shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue he will get away with it, the taking over of Congress by Trump thugs is a good example of how toxic Trump and his supporters are.

    1. diaper donnie chose his deplorables well — he knew he needed the stupidist of the stupid and the craziest of the crazy and the lowest of the lowest and that’s what his basket of deplorables is. These thugs are more than happy to do his dirty work for him while he hides to be sure he remains safe — watches them all on tv and enjoying every moment of it while stuffing his ugly face with Burger King. GET HIM OUT NOW!!! There is just too much damage he can and will still do.

    2. @Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out It’s been working for him so far. We’ll see who has balls and who doesn’t in the GOP. diaper donnie can still do a lot of damage in the time he has left but these GOP clowns are both gullible and politically ambitious and greedy.

    3. @Ginger Miller
      I agree, no sympathy or empathy for the GOP, Trump has 74 million plus people who voted for him, he’s going to take them down the next 4 to 8 years to come.

  4. Those republicans who still voted against the electoral college need throwing out for assisting in inciting violence. 25th, get him out of the peoples house NOW! They are either for the constitution or the mob- they made their choice clear.

    1. @GREAT expectations : Not hanged. Punished, brutally, by all means. But, may each and every one of them live long, long lives, in which they languish in jails around the country, to witness their failure to destroy democracy, and suffer the pain of idiocy, while their, “leaders,” throw them under the bus

    2. @Terri Gross I actually think he is worse than Putin. Half of Russia is not convinced that Putin is there to drain the swamp.

    1. @Kansas City Jones In the video of the woman being shot, there is a guy with some kind of long gun/carbine.

    2. @MrJohnTeacher Because some impeached president called the national guards on them earlier but refused to do the same for his supporters.

    1. @SUPER K LOL that’s got to be one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever made i can’t imagine how stupid you have to be to see an 1 million pound aircraft crash into the buildings on live TV, and think no i think it was explosives placed just where the aircraft crashed that did the damage WTF its brain damage LOL

    2. @SUPER K hahaha only nutjobs believe that, please don’t be a trumper.
      If you know a little about science you would know that torsion breaks metal in a 45 degree angle; meaning your “evidence” and “arguments” are assumptions built upon ignorance.

  5. The truth will bring you along way….. the liar get caught and sunk quickly…..great work Rep. lamb …thanks

  6. Rep. Lamb – When you’re ready to run for President, you have my vote – Let’s help Joe & Kamala get the country back and better and then it could be your turn Sir

    1. Yes…but as soon as humanly possible….
      trump has already been underestimated and allowed way too much leeway far too long

    2. @Katherine Raven – Twitter has *permanently BANNED* #45’s official account…and Facebook’s ‘locked him out’ until January 20th.

  7. The peoples house was always respected regardless to our differences. Never thought I’d see this done by our own Americans in my lifetime.

  8. No excuses will be accepted. The writing was on the wall. All the politicians who gambled with Trump need to resign. Every last one of them.

  9. “No one is above the law” is the biggest lie ever told! This president and the Republicans have broken every law in this country! From the hatch act to treason and no one has paid a price! And, if you’re rich and white, you can spit on the law!

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