Rep. Lee On TX Abortion Law: We're Going To Do Something In Congress Very Quickly 1

Rep. Lee On TX Abortion Law: We’re Going To Do Something In Congress Very Quickly


Co-chair of the Congressional Pro-choice Caucus, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), joined Hallie Jackson to discuss Texas' new, controversial abortion law, and what Congress can do to strengthen Roe v. Wade as other states weigh similar legislation. She says the law is "fundamentally anti-democratic" and "anti-American."
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  1. TX wants to go back to the days (early 1970s and prior) when a woman could even have a credit card in her own name (unless husband, father, brother, some male relative endorsed it — shades of Taliban)

    1. That was the 50’s and early 60’s, mom got her own checking account in 65, now that was in Missouri, southern states, like Texas, were probably behind.

  2. Forced-birthers: If you outlaw abortion, the numbers of abortion decrease to the point of irrelevance.

    Also forced-birthers: If you pass and enforce sane gun control measures, it doesn’t decrease gun ownership and use/violence.

    Once again, stats clearly show that 1) abortions didn’t increase after RoeVWade and 2) gun laws, even outright bans, work in the US and all across the world and have for decades.

    1. @Winston Smith Oh please. The struggle for justice is eternal. Progressives will always have a purpose. We just need to be able to move on from these age-old regressive issues to the new things we need to work on. First of all saving the environment and the animals in torment on the factory farms. That is what I would focus on.

    2. @Own the illibs I agree. But you don’t see the Democratic Party as being an obstacle to those goals? I think both parties do everything in their power to divide us- the left is especially guilty of race baiting and misusing identity politics. Nothing can get done when libs throw race into the mix just to cause division. Even AOC’s Green New Deal had a bunch of racial garbage in it.

    3. @Winston Smith Ok, so you’re all over the place. The Democrats are not left, not by a long stretch.

      It’s a dialectic. This country is still extremely racist. Right wingers have their dog whistles and their blatant racism. Liberals detect that and respond to it.

      If you can’t see that these abortion laws are 100% about controlling women, then you’re just blind. It IS about identity— but that identity politics is coming from the right, and liberals are just reacting to it. It’s also about “Christian” identity politics, and racial minorities who are viewed as being the ones who get abortions the most.

      If this was a white middle class women’s issue, it would be viewed differently by these people. It’s not so much about their being so zealous to “protect life” as it’s about them looking down on certain groups of women that they see as unworthy.

      So you’re saying that liberals should turn a blind eye to all the attacks coming from the right which are motivated by identity, and just pretend that doesn’t exist? It’s not going to happen. Liberal and left people are very astute and they can analyze the situation quite well, and most of the time understand conservatives’ motives better than they do themselves. So I’d suggest you actually listen to what they’re saying instead of dismiss it, because they usually have good reasons.

    4. It is immature to not utilize one of the MANY AVAILABLE contraceptives on the market. It is leftist failure to accept responsibility for their actions…..childlike thinkers.

  3. Congress and very quickly in the same sentence? Sorry but the kids born in Texas in 2022 will have finished university before Congress acts to reverse this.

    1. @New Account it makes sense that the party of ‘pro-lifers’ wouldn’t want to protect children by getting vaccinated.

  4. In that case, women in California need to be ready too.
    If Gavin Newsom’s opponent in the recall election, Larry Elder, was to win, not only will what happened in Texas happen in California, but it will give GQP Republicans in the Senate the edge they need to put woman’s abortion rights across the rest of the country in danger too.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Yeah see, that lax attitude from Democrats is exactly what GQP Republicans are counting on.
      Lowering our guard, to make forcing their will upon others that much easier.
      We shouldn’t be falling for that old trick; ESPECIALLY considering whats at stake, its best to be safe than sorry.

    2. @Rampage Phoenix Now, you’re either in DENIAL, or, you’re just trying to turn this into something it’s not because you know you already lost the debate.

      ‘Life’, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      These are RIGHTS, and I don’t see murdering a baby listed in them.

      Why are you trying to discount morality?

      What sought you out, and dubbed you, God?

      Btw, trying to use the U.S. Constitution to destroy the same isn’t working out for you COMMIES is it?

      Rule of LAW = A way of life, and Constitutionally speaking it takes precedence over any individual right you may think you might have, therefore, your strategy is impotent at best.

      Nice try though, COMMIE.

    3. @whatsyurprob ? Actually it IS. Why do you think the Supreme Court supports Roe v Wade? A fetus is not a person because it can’t live, exist, make decisions, etc while in the womb – therefore it belongs to the body in inhabits = the woman. Maybe do some actual reading before posting nonsense.

    4. @whatsyurprob ? You need to READ Roe v Wade which you clearly have not. Otherwise you just look like the slobbering, clueless numskull. Why don’t you offer to adopt all the babies from unwanted pregnancies if you’re so outraged? No? ha didn’t think so. All talk, no substance.

  5. They are Trying to control women. In the 18 hundreds women couldn’t even have property in their name. There’s a case of a single mother in the 18 hundreds who wanted to buy land but couldn’t own it in her name so she put it in her 14 year old sons name. I do a lot of reading I’m a little bit of a nerd depending who you asked my little sister would say no he’s not a nerd he’s crazy lol.

    1. keep reading history – it’s how we got to the current world, such as it is – we have a long way to go to fulfill the promise of this country’s founding (fun tidbits: until the early 60’s, maternity leave was considered permanent and it was another decade before women could apply for their own credit card w/o a man co-signing it)

  6. So, if this new vigilante law can be used on people who might have helped someone thinking about getting an abortion, can it be turned around on those who helped the law get passed in the first place?

    1. OR how about on the “my body, my choice” anti-mask/anti-vax folks? That will be justice – or the law gets pulled whiplash quick.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em here here! That’s the kind of thinking these numnutz Dems in office need to adopt. We’ll see how fast SCOTUS gets on board with stopping this vigilante nonsense.

  7. what do you think will happen if the GOP actually win the “culture wars” ? The party of less government will have successfully imposed a series of laws governing the behavior of every citizen in the country. Kind of a contradiction………….makes you wonder what they will do next?

    1. The GOP was never the party of “less government” except in the sense of destroying the safety net, regulations and corporate responsibility. Other than that the GOP wants the government to dictate morality, terrorize the poor and enforce its will.

    2. GOP = Grand Old Pretenders. They’re clearly in favor of authoritarianism. The trouble is – their cult followers don’t read.

  8. When the highest court in the land is corrupt and the DOJ won’t prosecute criminal politicians then the rule of law only applies to us grunt workers and good luck hanging on to that whole democracy thing.

    1. Please don’t say the DOJ won’t prosecute criminal politicians when we don’t yet know if that’s true.

    2. @Angela Siegfried I’m in my 60’s Nixon , Reagan, both Bush’s, Clinton and baby cheezus. Both the sides of congress and the senate for the last 30 yrs or more aren’t enough proof. Insider trading, violating emoluments clauses, dereliction for duties, selling arms to our enemies, obstruction of justice, just to name a few. The 9/11 terrorists are still in pre trail hearings. The DOJ is nothing but a joke. A reflection of our justice system on a whole. If baby cheezus meets any penalty at all it will be in civil courts, and by then he will have rotted in his grave and his estate will be bankrupt. That’s exactly why the scales of justice is wearing that tucking blindfold.

  9. Flood their websites and tip lines with bogus reports and if they are serious about paying bounties for information they will need to vet every single report that you send. Overwhelm their systems and make them grind to a halt.

  10. I’m waiting for this law to backfire on the “My Body My Choice” ant-mask/anti-vaxxers. That will show justice is blind or else pull the law faster than an egg frying on a Texas sidewalk.

  11. There will be a nexus that will bring all these forces on a collision course, that will turn into a no-man’s land.

  12. Just keep letting GOP senators know that if they keep being obstructionists, they will eventually destroy their party. Then keep crushing them at the voting booths.

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