Rep. Lieu: Gaetz Should Be Removed 'Immediately' From Judiciary Committee | All In | MSNBC 1

Rep. Lieu: Gaetz Should Be Removed ‘Immediately’ From Judiciary Committee | All In | MSNBC


“Matt Gaetz is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but he is not entitled to sit on the House Judiciary Committee. That is an honor and a privilege,” says Rep. Ted Lieu. “Leader Kevin McCarthy must remove Matt Gaetz from the committee immediately.”
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  1. Matt Gaetz has been smearing the DOJ and the FBI with bogus claims about a blackmail scheme, so yeah, he should be removed from the Judiciary Committee.

    1. @Michael Hainley the DOJ of the trump administration is where this investigation began and was green-lighted. So try to deflect that.
      How is that this gesture is supposed to determine the validity or not or anything? Everything of your little team is perfect, everything of the other team is to be demonized.
      How desperate, and how absolutely stupid can one even be.

    2. @Michael Hainley It’s sad for all the sheep to not be aware of the ridiculous corruption within the government (the actual corruption, not the fake news narrative). The rule of law in the United States is dead.

    3. @Siddy Sid yeah I know, the bidens,Clinton’s all get a pass on their criminal activity, once the democrats get in power they politicize the dept of justice to go after the Patriots of this country, democrats have used communist ideas like putting trump supporters in reeducation camps like china does, and these people who listen to tv news dont see what’s happening, so brainwashed

    4. @Michael Hainley So what is your excuse for trump not pursuing charges against the Bidens and Clintons? He had 4 years and not 1 charge nor investigation. I guess made up conspiracies aren’t enough to get judges to issues warrants, huh Princess? Nothing left of the GOP other than beta followers and Russian bots…. sad what has happened to my party but so glad I left after Bush Jr got in.

  2. It’s a conflict of interest for him to sit on that committee. That used to be common knowledge through common sense. It’s ridiculous that anyone even has to ask!McCarthy knows it’s the right thing to do, to take him off that committee. Shame on him for not acting as a leader. Where are the GOP’s higher angels?

    1. @Fake President
      What about him gramps?
      Trump has been sleeping with the Chinese long ago.
      Who do you sleep with?
      Blow up doll made in China?

  3. It will be only a short time before the US House will be wanting to ‘immediately’ remove Gaetz from the Congress.

    1. @Noreb .. okay but both said they assisted, that does not mean neither should be held accountable. Obviously the federal judge seen enough evidence to sign off on the warrant.

    2. @John Swo When Gaertz is removed, he needs to be placed under house arrest so he doesn’t defile another underage girl.

    3. @Support your Troops & Athletes im not talking about matt gaetz…. at no point has the FBI come out and said matt gaetz was cleared of any suspicion and cooperated with investigations… with swallwell the FBI literally cleared him of any wrong doing…

    4. Congress would need 2/3 to remove any elected official.. With 426 members [ i believe ] they would need 284 members…Democrats only have 216, do you really think 68 Republicans would vote to remove another republican?

  4. Hey Matt. When your daddy taught you about family values, he wasn’t referring to the dollar value of a teenager in the human trafficking business.

    1. Funny. But Republican leaders don’t actually believe in family values, they just use that as a tool to manipulate gullible voters.

    1. That’s my Rep! And since it’s for L.A., he probably would have several offers when he decides to retire from public service.

  5. Rep Lieu, Good for you for daring to stand up… I agree with you, IT IS a conflict of interest!!!

    1. @Noreb but he was not kicked out if his committee like you want Matt Gaetz to be while the F.B.I. investigated him. The law says innocent until proven guilty so they should be treated equally.

    2. @Scott Loveless Total BS, he had no knowledge that she was a spy, unlike the Trump Campaign who colluded with Russian spies, unlike Giuliani who was warned about working with a Russian spy, and unlike Trump who discussed strategy with Putin behind close doors. You keep lying and deflecting, because that’s what Republicans do.

    3. @Mike The gops have been degraded by greed, it’s probably what makes them attractive to you. Winners have more money, right? Except it’s a fake dream, the gops are too divided and (hopefully) will go the way of the Tories.

    1. @Noreb
      Crooked Hillary was also cleared by the FBI (Fake Bureau of Investigation?) No reasonable prosecutor could indict a criminal Democrat.

  6. Matt Gaetz should have been gone months ago. It is disgusting that he is in government! THERE IS A HUGH PROBLEM HERE!

  7. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress.

    1. @slum erican Sorry that you’re apparently the last person on the planet not to know this, but Ex-president One-Term Grifter was impeached TWICE.

    2. slum.. REALLY! All of us thought he was..
      ALL OF US, except YOU! Twice Impeached..1 term President. Thank God!

  8. Since the Tea Party crowd took control of the GQP, it has become increasingly corrupt. Look at who they look for leadership, Greene, Gaetz, McCarthy, Jordan, Cruz, the orange blob, and McConnell.

  9. The conflict of interest couldn’t be any clearer. And the republicans will ignore it entirely.

  10. Total conflict of interest……there’s no way you can sit on the very committee investigating you.

  11. Rep. Lieu is 100% correct …. The United States Constitution Article 1, Section 5 should be enforced ASAP

  12. Rep. Lieu, good for you. Ethical backbone is in short supply on both sides of the aisle, and needs to be raised more and more. Gaetz is in trouble, and needs to be either cleared or prosecuted fully in this very serious matter.

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