Rep. Liz Cheney Believes 'Trumpism Does Not End In Silence,' Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rep. Liz Cheney Believes ‘Trumpism Does Not End In Silence,’ Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., has faced the criticism of many in her own party for voting to impeach former President Trump, and Robert Draper of the New York Times Magazine profiles Rep. Cheney in a recent article. Draper joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Rep. Liz Cheney Believes 'Trumpism Does Not End In Silence,' Says Reporter | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump spent his entire life trying to convince the world that he was a success, and his name will now forever be associated with failure.

    1. Mango Mussolini and friends have been spewing absurdities and convincing their followers to commit atrocities.

  2. The irony is the GOP used to fashion itself as the party of personal responsibility and moral rectitude. Now it’s the party of professional victimhood.

    1. Liz Cheney is a turncoat RINO that will not be re-elected.
      MAGA 2022 and 2024.
      We’re taking back the House of Representatives! We’re also taking back the Senate in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.
      You can’t steal it twice!

    2. Hardly any integrity left and yet they point the finger. Seeing the imagined straw in their brother’s eye while ignoring the log in their own.

    3. @Christine King yes america is exceptional and on her Independence Day iam going to throw a big steak on the grill say a prayer before I eat it throw my dog the bone and I will love every second of it in the land of the free and the home of the bave

  3. If more Republicans jumped onboard maybe it would silence the Teflon Don once and for all! Republicans follow Liz Cheney!

    1. Conservatives used to be highly respected; grounded in the status quo; non-risk takers; followed the book; somewhat stiff and did not want to rock the boat- “steady she goes.” Now? Pathetic, self-serving, greedy, bigoted and lost.

    2. @Ken Albertsen
      But then they go right back and fix things for the good of the colony, including incorporating all those changes. Not to mention that unlike modern conservatives, ants will sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole – not greedy or self-centered at all.

    3. Conservatism means the weird worship of one dude *secretly controlled* by another deep state dude

    1. Especially when the President isn’t standing by the country, like the last one. Still waiting to find out what Russia blackmailed him with.

    2. In today’s world of the GOP, people like Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln would be branded “radical socialist liberals”, and denounced by the party leaders. Eisenhower wouldn’t fare any better, as today’s GOP leadership is basically the remnants of McCarthyism.

  4. Just as Dumpster convinced the world he was a successful businessman, he convinced the Radical Right that they can do nothing without him.

    1. Mango Mussolini always did say “he loves the poorly educated” – because they are the easiest to manipulate and control.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em You need to do some research BDE, Europe, not UK, definitely not Australia and Japan who knows.

    3. Trump woke up the Republicans, before Trump they were lazy and subservient to the Democrats to be used and abused. We don’t ever want to go back to the good ole Bush years again.

  5. I don’t know her but I have to say that a person who stands behind their principals is a leader and not a follower.

  6. Good for her. She has eyes that can see and ears that can hear. This needs to happen with other GOP senators, who are now like sheep, just following the noise. Good for Liz Cheney, showing them it can be done.

    1. @JP Biscuit Very true. There are so very few GOP officials with any degree of integrity, character, or principles that it is scary. Liz Cheney gets high marks for standing up for some degree of integrity and character. Nevertheless, Cheney has largely voted in lock step with the GOP party and really has no platform or policies that will address the major issues and challenges facing the country and the citizens. The GOP of today is not the GOP of long ago when Barry Goldwater and others went to Richard Nixon and told Nixon that he must resign or they would vote to impeach him. The next day Nixon resigned. Nixon was figuratively a choir boy compared to Chump and the criminal acts that he committed. Today the GOP is largely composed of elected officials who are totally unfit to hold public office in any capacity. They have built a party of incompetent idiots who have no policies or platform of any kind whatsoever, They have become a party of lies, deception, misinformation, conspiracy nonsense, no to everything, and zero real leadership of vision of how to govern. They have become a party of division, hate, victimization, propaganda, and power and control at any cost whatsoever. It is truly sad to see the incredibly poor quality of the vast majority of elected officials in the republican party of today.

    2. Sure daddy Cheney had a long talk with her to do what she could to get rid of that turd. Maybe he can take them all hunting.

  7. “Most of these men haven’t had the strength of constitution or otherwise…..” I think you can just say balls. They have no balls.

    Zoe , Canada

    1. @J W trump lied constantly and spread division across this country. He is a Russian asset, and was incompeten

    2. More likely that she believes his popularity will die long before the 2024 election.

      Even if his supporters are still going strong for the 2022 election she can just wait it out and get re elected once Trump finally croaks.

  9. GOP the party of law and order, that’s a laugh after not respecting 60 court rulings and trying to overthrow Democracy!

  10. Representative Liz Cheney has exhibited far far more courage than most Republicans. Most of them have demonstrated that they are totally without the courage necessary to live by any sort of principles.

  11. Hard to believe the GOP wants to punish Cheney for standing by her principles OUT LOUD, but they have no words for Marjorie Traitor Greene.

    1. @DrumWild lol, that’s a long acronym CCRDTP and its disgusting. sorry I have to laugh else I think I might break down in tears. If it was not so sad it would be funny.

    2. B Bodziak… Liz Cheney has more backbone and balls than all the Republikkkans together!!! Good for you Liz!

  12. Just shows that ovaries are stronger than balls. That’s why ovaries are separated and function, but balls need to huddle.

    1. She’s surrounded by patriot midlife manbaby meltdown but there she is, keeping her hormones together….no wonder they hate her lol

    2. Well, most GOPnik men anyway.

      Romney is with her, and he did vote against Trump in the first impeachment trial.

      He was the only GOPnik that did vote against him that time – Including Liz Cheney.

      So not so principled after all.

      She just believes that he’s wounded enough now that she can ride out whatever he throws at her.

    3. She needs to be protected from “patriots” with flag poles. I didn’t care about Pence then but I certainly do about her

  13. The reaction of the Fox news host to Rep. Cheney’s response is frickin’ priceless. It seems he expected her to say yes.

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