Rep. Liz Cheney Pushes Back On Trump's Election Lies, Creating GOP Rift | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Rep. Liz Cheney Pushes Back On Trump’s Election Lies, Creating GOP Rift | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports that Rep. Liz Cheney's future and whether she gets removed from her position "is going to rest with Leader McCarthy on what happens with Rep. Cheney."


    1. @NELLIE’S WORLD oh lordy, y’all can’t own your Confederhate southern heritage. Y’all never stopped you racist hate. 156 years post civil war.

    2. @Sean Casity the Senate did just vote for clean water. Overwhelmingly bipartisan support… except for ted cruz and some other republican. Seems like something everyone should support

    3. @Sean Casity I disagree. I think a lot of the Senate and House want to make this country better. The problem is when McConnell doesn’t do anything as leader and none of the Republicans seem to care. 4 years of nothing except judges. Both sides doesn’t apply here

  1. I guess she has not watched/seen it yet when Mitt Romney attempted to deliver a speech to a crowd of conservatives. Lol

    1. @T0nyGunk Not sure about Sinema and Manchin as their constituents are largely conservative. Manchin has always projected as a conservative thinker and dates back to when the parties were not so ideologically polarized as they are today. Am afraid the Dems are following the same path of the GOP and will eventually be just as polarized on the left. Then they think that somehow they can appeal to the moderates in order to win elections. That is how Joe won this last election. Trump turned off more people in the center.

    2. She has a spine, you see. She knows what Trump is, what you are, and she’s going to say it. I’m so glad you hateful cultists have no power now. So glad.

    3. @The Paradox Destroyer Yeah, you were being rather aggressive so I think you needed a quick insult to douse the flames of pettiness

    4. Aw all I see Liz supporters cheering like an ugly wild animals. Crying so hard and reeeeeeeeing everyday. Liz didn’t do that for the truth she just wanted to be famous and spread more hates

    1. @RJBlaze & Assoc. It’s 5 pm? No “proof” yet? Do we get to throw rocks at you now for spreading lies? There’s gotta be consequences to conspiracy theorist’s lies.

    1. @Raul Hodge You’re one of those people who think the pyramids were built by space aliens, right?

    2. @Joe Rubio Twice ACQUITTED, you genius, so in other words impeachment didn’t happen! The impeachment offenses were all made up you super duper smart person! TRUMP 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040!

    1. @V I cant. I never claimed he did. Just like I cant prove he exists. Guitarforfun made the claim God didn’t exist. I challenged him to prove his claim. Science is showing more and more that this universe is intelligent design. Thats my claim. I also backed up my claim with the simulation theory that so many scientists are starting to believe in.

    2. @Ivan Ivanov I’ve read the Bible and the Quran. Both are important parts of human history that should be read and studied. Neither of them are fact, and neither of them or any other religious text should be followed.

    3. @David Atkinson You are free to believe whatever you want. But I think it has become clear Jesus was just a man who’s teaching were bastardized so people like you would do nothing when the time came which is now. The time of the followers of Satan is quite clear though. My I ask you something? Do you think God and Jesus (if he really is the son of God) will grant you access to heaven for sitting and doing nothing while your country is destroyed ( your home) and your family has things done that are unspeakable to them? Do you know what’s coming next?

    4. @JL Westbrook don’t give up on him. It might take him awhile. I am hoping he’ll do some research and compare historical fact to the Bible. He doesn’t have to belive in creation but he can’t dispute the Bible count lining up with secular history.

    5. Where was god when Donald Trump was thumped out of the White House? Oh yeah there is no god.

  2. Keven McCarty reminds me of that line in the movie “Trading Places, get off your knees”. Such a funny movie.

    1. Geer Vanden Bossch a very knowledgeable doctor is almost being banned on Facebook because he is against the vaccines They are also doing the opposite to contradict him Democrats are using Facebook to spy on us as that is what the trail against Facebook was also? I don’t vote anymore period ( Also the best schools on earth Dr Sam Bailey MD and MD research youtube she won’t ever get the vaccine*)

    2. @Jim becker No, his name is Insurrection Abetter who folds likea cheap suit for Cheeto.

    3. @Black Lies Matter and the republicans remind me of the people who stormed the capitol, oh wait they are the ones

    1. Now there is a Titan …If he had won the Dems would have had him in the Fetal position …

    2. Exactly they overestimate the capacity of people to join them and Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. They have no self-awareness. Also they’re rallying turnout against themselves with this insanity. I’m so glad.

    1. @4336aaa
      That’s exactly what I see in you.
      I’m so glad that you’re finally coming around.
      There’s hope for the world yet.

    2. @Michael Paul You quoted Mark Twain in an earlier comment. I thought you could treat me with another.

    1. It is time to clean our the RINO’s out of Congress!! We MAGA Patriots will take out the traitors out of our Trump party!! MAGA will be back in power soon with our Leader making America even Greater after the corrupt Biden administration.

    2. @Jason Milton ‘MAGA’ and ‘Patriot’ should never be used in the same sentence after Jan. 6th you blithering donut.

    1. ​@Raul Hodge Get out of your bubble. There’s no widespread election fraud. Also didn’t a Republican mail carrier actually plead guilty to switching votes from Biden to Trump? So even if there is fraud, most of the proven cases are on the Republican side. Dude actually pleaded guilty.
      The moment I see someone use “AWAKENED” I know they’re some kind of conspiracy theorist. Why have you been sleeping in the first place?
      And if this “deep state” is so powerful why didn’t they make Hillary Clinton win in the first place? (you guys consider her the “Queen of the deep state”, right?)
      Do you guys ever question your thought process? Like, when did this “deep state” take control of America? Bill Clinton years? Bush years? Reagan was also part of the deep state? Obama years? Was Trump the only non-deep state President ever? Was he not a New York elite for 69 years of his life and was he not besties with Hillary and Bill? Was he not a NBC employee for 8-10 years? Aren’t they part of the deep state too? You guys are hilarious. It’s as if the wires in your brain don’t connect. 0 critical thinking.

    2. @A M I have been outside the bubble for more than 20 years. The Sheeple are in the Bubble! So instead of your rhetorical false claims about me, why are you afraid of election audits? The Deep State or Cabal has been around in modern times for centuries. You can google that, yes there is much conspiracy BS out there but it’s easy to see through that. Awake? I’ve been saying that long before Woke ever surfaced. I always notice not one of my questions to people (that think like you) are seldom answered.Questions or concerns of people with different ideas than yours. IMO You and the other haters really don’t care about what the truth is because all you do is name call, make up and parrot talking points from the leftists MSM. That’s why I watch at least an hour a day of them and read their made up stories about gobbledygook trash the American Flag Loving people that made this Country what it was, until the last election. And yes, they thought Trump had a -10 percent chance of winning so why go through all that to rig it? Well they did this last one and got caught with their hand in the ballot box. So watcha gonna do when the truth comes out? Oh! That’s right, Fake News! But it’s not! Do we ever question our thought process? I have several lefty friends that hate Trump with no thought process involved and they know about as much of politics as an ant. I am waiting for someone to convince me differently as to what I know and believe. Hyperbole and made up rhetoric just don’t cut it! AND, where do you get most of your accurate info on Trump VS Obiden? (Deep State.make us feel good teleprompter reader)

    3. @A M Know any prediction markets I can put money on the fraud being exposed? I don’t have any hope in the courts undoing any fraud at this point.

    4. @Raul Hodge You’re trying to force a point that only exists in your mind and other conspiracy theorists’ mind. Nobody opposes audits lol. That’s something Fox News told you. How how many audits are we taking, and how long will it take and how many states will be audited? What is the scope of this audit? Who gets to determine the scope? Most importantly, where is the proof, actual proof, not stories from anonymous sources and random tales, that an audit is necessary and that fraud has occurred? Why did judges all around the United States toss these so called “fraud” claims out of the window? Republican Trump appointed judges are also part of the deep state? Or maybe, just maybe, these claims did not amount to anything other than hearsay? Give me five clear cases of fraud. I’m seriously asking. Give me cases of fraud that if true would have given Trump the win. I’m waiting. You seem to so confident in your claims, so let’s hear it. With actual sources and approximate number of votes involved.

    5. @A M Nobody opposes audits? Have you heard of what Katie Hobbs has been doing in AZ? Have you not watched CNN or MSNBC for the past 2 months? Also one example would be the Ruby Freeman stuff, you don’t seem very informed on the topic asking for proof at this point lol.

  3. A group lie let’s the liers in the group lie to themselves that they’re not lieing. They hate when someone won’t just go along.

  4. The tension between them is palpable not palatable…one means as if it was tangible and the other means tastes pleasant.
    So close yet so far away..

  5. I place my souls worth at 26 million dollars handed to me with the intention of a full life including surgeries if needed because I’m only gonna do traditional medicine for the most part for now. I think I may need to cut into my foot though later on.

  6. I escaped the same way I always do I value moral choice over witts and heart life happen by chance so only luck is the purest strongest form of existing on this planet with that being said experience is something to be had practice is something that we probably should keep ourselves from being perfect isn’t necessarily my version of perfection

  7. The new circle is almost complete and in this one I have no weakness. God. I hate being sober this is bull. Lol jkjk. It’s been like what three days who cares. No weaknesses in my mind whatsoever. I was gonna let girls be my weakness so we treat them as beauties but I guess that wasnt good enough in today’s world. I wonder if I’ll ever get a house though. Probably not. I enjoy sleeping in my car especially since we got ice everywhere…

  8. Was that last shrimp cocktail poisoned again? I feel tears coming on. Crying tears of poison.

  9. I’m such a big spell Caster that I just got shocked by my Gold Bond lotion as I was getting some out I wonder what that means. I mean I got tired of getting shocked every time I touch my car door handle that’s a little ridiculous man

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