Rep. Madeleine Dean: TX New Abortion Law Is ‘Grotesque’ And ‘Draconian’

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (D-PA) and Demand Justice executive director Brian Fallon critique the new Texas near-abortion ban and foreshadow what the SCOTUS approval might mean for future rulings from the court.

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  1. Flood their websites and tip lines with bogus reports and if they are serious about paying bounties for information they will need to vet every single report that you send. Overwhelm their systems and make them grind to a halt.

  2. Need another Mass Exodus from red states. Just like during the civil rights era and Jim Crow era there. Bankrupt them

    1. No, we need to do the opposite: liberals should move to Texas by the hundreds of thousands and then, flip the state blue and get rid of these nasty, sick Republican goons.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I was just reading a story about some Californian families, who during the pandemic, had had enough of the Texas nonsense and moved back to California. Cheaper, for a reason.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera so you wanna go to a different state and force your ideals on the people in a place where you don’t even live? That’s deeply alarming…

    4. @Timetrius Taylor …’You know more people move to Texas then anywhere it just has a good business market and housing is Reasonable’.

      Not true. Phoenix is THE hottest spot in the country to move right now. People are AVOIDING Texas and Florida.

    1. Sounds a lot like China, or North Korea, or Taliban-controlled Afghanistan (Texanistan?). Definitely NOT American.

  3. Have been saying since the start the top priorities for Democrats should be voting rights, eliminating the filibuster, and expanding the Supreme Court to 15 justices.

    1. @Howard ~ Nope. Elections have consequences, and in a democracy, its majority rule. Americans are fed up with gridlock in the Capitol. In today’s fast-paced world, we can’t afford to wait decades for changes, anymore, if we wish our Republic to stay vibrant and competitive, if we wish to continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

    2. @Howard The “next guy” will likewise be a Democrat, so we’re not worried. The GOP is toast. American women will not vote for Republicans anymore.

    3. Wascal ,,yes elections have Consequences,?this is why Trump appointed 3 Supreme court justices ,?now this pass election was only less 50,000 votes separate the winner for President,THE DNC HOUSE DID POORLY LOST 13 seats but won 2 senate seats,?

    4. @Bobby Rios So if a president can pressure all nine justices to resign (not saying Trump tried this), he/she should have the right to nominate nine new justices. And if he/she muscles the Senate of his/her own party to agree, or has a confederate in someone like McConnell, it happens? Trump got to nominate three justices because two of them died and McConnell invented new rules and manipulated the system. One resigned. (That was the one nomination, Kavanaugh’s, that was handled correctly, even if I think he was a bad choice.) It’s not like each president gets to nominate a certain number because he/she won the election. It’s a matter of luck (not for the dead justices, of course) as to which president will have a big impact and which will have none. Some elections have greater consequences for the Court and some have none. That’s not good. Term limits for the justices, so that each election, the voters know the minimum number of nominations the next president is going to get. One reason this is not a bigger issue in elections is that the voters know it may not be an issue at all if no one dies or resigns from the Court.

    1. No, make that three. There have been as many as 12 justices on the Court in the past, so there is already a precedent for expanding it to that number.

    1. The history is this: in recent years, an ever-increasing number of young liberals have been moving to Texas. Given time, this will surely mean that Texas will flip from red to blue… probably within the next five or six years. What we’re seeing from the Texas Republicans are acts of sheer desperation. They know their party is slowly dying.

    2. It doesn’t really matter how many blue votes you get if the Republicans decide to overthrow the results of an election if they lose. I predict US democracy such as it is will end in 2022.

  4. So to recap: Republicans care enough about 6 week old heartbeats to pass sweeping law reforms, but not for 6 year olds getting shot in schools. Got it 👌🏽

    1. Or dying from Covid because their parents will not let them wear masks, and they are too young for either vaccination or DeSantis’s wonder drug,Regeneron. Nice to haek your donor’s product and stock you probably bought low and plan to sell high! Is this a form of lncider Trading? We know he loves money and is willing to sacrifice innocent children by discouraging mask wasting. And he now has the gall to say he is pro life! He has killed more children tan the pre born who cannot survive outside the woman’s womb if delivered at 6 weeks.

    2. @Shae C Totally agree. All of the cities in America should be as strict as Chicago where gun crime is really low.

  5. Ah they should be investigating how texas republicans consulted with certain members of the Supreme Court on writing their law.

  6. This Texas law is for keeping poor women from accessing safe abortions. Lets be honest, the wives, daughters, girlfriends, and mistresses of these rich Republican lawmakers and the rich and elites that they cater to, are not going to stop having access to abortions. A bunch of hypocrites

    1. @Diane so you’re telling people how they “should” feel. That’s nice, but has nothing to do with my comment.

    2. @Diane Why should I be grateful? My mother was forced to have me by her pro life conservative family and has resented me and abused me, mentally and physically, since the day I was born. I’d of rathered the other option.

  7. Two things Voting Rights and Reproductive rights are key. If we are going out there to protest if we don’t get those BS voting rights taken care of we are going to have many more republicans being in the majority in multiple states to create these laws across the country.

  8. Wasn’t that one of Adolf Hitler’s strategies turn people against each other just some more Nazi rhetoric coming from the right and the Evangelistic Christians

    1. I find it hilarious that you call the Republicans Nazis when you are the one advocating murdering potential human beings; but then you think men can get pregnant, so I don’t trust your rationality at all.

    2. hitler enjoyed the support of the religious right Catholics and evangelicals alike. It was out spoken left wing pastors who were sent to concentration camps. Why do you think they love Trump so much.

    3. @Wes Ash
      Except that members of the Carholic Church went to concentration camps and died; and others hid Jews

    4. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr the Catholic church was firmly behind the Nazis there are ample photos film footage and documentary evidence individuals who crossed the system went but the institution was in no way a target Germany was 80% Catholic at the time. Not to mention the church and even the pope smuggled Nazi officers out of Europe at wars end.

  9. Trump SCOTUS members aren’t making any sense. *We need to FULLY investigate them, then show our findings to the country!!!*

  10. I’m so tired of hearing Dean say things like “Grotesque”, “Shocking”, blah blah blah….DO SOMETHING BESIDES USE SHOCK WORDS!!!! That’s why we elected you!

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