Rep. Maloney On The Importance Of Working With Voters Who Have Differing Opinions | Morning Joe 1

Rep. Maloney On The Importance Of Working With Voters Who Have Differing Opinions | Morning Joe


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, discusses the president's joint address to Congress and representing a district that voted for Donald Trump. the importance of working with voters who have differing opinions.
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  1. Differing opinions is one thing. You can work with someone that has a different opinion. Not believing facts? Those pinheads can’t be worked with.

    1. Sadly I work with one of those pinheads, you can work with them, it’s just not pleasant. I have a rule now, as soon as things turn to politics, I go to the washroom, call my wife and return to my desk talking to her about work.

    2. See, there you go resorting to name-calling. Perhaps the fact you are referring to differ from the fact that you believe. Need to explore their backs and see where they are coming from rather than just resort to name calling.
      Facts can take a wide variety of forms.

  2. you know of course that 70 million people voted for a guy that lied to them for 4 years, and they couldn’t figure it out right?

    1. @Ganiscol It’s about being challenged in a primary for most. They can’t appear to be normal or some real nutbag like Marjorie Taylor-Greene will run against them. And win.

    2. @PJ Celeste All politicians do lie, but Trump lies to such a pathological degree, nothing he says can be taken at face value.

  3. When there is conversations amongst Democrats and conversations amongst Republicans but no conversations between the two, then there is civil war.

  4. The gop always think about ‘Power’ not think about people/nation, aren’t they sit in
    the senate chair because they are chosen to work for the people?!

  5. Having differing opinions is one thing. But if the maga cult can’t even accept that they lost a fair election or if they believe space lasers cause wildfires….good luck with that!

  6. Excellent point! Deliver results which we make the American people’s life better. This is the bottom line. We must always come together and reason to find out how to better serve, and gather feedback. That’s good and necessary. But when you are trying to work with those who can’t be reasoned with and only want to impede progress you must keep moving on or allow them to obstruct. Obviously, their goals are different. It’s only logical when you own a car or home that you must invest money or it will lose value and fall apart. We must invest in the American people with infrastructure, jobs, research, and buying American products and supporting unions. The dividends the people who make up America will receive will be astronomical as the president spoke about. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Biden correctly pointed out that the world is tilting towards autocracies. We almost had one here. We need to be aware that a significant part of our population want a “Leader” in the autocratic sense.

  8. They need to be shown that the last 4 years were an illusion by really making things happen now- like it would have been quicker to control the virus and retrofit the businesses and provide PPE and stronger restrictions by encouraging people to learn how to live in a changing environment and adapt to it..

  9. We seem to want to trace and discredit and mock voters who have differing opinions. We seem to not be able to cope with people who do not seem eye to eye with us.

  10. In other news; this morning, joe biden woke up, had a better than expected bowel movement and remembered to wipe.

  11. In other news; this morning, joe biden woke up, had a better than expected bowel movement and remembered to wipe.

  12. Go watch the most transparent audit in America history! Azaudit not com but org. 9 camera angles live. Behizy on YouTube can tell you about the audit process

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