Rep. Maloney: The Election Fraud Lie Being Perpetuated ‘Is The Blood Libel’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Rep. Maloney: The Election Fraud Lie Being Perpetuated ‘Is The Blood Libel’ | Deadline | MSNBC


New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney calls for Republicans on Capitol Hill to be held responsible for their part in inciting the violence on Wednesday. Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Rep. Maloney: The Election Fraud Lie Being Perpetuated ‘Is The Blood Libel’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @commie killa also you traitors are the ones getting arrested but no please go on you’re going to get all “US” traitors huh lol inbred

    2. Yes yes, the American politics that told the world 40 years ago that Americans only protect pedos London and Rome. Georgia guidestones?

    3. @David Hale No problem. According to the great right, the same professional agitators that led the Capitol break in travelled around tormenting violence at BLM rallies.
      Seems like Antifa is a division of Scott Prince enterprises.

  1. Authorities : Let’s play a game. First we will let all domestic Terrorists to flee from Capitol Building then public need to identify them.

    1. I have plenty of friends that I worry about. You’re not one of them because you’re impeccable.

    2. Although overwhelmed , they tried to deal with situation as best as possible, except for a few who should also be charged, no N.G. thanks to trump who incited the attack.

    3. @Juan Maldonado I agree, they were so outnumbered their goal was to stop the advance. Had they even tried to cuff anyone or turn their backs they would have been over run.

    4. I guess that none of us know the whole situation at the time, but I can’t work out why they didn’t close off the building, tear-gas the lot of them, then arrest them all. Also call in choppers to hover and keep the people outside away. I’m not into violence but it would have helped.

    1. This truly is a Fort Sumter/Pearl Harbor moment. But you are fighters and have always overcome adversity; I believe in you. You stand on the ground of one of the richest countries in the world. The struggle will be hard and long and often ugly; but once again, the only way the enemy can realistically win is if YOU throw in the towel and say: “I don’t want to fight. Guess I’ll just give in.” That’s the single only trump (pun intended) he has in play. Don’t do it. Don’t let him play it.

    2. @Stripedbottom This also needs to be done to set precedent for the future as well. So no one that may be younger have more intelligence or talent than Trump can succeed in destroying our democracy or constitution

  2. The irony about all this is that everything OBAMA was accused of potentially doing because he’s a ‘tyrant’, well….Trump has done.

    1. @Curtis Whitaker meanwhile Republicans in Idaho Tennessee Kentucky Louisiana New Hampshire fought to keep child marriage legal

  3. It was delayed by trump or someone who works for him. Who else in the government were involved in delaying the national guard

    1. Repubs love making delays, whether it’s New Jersey bridge traffic or protecting the Capitol from MAGAs on the loose from their trailer parks.


    1. The Republican ENABLERS repeated the lies over and over. All who supported the electoral block definitely share blame for the lives lost.

    2. Why is the leader of the coup still in the peoples house. It’s all good cuz it failed? …I don’t think so ! …. wtf?

    1. I just read a business article saying the big manufacturing associations who oversee 100s of businesses and corporations that they are ‘questioning’ whether they should continue to fund PACS for those Seditionists.!


  4. In Australia, our government changes effective immediately as soon as the winner is declared. The lame-duck period is way too long.

    1. @cici Furthermore the winner is elected by popular vote and not a group of electors such as your electoral college.

    2. @Simon Garrett Same in Oz. Government is dismissed 32 days before the election and only administrative work can be carried out. The pollies go campaigning, the election is held and within about a week or so the new government takes over. And yes, folks, we work on the popular vote system and have ranked choice voting.

    3. @Drew Vac we have huge states with few people and small states with millions. It’s to even out for population differences. 330+ million. Much larger population overall in the U.S. that’s why it’s so diverse from state to state.

    1. @Kiela Gullett
      It’s a 6 day old account posting nothing but incendiary messages calling for violence and murder. You can tell by its name alone that it’s clearly a proudbot. Please do not engage with it, report it and move on.

    2. Trump can’t be trusted to defend the safety of congress or the rest of the country. He is insanely sick and he can’t make reasonable decisions. We must invoke the 25th amendment and Pence must take control. It’s the right thing to do!

    3. @Eva Luna it is a troll. I reported some and never see them again, but they might create new accounts with new names. Some of them are not even Americans. And be careful clicking links that they upload there. They might contain malicious malware. Stay safe

  5. Any president who would incite sedition – treason – is certainly capable of starting another war or worse. Yes…worse.

    1. @auber there I hear you but I’m against the death penalty. Life in prison is enough. Still basically the death penalty except nobody has to go through the psychological stress of knowing they killed another person. I’m more so thinking about the souls of those tasked with killing. If we ever become civilized we will look back at the executioners as just a tool of the state and frequently killed innocent people. Kind of how we look at Roman times when life was even cheaper.

    1. trumpiss & his enablers are grifters bigots & cons itching for power like any other dictators out there. I feel petty for the useful idiots that follow them with the lies all the time & hope some of them realise they are been coned by this grifters.

    2. This man died in the line of duty. These people are no patriots, they are terrorists and should be treated as such.

    3. @Missy R She was trying to forced her way through by crawling through a broken window of barricade door. She was warned to stay back and she did not listen…..and she’d paid a great price. Her life.

    1. Donald Trump cannot be allowed to be relevant one more day!

      Trump and the Republican party did not tell their supporters to attack the capital. They merely lied and lied and lied, fomented division and distrust then told an armed mob that they had gathered together, it was their patriotic duty to act. After stirring this armed crowd into a frenzy he sent them to the capital,  knowing full well, in Trump’s own words ” it was going to be wild “.

      This was a planned attack with Trump sayng he would be with them in ther march to the capital.

      Trump, upon returning to the White House, watched this planned attack unfold on TV. 

      At any point the President could have sent in the national guard. He could have secured the capital before the mob arrived. But no, he was “with them” and refused to send in the national guard to back up the capital police knowing full well what he had unleashed, with the goal of illegally disrupting the electoral process as he had illegally tried so many times before. 

      And as before, we witnessed complete abdication of duty by Republican leadership! Blaming the mob instead of those who incited them. By refusing to send in the national guard, Trump was with that mob. 

      What a proud day for the Republican party. What a proud day for their role in disrupting the electoral process and allowing Trump to be relevant for one more day. 

      Of course the capital police were quickly overrun by the armed mob that set siege on the capital, sent by Trump and his co-conspirators. And of course destruction mayhem and death followed the leaders of this attack on this nation’s government.  

      Now Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and the Republican administration are claiming the people who broke into the capital did so on their own free will and should be punished for it, but they, the leaders who set this attack into the motion, their hands are clean.

      Convict and impeach Trump and his collaborators now, not tomorrow or the next day, now!


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