Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies on Jan. 6 in eligibility case | USA TODAY

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was in court Friday on ballot eligibility due to Jan. 6 activity

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Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday denied that she was an insurrectionist as she fought a constitutional challenge seeking to disqualify her from the ballot and to bar her from another term in Congress.

Greene repeated false claims about a stolen presidential election and said multiple times she did not remember in response to questions about her involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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  1. MTG perjured herself twice. They asked her about knowing Alexandre. She said she barely knew him. They were NOT friends. Then later during a quick fire questioning she admitted to them being friends and she knew him. Just they weren’t close friends. Then she stated towards the beginning that she authorizes all posts on her social media. Then later on she stated she didn’t authorize that particular post. They asked her again about her statements. She again stated she didn’t authorize it even though she previously testified she authorizes all posts in her name on her social media. Twice she perjured herself on the record. Not only that but for a member of Congress she sure seems to not remember alot about her own actions……

    1. funy how she wanted back on twitter. but she and her attn stopped them getting access to it. so there is her freedom of speech quote of the year.

  2. 1776…when america had to protect itself from red coats…now we have to protect ourselves from red hats…

  3. She can’t remember anything, not a thing!? This is who the Republicans want to represent them? But then they can’t remember anything eithet, like how democracy works. You Republican Senator held up trucks coming from Mexico that billions of dollars of perishables rotted because the line were backed up for hours and those losses are passed on in higher prices. Thanks for adding to our woes just to get your way. Way to go Kevin!

  4. Of course her lawyer told her to say I don’t remember even when she saw herself on YouTube what a waste to the Georgia people

  5. Sweaty and very nervous. She’s also blinking really weird. Doesn’t look like such a badass now. Trying look sweet and innocent while lying out of both sides of her mouth. If she really doesn’t remember than maybe she’s not capable of doing her job. Way too much money being wasted on this do nothing!!

  6. Hey MTG you can’t even lie straight especially since it’s ON VIDEOS EVERYWHERE on MORE THAN ONE OCCASSION.

  7. So if Margie runs for office an wins,we can go an stop her from taking her job,an say she did not win ,that the votes were wrong,she would not like that

  8. Watch out folks, did you Notice who was also in attendance? MATT GAETZ. The cons are going to run with this as their playbook- “ I Don’t Recall “ is going to be their mantra, very Nixionesque.

  9. ‘ Re-Public Cans Stand Strong with Rights & Responsibility for Self & Others ‘ ! ❤️ ! ” Responsibility Matters for ALL Lives ” !

  10. A ‘fine, up-standing’ US politician enumerating her ‘principles’,
    defended by an up-standing US lawyer protecting her rights.
    A ‘fine, up-standing’ US politician’s intellectual prowess,
    honesty, selective memory, and clear conscience is on display;
    someone America can be really proud of to have in Congress.
    Lying under oath is no big deal for this ‘fine, up-standing’ politician.

  11. Since there is plenty of audio, videotape and print that prove she’s a lying SoS, can’t she be found to have committed perjury by the Court?

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