Rep. McCarthy On Biden Speech: This Could've Been An Email | MSNBC 1

Rep. McCarthy On Biden Speech: This Could’ve Been An Email | MSNBC


Reacting to Pres. Biden's speech to Congress on Wednesday – which included Biden saying he's open to cooperation from Republicans – the top Republican in the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy used Twitter to dismiss the speech entirely. A.B. Stoddard joins to discuss.
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  1. Isn’t this the same McCarthy who is letting the Q cult take over his party and has no problem with Matt Gaetz?

    1. Dude. There is just no such thing as QAnon. He just pronounced it Q-ay-nun. That is proof that it doesn’t exist!

    1. @Morris Kevin McCarthy life is when you keep getting an error pop up when trying to do something lol

  2. McCarthy is the rep for California’s 23rd district, which is in and around Bakersfield. It’s a dry, empty section of America that you’d feel sorry for anyone living there. Maybe he should focus a little more there than whatever the f*** you call what he’s doing now.

    1. Ro G
      yeah, I just bet you can pick out several of the Democrats districts with all the homeless and illegals along the streets and say they have so much to brag about LOL

    2. @Michael Schwartz No, Bakersfield is in the SE part of CA. Nunes is in the NW region. Different area but both a full of hicks. I lived south of Bakersfield for a couple of years in Taft. Describing them as hicks is being kind.

    3. @stopthecrazyguy Gotcha. For some reason I had Nunes and Bakersfield linked in my head. Probably the hicks, lol

  3. sad to see GOPS sleeping through Biden’s speech, Trump followers have no interest in fixing anything to help Americans, just get out of Biden’s way please…

  4. Tim Scott: America is not racist

    Also Tim Scott: here are fifteen different ways I’ve experienced racism in…America.

    1. GOP members are required to speak from both sides of their mouth. They consider logical consistency to be their #1 enemy.

  5. The Indians would have called him “man who speaks with forked tongue“. We know the Republican Agenda: do nothing, cowtoe to corporations, and obstructionism.

    1. John Juhasz… and the Natives American would call the republican party people who walk with devils and lies like the wind.

    2. John Juhasz
      have you ever looked to see how many corporations donate to the Democrats for favors? To be honest the past 2 decades has pretty much been Congress doing nothing so the Republicans are lined up perfectly with the Democrats. I prefer they do nothing because when they do anything is eats at my wallet. Obstructionism? Right. During Trump’s 4 years I watched everyday as Democrats jumped to work with him to improve the country. LOL I know the Democrats agenda , take over the country and do everything they can to
      keep power and control, With in or outside the rules

    3. Absolutely. We need to save this nation and our government by getting rid of politicians who DO NOTHING FOR THIS NATION!!

  6. I’m a rebulicans but those rebulicans are not going to do anything like always that’s why I won’t vote any of them

    1. If you know this why do you still remain a Republican. They haven’t been American for years.

    1. I’m sure there are plenty of his lip prints on 45s backside which is the go to for sycafants. The ring is reserved for family and co-conspirtors with some power. If seeking gratis from a failed and soon to be jailed wanna be president is all he has left? McMoney is soon to run out of options for begging.

    1. @TheHugeDwarf you did not provide any counter evidence, just emotions. I’ll wait for your counter argument.
      Your sick mindset equates flourishing as Gucci belts and a mansion where as I’m talking about social cohesion within black communities.
      Btw, I’m probably darker skinned than you and my blood line is definitely more melinated. So check yourself son.

    2. @Deepak D’Souza flourishing does not mean living in a mansion and wearing Gucci belts. I’m talking in respects to community structures and bonds. If you live your life comparing yourself to white people then you’re in a sad place brother.

    3. @Ebaneezer Scourge although I don’t agree with you as to whoa to blame. I have to agree that the black community in the states willingly fell for social engineering.

      Their women sold them out. Just like during slavery . Their women sold them out. It’s the modern Adam and Eve story.

    4. @Ebaneezer Scourge Is that you believe people that say to your face that you’re stupid for trusting them?

    1. @David Guelette 75 million people must be delusional then? No you mean your just a fascist anti American who doesn’t like opposing views.

    2. @Insignificant360 Are you that in denial you can’t see the guys health and mind is declining? Go back to him 4 5 10 years ago and tell me Biden is with it and well now as then. Get your head out your backside.

  7. So the worst thing the Republicans can say about Biden is that he’s boring? Well, guess what? After four years of the Trump soap opera, I will gladly take boring!

  8. A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something.

    1. @GratefulHippieChic Wouldn’t *_”Hairy legs & pits clam unkept”_* be a more accurate user name?

    2. @Alex Hamilton *_If Podesta only had better hand-writing ……… Scalise and Scalia hits wouldn’t get so fouled up._*

    1. I can’t believe that guy got up there and did what Republicans do best (LIE),,,Scott said that racism doesn’t exist in America and turned right around and said he’s been called the N word by progressives and liberals, news flash, you’ve been called that by the Republicans too

  9. President Biden laid out his plan while Republicans looked annoyed that they do not have a plan other than following trump over the cliff to dictatorship.

    1. Reba doesn’t realize it Biden that the dictator but you can’t teach stupid so don’t bother to educate this one.

    2. @Jake TFour Well, obviously your head is still up trump’s behind. Is that why you refuse to see trump as the wanna be dictator that he is is.
      Being brainwashed is no excuse for following a traitor and Putin puppet.
      Get back to me in 6 months when your cowardly leader is in lockdown for his crimes.

    3. @Tonné k Infrastructure, tax hike, medical, prescription drug prices, removal of troops from Afghanistan,
      Covid-19 guidelines and distribution…Where were you? Injecting disinfectant or playing with your UV light?

    4. @Alex Hamilton Sound as if you are talking about yourself here. You swallowed every lie trump spewed. Now look at the evidence of every lie. Where is he ? At Mar a logo begging for your money and plotting behind the scenes trying his best to destroy democracy. You cheer for a Putin puppet not a leader of this country, truly pathetic.

    5. @Scott Buskirk So being articulate, intelligent and less whiny does not work for you? I wonder why? Four years of whiny misinformation, covid will disappear like a miracle or inject disinfectant is your speed huh…

  10. “This whole thing could’ve been a email” yeah says the guy tweeting, these people spend way to much time on social media & not so much doing their constituents a better representation.

    1. He got confused because Biden was speaking in sentences to the people instead of sound bites to a mirror.

  11. There ARE such things as very long emails – I write lots of them myself. They used to be known as “letters.” If Kevin McCarthy never writes any – so much the worse for him.

    1. I am tending to believe he does not understand the impact of a well-written, and hand-written, letter. Unfortunately, he likely has political postcards and flyers printed and considers them “correspondence.” Fortunately, junk mail gets the big delete – right into the trash bin next to my mailbox.

  12. Please, please put the whole speech in an email and send it to McCarthy… repeatedly, every day, for the rest of his term.

    1. I just emailed him the transcript of the speech. Had to jump through zip code verification BS though.

    1. I figure he left it in Mar a Lago. He briefly found it, on the 6th, but came back from kissing the ring, without it.

  13. McCarthy just can’t understand why anyone would want to actually do something for the people.
    That concept is a GQP mind blower.

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