Rep. Mikie Sherrill Reflects On Impeachment Managers’ Riot Video | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Those senators who refused to watch the video… nothing more telling than a coward who cant face the consequences of his actions.

    1. @John Watt God you are so brainwashed. WTF ?
      Trump won the election. Let’s start fixing your brain with that.

    2. @John Watt Dude, nothing you are claiming is remotely true. Do you care that you are a shill for liars? Have an ounce of Integrity?

    3. @J L the confounding thing when you look at the history of riots, though, is that they are effective.

      Of course, the same could be said for an assassination…

      Public unrest ought to be feared, it’s all very confusing morally.

    4. @tarod3 The Capitol Hill riot was certainly not effective and it has given leftists cover for all their violent behavior last year. Instead of seeking common ground and trying to calm things down, the democrats will abuse their power and they will get trounced in the mid-terms despite all their efforts to rig future elections in their favor.

    5. @J L don’t act like the party in power doesn’t always do that.
      And don’t conflate those riots. One was manufactured discontent, not widely accepted, and the other has a civil rights movement in its history.

    1. @Foe of Faux Pho maybe you missed the part where a big percentage of those arrested were retired or active military members. The GQP cult party has radicalized them. It’s so sad.

    2. @Evan You aren’t paying attention, you also are ignorant AF.
      name one of his 50 EOs that is for the good of most Americans and the country. If you like it, it’s because you have been misled and misinformed.
      Your beliefs about Trump are equally attributed to your ignorance and misinformation. It’s why you parrot slogans. What lie did Trump tell that misled Americans? You stupidly repeat the lie myth from Glenn Kessler a POS Washington Post liar who said he doesn’t need to keep up with Biden’s lies.

    3. @Evan Biden refused to say what he’s do as president. He didn’t campaign or answer questions. It’s why he lost by 12 million votes.
      Those with no integrity are ok with a coup in the United States.
      Biden has the house and Senate. Why does he need the EOs?
      The Democrat Party is lucky their base is stupid, mentally ill and willfully ignorant.

    4. nobody realizes the predictive programming in the simpons? The Capitol riot was staged, just like every other NWO related issue.

    1. Yes, the body count, damage to businesses, burning down block after block– oh wait! I was thinking of Portland and Seattle. . .

    2. @ruth depew are you okay I think you have brain damage because your comment has nothing to do with what I said

    1. I’ve been saying this for a while, and we are reaching a precipice, however we all see how much damage will be done in the mean time.

  2. Are any of these actors currently working on movies , awesome imaginations, kidnapping and killing Wow fantastic!

    1. I was too. I had hoped the news of bodies burning in the capitol were true but alas, AOC was still alive. Maybe next time.

  3. Trump is still a Democrat who is pretending to be Republican to steal the party!!! We need to take our party back!!!!

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