Rep. Murphy On Jan. 6 Committee, Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal 1

Rep. Murphy On Jan. 6 Committee, Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal


Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) comments on Republicans joining the Jan. 6th select committee and U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.
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  1. Jan 6 we saw what happens when a con man gets his ego destroyed 😭😭😭😭 I won I won I won

    1. Last summer we saw what happens when a cop accidentally kills a drug addict, and in response buildings get burned & looted

    2. @TheHopetown 🤤 REEEEEEE lead paint taste good REEEEEEEE sheep 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    1. Right, as you point out, Republicans will do all they can to sabotage, obstruct, and hinder the investigation. But that’s because many of them are complicit.

    2. @Jeremy Backup How are the investigations into the summer of violence of the crazy left, of that’s right y’all were let out the back door. Hypocrisy galore!

  2. The GOP didn’t want an objective inquiry. Why invite em to something they’ll criticise anyway. Leave em out in the snow.

    Stephanie is hot.

  3. McCarthy is afraid of the truth, that’s why he objected to the bipartisan committee even after the Dems agreed to everything that his GOP negotiator demanded. He is afraid that he might be required to testify.

  4. I come here everyday to see what happened on Jan 6th. Then to lift my mood I look up the latest Biden gaffes. Life is good.

  5. The most OBVIOUS answer of what happened that day is: Trump couldn’t accept the fact that he lost and used his delusional lies to incite the terrorists who stormed the capital building; I can’t wait to see more results continue to undermine Trump’s lies more…

    Trump destroyed himself and he’s about to suffer the consequences

    1. Trump was proven not to incite.

      Your impeachment team’s appeal to emotion arguments failed

  6. Yeah if they talk about the whole thing talk about the guards laying them in talk about that Sullivan guy who was paid by CNN but for footage yeah I’ll be okay with it there’s so much more that footage and so much other things that happened that MSNBC refuses to talk about but by using the same footage and the same thing over and over again

  7. Wait a minute. Didn’t the GOP vote against this investigation? If they ruled against it why do they get to pick anyone? Am I wrong on this? I thought they refused the investigation. If that’s true, y does McCarthy have the right to send any republican? They lost that right when they voted against it. If I’m wrong please let me know.

    1. I agree with you. But if repuklicans aren’t allowed to join in,they’ll hollar that anything found by democrats is a lie.

  8. She’s reading from a teleprompter……..from her home?

    The lighting is correct for TV…… a house?

    Is the backdrop her house or a studio made to look like her house?

    Something doesn’t look right.

  9. Democrats, the only party that brings a knife to a gun fight. What parallel universe are they existing in.

  10. Pelosi has veto power, so McCarthy trying to make the investigation a circus by including clowns won’t work.

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