Rep. Murphy On Pelosi Rejecting Jordan, Banks From Jan. 6 Committee 1

Rep. Murphy On Pelosi Rejecting Jordan, Banks From Jan. 6 Committee


Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-Fla.) reacts to Speaker Pelosi rejecting Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Jim Banks from the Jan. 6th committee: Pelosi showing 'how serious' she takes Jan. 6 committee by rejecting two Republicans.

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  1. There is no point in having non-serious people on the committee who only want to delegitimize it from within.

    1. I don’t see how Cheney can be impartial whilst she is still a member of a party that instigated an insurrection. It would be like putting a mafia member on a jury of a mafia case just because they wanted to be the new mafia leader.

    2. @Muddy Water Actually, they’ve mostly talked about vaccines, trying to open up society from quarantine, and putting together a deal on infrastructure. They don’t want to have to deal with 45’s BS anymore either, but he doesn’t know when enough is enough, so here we are.

    1. McCarthy is covertly undermining and obstructing the investigation to prevent truth and justice from being presented to US.

    2. 💯 ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

    3. @Ahmad Abdullah He will be compelled to testify if they deem it necessary. I think as the ranking Republican in the House he should testify.

    1. @TrollKing9001 You mean higher level masters, answering to another master.
      Probably an Orange Loser, ahem master.

    2. Well, in all fairness to McQarthy. He had to ask “the Don” for his permission first. And everyone knows what a brilliant tactician Bunkerboy is.

    3. In DT’s addled mind tactics are small ufo shaped mints that wind up Navy pilots and disappear quick, sharp and in a hurry.

    1. That is why he was not asked to join, he will be asked to testify, either nicely or through subpoena. He likely won’t be able to claim the fifth either.

    2. @Ethan Weeter I’m pretty sure he will try the old “executive privilege” routine and won’t answer without a court order. He’s terrified of having to tell the truth about his conversations with Trump during the assult on the Capitol.

    1. @WSOX Man we want to know more because there have been suggestions that some members of the GQP had a much bigger hand in what happened that day-giving tours of the capitol in the days leading up to 1/6, for instance. But forcing them to admit that they lied about the “integrity” of the election results which directly led to the treasonous behavior that day is important too. Not just to get to the truth, but because they’re now using those lies to pass voter suppression laws all over the country. The rot in the GQP runs deep, and needs to be exposed. Not to mention those like McCarthy (and I’m sure many more) need to be compelled to tell the truth about trump’s actions, conversations, and overall response on that day. It’s also important to find out WHO dropped the ball that day, WHY they did so, and what needs to be done to ensure this NEVER happens again. Not just by our own delusional citizens, but our adversaries watched it all go down that day as well. And if they see cracks in our democracy you can be SURE they will capitalize on that.

    2. @B Bodziak we need to end the Republican party all together there ideas are past.and replace it with a socialist party between them and the Democrats we could govern in a modern way.

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle lmfao. Shall we roll the tapes of Trump with Ivanka? Or Jeff Epstein and Ghislane? How bout we roll his p grabbing tape? Or his bragging bout going into his Miss Teen USA pagent to perv on underage girls who had no clothes on?

    2. @Mimzy Jinx
      Covfefe Commando,

      Evidently your cranium cavity storage tunnel has mud packed in exit?
      This may explain the symptoms of oxygen deprivation you are displaying?
      Pretty observant for not being a real being, don’t you think?

    3. @Yanski Arbuckle you wouldn’t believe the actual videos anyway so? 🖕😭❄️💩 Troll.

  2. Jordan is a clown, so unless she’s running a circus, someone like him should never be allowed near it.

  3. Thank god for that. Would have been a total joke. Trumpers won’t believe anything that comes out of it anyway – they’ll just call “Rhino” or “Clone” or “Brainwashed”.
    Good for Pelosi.

  4. The GOP gave the wealthiest huge tax breaks without bi-partisan support. Now they want bi-partisan everything. Too bad.

    1. @Charles L Jones The poor and lazy do not deserve any tax cut because they pay zero taxes.

    2. Too bad? Man you are slow.
      Can you say Joe Manchin?
      Can you say a real republican who could not win without the Democrat label?
      Can you say untrustworthy without any loyalty to his own party?
      Can you say anything when Republicans totally take over the United States and put Democrats in jail because they can?

    3. @thegreen iguana The last “tax cut” you got in 2017, thanks to the GOP senate, had this in it. In 2019 the tax rate was raised on everyone that got the 2017 “tax break AND it will INCREASE every year subsequent until 2027 so, by 2027, you will be paying about 9-12% more than you were BEFORE the “tax break” you received in 2017. Look it up.

    4. @thegreen iguana actually many of the poor pay less taxes than large corporations … you know many middle class people who are only taxed 750 dollars for ten years …. Like trump……but nice deflection …..I’m willing to bet you don’t make over 400000 dollars …….and if you don’t your tax cut is non-existent ……the cost of imported products ……went up …..which negated any monetary gain by the tax cuts.

  5. Integrity is the keyword. Pelosi has Republican lies on tape and votes. She doesn’t need McCarthy permission.

    1. You’re so correct about that, Bill, and that’s a good point. She has the GOP’s “lies on tape and votes.” Bravo!

    1. Absolutely move forward on your own and being considerate
      they alone are not for the right thing at all on anything!

  6. Idea…those GOP that voted FOR 2nd impeachment be seated on this commission. Go get ’em, Pelosi!

    1. Those were Senators. Doesn’t apply on a House committee. But it would be great to have a both houses committee, if just the GQP would allow that.

    1. @Helen Short 💯 ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

    2. @Catrasho : Yes I know. It’s why McCarthy went to visit the orange wonder. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring the baleadas.

    3. We shall refer to them as “the ignorant tRumpers” in history class.

  7. Oh man, no JJ on the committee gonna make it much less of a circus.They aren’t McCarthy`s picks anyway, their tRumps.

  8. Good on Pelosi for not allowing this committee to be turned into a sideshow, by do-nothing “representatives” like Jordan and Banks.

  9. I can figure only one serious reason why anyone would be opposed to finding the truth of J6… they were complicit..

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