Rep. Nadler Suggests His Committee Is Already Conducting An Impeachment Inquiry | Deadline | MSNBC

Wapo's Phil Rucker, former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance, WBUR's Kimberly Atkins, National Action Network's Reverend Al Sharpton, and New York Magazine's Gabe Dedenedetti on Democrats' calculations about launching an impeachment inquiry after Mueller's testimony
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Rep. Nadler Suggests His Committee Is Already Conducting An Impeachment Inquiry | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Jim Myers

      *_”At any time in the investigation, was your investigation curtailed or stopped or hindered?”_*


    2. Wont work. You clearly don’t understand the law. Stop listening to the propagandists. They are playing you again. For, what, the third time?

  1. People around the globe are fighting back. We are organizing, We Are United. Ask T. May. She is history. Many more to come

    1. @Harvey Wallbanger You are wasting your time, Harvey. These libs are hopelessly lost in their hatred. They refuse to see the truth. They eat up the lies spewed from the mouths of the propagandists.

    1. Agreed 100% Peggy. But how do we get fat americans off their butts for 35 minutes on election night to go vote? It’s easy to be armchair button clickers here at youtube; another thing entirely to leave the house and vote to save the nation. Leaving the house might mean missing the FRIENDS re-run on tv.

    1. Lily, just wait until AG Barr’s investigations are over. Then decide who is guilty. President Trump isn’t. Guess who is?

    2. Lily, you sadly do not understand the law. Stop listening to the propagandists. They are playing you.

    1. This is one of the Biggest Democrat Biggots ever! He Claims to be religious, I never have been to a church like the thinks. Sure is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Isaac!

    1. @mary S. not after his victims split his money and party in their new 57 million condo in New York City

  2. Better be. Do your job Dems: the people overwhelmingly voted for you so you could hold criminal 45* & the GOP accountable.

    1. “Do your job dems” That will be a first. Here I thought they were career obstructionists. Go figure.

  3. The Great Awakening is about identifying corrupt people and following the money, friends, wives. Observation of old articles. Gathering as much information as possible, carefully catolog and archive everything.

  4. The people are impatient for the end of this thriller.
    We are all trying to sneak a peek at the last page.
    A sure sign that the plot has spun out of control.

  5. WOW! John Heilemann did a kickass job hosting here!
    I had no idea that John could perform on this level!!

    I hope to see him hosting more on MSNBC.
    He proved himself to be a prolific host, ijust as good as many other MSNBC hosts.
    He is on a high level .😎😁

  6. Funny thing about Leadership… helping people make up their minds is part of your job description

  7. It is going to happen! But, It must be concrete and real. Don’t rush it! Be deliberate, methodical and aggressive!

    You must, I mean must be patient and focused in order to catch a corrupt criminal, letting him hang himself. And he will greed is the white man’s cryptonite!

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