Rep. Neguse Calls For Elimination Of Senate Filibuster 1

Rep. Neguse Calls For Elimination Of Senate Filibuster


Prominent GOP leaders continue to downplay the January 6 insurrection. Rep. Joe Neguse responds to the related U.S. Senate stalemate, says the Senate is ‘fundamentally broken as an institution,’ and explains why he believes the Senate Democratic caucus needs to eliminate the filibuster now.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Neguse Calls For Elimination Of Senate Filibuster


  1. I would be happy to see the filibuster go. The GOP will use it to obstruct the will of the people

    1. Leftist cheating has squelched the voice of the people. Do not get caught on the wrong side of history

    2. The left are on the right side of history because they are not the ones who have to cheat in order to win elections.

    3. You mean the same way Democrats filibuster to stop what Republicans want careful what you wish for when your shoes on the other foot

  2. Can never forget Flyin lying Ted Cruz waisting Tax dollars reciting Dr. Seuss on a filibuster

    1. @David Eby HOW ABOUT BANGHAZI …8 senate investigations 92 million dollars waisted not to mention the 26 million pages of absolute waisted ink and paper

    2. @Molly Simmons – thanks for letting me know that you think you lost the argument. . It’s really not that big a deal

    3. @Scott Harrison You are not serious ….are you? so YOU see it …YOU …SEE …IT ???? OK ?

    4. @Trump Russia’s Favorite Son- I asked you to specifically tell me what you hate about Trump and you can’t! Fcking! Do! It!!
      That’s called cognitive dissonance

  3. Get rid of the filibuster NOW! And pack the court. Sitting here in Europe smh. Dem’s: what are you waiting for? If you hesitate now R’s will soon create point of no return, Goodbye democracy in America- like forever!

    1. Everyone knows that it’s the Republicans who have a well documented history of rigging elections in order to win.

  4. The GQP would filibuster free tacos on Tuesday because they’re too “ethnic.” Time to move on from them. They’re too far gone at this point, searching for Bamboo and making sure Mr Potato Head stays a man .
    The Dems can be the adults here on out.

    1. @CJ K One side can’t get over the fact they lost in 2020 and some of them claim the election was stolen, even though that same election is what got them into office. The other side is the Dems. So yeah, you tell me who are the whining children in this situation.

  5. McConnell would. He would use every tool at his disposal to fight you, so you must go all out.

    1. Well, look what they’ve gotten away with. Why aren’t you all out there making your voices heard.

    2. @cjk if you put businesses over human life, maybe you are part of the problem. Cities were not destroyed, despite what fox news told you. 99% of protests were peaceful. Democrats called out the looting and fires as horrible. Trying to both sides things like civil rights, human right, vs a few buildings got burnt and looted… come on man. How many died? Do you have a number? I know of 2 killed by some right wing nut job with an illegal fire arm from a neighboring state. I know of 1 security guard killed by something like 5 guys robbing a store. All of those murderers should be in prison. Its wrong. But to say people died and so blm as a movement is responsible and bad? You can’t have a conversation in good faith. You want peaceful protests but Republicans freak out over taking a knee at a sporting event. Seems like no matter what blm does, people like you will have a problem with it. If you and Republicans want to come out and call it racism, id have a tiny shred of respect just cause you stand by your convictions, but to make excuse after excuse for people not to stand up against injustice, i just have no respect at all.

    3. @cjk also, businesses stood up in support of blm. They know they can rebuild. They have insurance. Lives… not so much. You can’t come back from a cop killing you over your skin color.

    4. @senile Joe Biden all intelligence agencies have said far right extremists are the #1 threat on American soil. Being anti fascist, is actually not a bad thing. Also, not an organization. Blm, also a movement to get equal rights. Not as scary as you want to believe…. unless you fear people with darker skin…

  6. Yes, bye bye filibuster. It’s the only way to fix the voting rights problems.
    It’s obvious to me why these Reps are coming out against this in the vote. The worst reasons.

    1. @stephen dailey I’d like one Democrat to elaborate on exactly how minority voting rights are being suppressed by Republicans

    2. @Jason Brady Google it. Or go read Putin’s TR45H blog. We all know you aren’t interested in the truth, volodia .

  7. “Slanted and unbalanced”
    Yes, because 5 Dems and 5 Reps is massively unbalanced. For it to be “balanced” to Republicans it would have to be 50 Republicans and ZERO Democrats. And even then they’d complain.

  8. What good would a bipartisan commission be when the Republican half would continue to lie and deny?

    1. Probably. But some of those would have to explain their conduct under oath, in for the American people to see.

    1. You forgot Nasty Pelosi,Jerry Nadless, Kacklin Kamaltoe and Veggie Boi Biden!! Did you see Veggie Biden hit the golf ball backwards? Soooooo funny!!

  9. Dems should end the filibuster now, and pass infrastructure, minimum wage, voting rights protections, marijuana decriminalization…Those issues have broad, popular support across the political spectrum. Dems should do it now so voters can base their choice next year on the results.

    They shouldn’t think for a moment that Republicans wouldn’t do it if the shoe was on the other foot.

  10. If we can’t get these traitors out of the way we are going to lose our Democracy. This goes beyond Trump. Mcconnell did everything to block Obama and publicly stated that he intended to make him fail. This crap started back then.

    1. @The world will See everything Yeah keep waiting for it, i have been saying it since the insurrection, it is impossible to convict a man when he owns the Republican Party and a Supreme Court, Powerful people can make what you have in the left hand forget what you have in the right.

  11. 3:56 “I mean, congressman these folks have more flip flips than the cast of Baywatch.”
    California coastal sand is really hot, you do NEED flip flops.

  12. George Orwell 1984
    Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute…

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