Rep. Nikema Williams: It's my turn to pick up the mantle 1

Rep. Nikema Williams: It’s my turn to pick up the mantle


Rep. Nikema Williams is not only the first Black woman to chair the Georgia Democratic Party, she is also the first Black woman to represent Georgia's 5th Congressional District — the seat formerly held by the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis. CNN's Dana Bash sits down with Williams. #CNN #News


    1. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    2. Congratulations to a communist? Why? All Democrats hate America.
      China Joe Biden is YOUR President. Not 75 Million legitimate AMERICAN patriots… let’s see how China Joe is doing since I never see any of the so-called laughable 81 million voters posting anything he’s done positive.
      Build Back Better?

      RECAP – of the Biden/Harris administration –

      – A loss of 70,000 jobs in oil.

      – Over 100,000 ‘secondary’ jobs lost in private sector jobs dependent on pipeline jobs

      – Ended American ‘energy independence’ that President Trump achieved for the first time in 65 years for the United States.

      – 21 states are now suing Biden.

      – Created the massive invasion the growing daily on our Southern Border now in crisis, with a 1000% increase in illegal migrants crossing, dismantling Trumps Border security & ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policies

      – China Joe is spending a whopping $86.9 MILLION of YOUR taxpayer money to house illegals in American hotels

      – 600 illegal migrant encounters per day & a staggering 15,000 + in US custody MANY RELEASED WITH COVID – 19 into USA

      – The invasion crisis so bad that China Joe Biden Just BANNED ALL REPORTING from the Mexico border. ZERO ACCESS!

      – Gas Prices skyrocketing up 40%
      (Experts predict OVER $3.50 by summer)

      – Russia’s Putin mocking Biden & threatening nuclear war & demanding a debate : Biden hides

      – China & North Korea threatening Biden seeing a weak frail man

      – Biden falling down steps multiple times on Air Force One

      – Continues to refer to Kamal Harris as “President Harris“

      – Repeatedly forgets the name of his own cabinet appointees

      – Unemployment Numbers RISING again

      – Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

      – First President in history to go this long without holding a news conference

      – Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies

      – Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his “progressive” transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls.

      – Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.

      – Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress.

      – A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.

      – A complete LIE on the $2000 stimulus check he promised.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.

      – Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid

      – $1.6 billion in gross wages now lost.

      And – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait

      But HEY, at least China Joe Biden hasn’t tweeted mean words.

      And, we have a woman Vice President.

  1. The one thumbs down is Moscow Mitch, he’s furious that he is “minority” leader. Too bad racist Mitch!

    1. Uh Uh. Non-Moscow Mitch has White skin pigmentation so how dare he voices an opinion on a political issue.

    1. @C5hrc Marxtok –
      Reporter: “Mr. President, what does the initial J in your name stand for?”
      tRump: “Genius”

    2. @C5hrc Marxtok –
      Q: How does Donald Trump play darts?
      A: He throws darts and then draws the targets around them afterwards.

    3. @C5hrc Marxtok – I read an article back in the hey day of you cultists opening CNN YT videos just to give thumbs down and not even watching the videos. The point of the article was that CNN was making a few million a year on their YT videos and that you haters were the major reason why they made that money. I find that so hilarious. And here you are again … putting money in CNN’s pocket. Have you ever seen me on any social media you love? Of course you haven’t. Only trolls visit social media they hate. That’s the very definition of a troll. OK … come back and put more money in CNN’s pocket.

    4. @Suzy Q – Just checked the YT accounts of the 3 major haters on this thread. All of them are new. Meaning they have been deleted recently and probably will be deleted again … soon.

    1. . . Let’s talk about record breaking democratic corporate beast system election fraud and the serpent judges posing as human in the Supreme Court gutting humanity from the inside after the issue of all the fake KOVID tests allowing the serpent bloodline to exterminate humanity through lockdown that they orchestrated for full beast system Demonic tyranny while they exterminate humanity thru assorted genocide programs.
      You’re not invited to the puppeteer ped 0 phile party, sucker, wolves eat other wolves in the demonic cycle of chaos

  2. Excellent! I pray God blesses your efforts, your heart, your district and your state. In so doing, I pray that your efforts will seep into the fabric of this entire country and then the world!

    1. @Facts First Same old talking points. Can you come up with something new and maybe some facts as well.

    2. @Pixxie Snitt Republikkklan judges and Republikkklans running these battle ground states. Trump lost BIGGLY still.

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    1. @Dedrick Lucious that’s why you have to do the research yourself. You can’t trust the media to get the truth. You’ll figure it out. You are smart and you can do it. That’s the point. We don’t need to rely on the government.

  3. “Those ‘in power’ hold most of the cards.
    They may (with impunity):
    Limit your access to information
    Discredit/Slander/Lie about you
    Isolate and outgun you
    Stifle your voice
    Abuse, hurt or even kill you.
    That doesn’t mean they will always win.

    Stay Strong.
    Don’t give up.
    Fight the good Fight.”

  4. Someone every American can , should appreciaste. Congresswoman Nikema Williams is living the dream!. Every American has hope to ‘Make It Happen’ no matter where we begin. God Bless Congresswoman Nikema Williams KUTGW!

  5. It’s good to know that there is one of many in the state of Georgia that will fight this situation to the very end. For a person once said, “Never stop fighting until the fight is done.”

  6. This is the only thing left that the wealthy who rule our lives fear…our ability to hire, and fire the people that make the laws. Don’t forget ANYONE can apply for positions of power, if you’re a good person, you care about helping ALL of America, and you can resist corruption then we will hire you.

  7. All elected officials need to come from a background like hers! She actually understands what people go through, she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth!!! I pray her much success in her career!

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